Unexpected questions bug me.

"Do you like Matt?"

Mostly because I can't evade a question that I don't know is coming.

"Because I think you do like him. And Mimi thinks so too."

And when I can't evade a question that I don't know is coming, it normally gets answered for me.

"And so does Kari. And Izzy."

Any minute now...

"I'll take that silence to mean we're right. You do like Matt."

See? And it's not like I can deny it. I've already been quiet for way too long.

"You don't need to worry Tai. We don't care."

Man, are my feet really that big?

"Hey. Look at me?"


"You don't need to be so scared. You're the child of courage, remember?"

If only I knew what she was going to ask before she asked it. Then I could have dodged this whole conversation.

"You're still our leader. No matter who you like. And we still look up to you."

Matt's good at that sort of thing. You know? Reading people. Guessing at what they're thinking.

"I just wish we knew sooner so that you didn't have to struggle through this all on your own for so long."

He's great at everything.

"It must have been so hard."

I love Matt.

"I always knew there was something there."

You think he knows that already and is just too polite to confront me about it?

"I guess that's why they call me the child of love. I can sense these things."

Na. Matt's not that polite.

"You're going to have to tell him, you know."

I wonder, sometimes, if he could ever like-

"I could help you if you want?"

-or maybe even love, someone like me. It's not impossible, right?

"You don't have to say anything. But I'm going to help you whether you ask me to or not."

Right. But that doesn't mean it's likely. He's way too cool for me.

"I know this is sudden. But let's go break the news to him right now. We should get it all out in the open."

I'm afraid that he'll punch me if I tell him.

"Matt won't take it badly. You're best friends."

But I guess I don't have a choice. Oh, man.

"Don't worry. C'mon."

And that's exactly why unexpected questions bug me. I can't evade them, and then everything that goes said, or even unsaid, afterwards...

"I know where we'll find him."

...is totally out of my control.

"And I don't wanna get your hopes up. But."

What can I say?

"I heard he might like you too."

I'm just easily taken by surprise.