A/N: It's certainly been awhile! I've finally broken out of my normal realm; I've been on a bit of a Loki-hype lately and inspiration finally found its way to me. This is my first Avenger-fic so if you notice too much OOC or misplaced facts I'd be appreciative if you let me know. This series is basically going to be – as the title states – various adventures generally centered around Loki in the Avengers' residence. As far as a timeline this is somewhere post-Avengers movie with a few of my own twists inside – though I can write a back story if necessary ^^. Anywhose, I hope you enjoy!

Loki had always been fascinated by other beings' weapons. This of course, was a very trouble producing fascination especially, when such beings' weapons only answered to their owners. Such was the case of Mjolnir, Thor's most beloved possession. The God of Mischief had wondered quite a bit what the hammer was like – anything that could do that much damage without being sharp greatly intrigued the younger sibling. Unfortunately, really only for Loki, Mjolnir only responded to Thor.

One average Tuesday however, held some interestingly different results. Most of the Avengers were out running some sort of errand or in Bruce Banner's case, watching some internationally important documentary that could change the future of all mankind – Midgardian rubbish really. So the only ones left to "guard" Stark Tower – in which they had all taken residence – were a certain archer and two gods with major family issues. Thor had thought that this opportunity would be great for Loki and Clint to get to know each other better as both had been avoiding each other since Loki's abrupt arrival four months prior, so he gallivanted off to take what ended up being a 90 minute shower.

The trickster was the first to notice that his brother had left Mjolnir on the coffee table just within Loki's reach. Clint noticed from his perch across from the former villain the god's eyes focus on the hammer.

"Do you think it's heavy?" the hawk tentatively asked. Loki looked up to meet his eyes with a little surprise, though he did his best to hide the emotion – this was the first non-hatred filled sentence that he had spoken to Loki.

"Not in a normal sense."

"Meaning you have no idea?" the hawk smirked at him.

"Meaning only Thor can wield it." Loki said a little too defensively. Clint's eyebrow quirked.

"Have you ever actually tried?" Loki narrowed his eyes at the question. Of course he'd never tried to pick up Mjolnir – not counting the time Thor set it on him during their fight on the rainbow bridge. Loki smirked then put up the most convincing "challenged accepted" face he could muster. He reached for the handle.

"As I was saying, silly mortal only Thor can-," the god's sentence ceased as he and the hawk stared in shock at Loki's hand.

"Holy shit…" Clint whispered as he watched Loki raise Mjolnir higher from the table. Loki looked at the hammer nestled in his hand. Clint was about to inquire about this occurrence when Loki lost almost all of his composure.

"Oh damn…I broke it. Oh Odin help us! Holy Jotunheim! THOR GET IN HERE NOW!" the trickster yelled uncharacteristically. There came a muffled reply of, "It can wait until I'm done bathing," but sheer panic took hold of the younger god. "NO! It can't wait! This is urgent, URGENT! More urgent than when I tried to take over the entire human race!" That got the thunder god's attention. Thor suddenly bounded into the living room with only a towel covering his lower half. A look of utter shock touched with pain crossed over his face. Loki was about to explain just why he was holding his brother's beloved weapon when the older sibling burst into tears.

"I am unworthy of my power! Oh father please, forgive me, and brother I am sorry for ever doubting you!" Thor sobbed like a young child. Loki was almost dumbstruck; he turned to Clint whose expression mirrored the trickster's. The God of Mischief slowly lowered his arm and was about to set Mjolnir back down on the coffee table when the hawk suddenly spoke up.

"Don't put it down, are you crazy?" he hissed to the god.

"Why not?" Loki hissed back.

"If you let go of it it might do some crazy magic thing and kill us all!" the hawk's voice too had risen in volume.

"You a have point," Loki reluctantly stated after having contemplated a few seconds. "Thor, summon Mjolnir now…please!" the trickster commanded desperately. Thor looked up, tears still flowing down his face.

"But brother, I am unworthy," the God of Thunder said quietly.

"No, you are worthy, you've proven that many times. Now, summon Mjolnir!" Loki said sternly. Thor feebly raised his hand and used his magic to command the hammer to return to its rightful place. The three men sighed in relief as Mjolnir zoomed from Loki's hand to Thor's.

"Oh thank Valhalla!" Loki said as he sank into the couch behind him, some of his composure returning. Hawkeye smirked.

"That's it. Thor, no more long showers, and Loki, no more breaking physics."

The two gods nodded in unison.

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