Midnight felt her as if her world had stopped revolving when she entered the church. There was a man that stood inside of it, a man that she had known all of her life. She had always wanted him at her side, for she felt stronger when she was with her dad. But now she wished he was anywhere but here.


That was all that Midnight could think. Perhaps it would have been different if she was somewhere else, somewhere in Gallica or Skandia; somewhere that she knew. This place was full of danger, so full of nightmares and wonders that intimidated one of the bravest women. A woman who had underwent years of training just to see if she had what it took to be a Ranger. A woman who stopped at nothing to be sure everyone was safe.

But now she trembled. It felt as if something were wrong. Maybe that was why she was so shaken up. Or perhaps it was the fact that her father was bleeding and battered. No, that wasn't it. Midnight had seen him go through much worse than a head wound. He was broken now. He looked like it.

"Look, she recognizes him!" a man said.

"Of course she does, you idiot!" another replied, hitting his companion on the head with his hand.

The man named Capricorn gave them an annoyed look, as if they shouldn't even be speaking at the moment, let alone making comments that were obvious enough.

After that, Midnight just looked at her father for a moment. Emotions were brewing within her, thoughts questioning everything she knew. Why did he look the way he did? Something was wrong.

By wrong, Midnight didn't think that something was actually very wrong, in the bad way (though she had a feeling that was a percentage of her other thoughts). Midnight felt that Halt was acting strange. Even if something had hurt him, something he couldn't bandage, he would never show it in the presence of enemies.

'That's it, you fool!' Midnight thought to herself. 'Halt is acting!'

Midnight almost sighed with relief. Luckily, she stopped herself before she did. To think that Halt would be the one to kill her instead of these men if she let her guard down.

"Perhaps we should give the two of them a little time alone," Capricorn said, with an evil look in his eye.

"Take the two of them back to the cell, Basta. A different one, though. We will be having a new guest soon and we will need a room for him."

Midnight couldn't help but feel sorry for whoever this new guest would be. By the sound of it, they wouldn't have any chance of leaving. At least Midnight and Halt had skills that would come in handy.

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