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Loki tutted his tongue.

"You humans have truly out done yourselves," he said, using very little effort to mask his sarcasm. Tony glared at him.

"This place is like, the secret to life! Prepare to actually be amazed Reindeer Games!" the billionaire said pointedly.

"This place does seem quite large," Thor chimed in with a cheery tone.

"You said this place is a store, right? What do they sell?" Steve asked. Tony smirked.

"Why don't we just go in and see, Capsicle." Ignoring the Captain's glare, the Man of Iron led the Avengers and Loki across the parking lot and through the large doors of the building.

"Welcome to Costco, do you have a membership?" A nice looking lady asked in a too cheery tone. Tony flashed her a charismatic grin and held up an identification card. "Excellent! Here are today's coupons, enjoy!"

The group made their way to the large aisles of food that lined one half of the store. Loki was quite intrigued by the amount of food that was in each container. Thor suddenly let out an uncharacteristic squeal and ran ahead of everyone.

"My friends! Look! They come in such large boxes!" The God of Thunder shouted as he lifted a couple of variety boxes that each contained 48 Pop-Tarts.

"That's nothing compared to that," Tony said smugly as he pointed over to another shelf. Upon it sat large containers of Nutella. Loki literally gasped.

"Oh, yesssss…..I think I've just found Valhalla," the god purred. He practically waltzed over to the jars, and gracefully picked up two of them, hugging them to his chest. He slowly turned to face the Avengers. "I want-no, I need them all."

"Uh, don't you still have some leftover from Christmas?" Tony asked. A look of utter guilt came upon the Trickster's face.

"Um….regrettably no." There was a collective sigh.

Many threats, fits, tantrums, and tricks later, the group moved on from the Nutella and arrived in the middle section of the store that held everything from books to clothing. Steve had a gleam of pride in his eyes as he looked through the merchandise. He picked up a small Captain America action figure and smiled. Loki's smirk was practically audible.

"Ooh, I can practically feel the righteousness surging!" The god laughed. "Do you want to have a rousing chat about truth? Honor? Patriotism?" He leaned in closer to Steve. "God Bless Ameri-," The Captain punched Loki so hard in the face that the god flew back a few feet and landed spread eagle on the floor. Clint – who was the only one to witness Loki's demise – began to laugh with extreme satisfaction. Bruce approached Steve with two vanilla ice cream cones in his hands. He handed one to the First Avenger.

"Thanks," Steve said with a nod, "but where'd you get ice cream?" Bruce motioned to a stall that was about twenty feet from them.

"They have free samples here for almost everything," the scientist explained before gracefully licking his ice cream. Loki suddenly jumped up from the ground. He appeared next to Bruce and calmly wrapped an arm around the Avenger like they were old friends.

"What exactly are these 'free samples' and how does one go about acquiring them?" the Trickster said smoothly. Bruce took no effort to hide his glare.

"If you're well-behaved, you can ask nicely at the tables with food, and they might give you a sample." A coy smile pulled at Loki's lips. Without another word he quickly made his way to the sample table. Before either Steve or Bruce could comment on the situation, the lady that was in charge of the samples screamed and slapped Loki in the face. The god stood frozen in shock. The free sample lady quickly ran away from the table, screaming panicked words.

"Uh, Loki, is everything okay?" Steve spoke up. The god's shoulders tensed. Before either Avenger could say anything else Loki bolted down one of the aisles. "Damn…" The super soldier clicked on the earpiece that he always wore. "Avengers, we may need to assemble."

"May? What do you mean 'we may have to assemble'?!" Tony's voice cut in.

"Loki has run off, and we lost sight of him." The captain stated flatly in annoyance. Thor suddenly came bounding around the corner of one of the closer aisles.

"Which direction did he run?" the God of Thunder asked in urgency. Bruce pointed to the aisle where the younger god had disappeared. Thor nodded and commenced a full sprint down the aisle.

. . .

Clint leapt from the top of one shelf to another, eyes scanning everything in sight. They had been looking for Loki for almost three hours now. He was still in the store, but evaded each Avenger when they caught sight of him. The Hawk's earpiece buzzed to life in his right ear.

"See anything yet?" Natasha asked.

"Nothing besides a few confused children, and an explosion of Reeses on the candy aisle," he responded.

Not too far away from the searching assassin, Loki smirked as he waved an elegant hand over the tall shelf in front of him. Different types of rice began to spill off of the shelves and flood the aisle. He quickly ran off and hid behind a large display of toilet paper. A small giggle of joy escaped his lips. It had been a while since he had gotten to mess with the Avengers. He gracefully leapt into the large refrigerated area that housed dairy products. The cold felt nice on his skin as he calmly took in his surroundings. The intercom system that had been playing music throughout the store seemed to play louder in the large cold room. A peculiar beat began to play over the speakers. As the lyrics reached his ears, a grin full of mischief spread across the god's face.

. . .

Thor rounded another corner into another empty aisle. He abruptly turned and almost ran into the other Avengers. Before anyone could say anything, they heard loud, borderline obnoxious, singing. Their attention turned to the front of the store. Loki was literally jamming out in front of the entire store.

"We're up all night to get Loki. We're up all night to get Loki. We're up all night to get LOKI!" the God of Mischief sang as he danced around the crowd that had gathered.

"Found him," Clint stated dryly.

"Brother! What are you doing?" Thor shouted in concern. Loki awkwardly froze mid-dance. His eyes frantically searched for a worthy distraction that would aid him in his escape. The Trickster humphed in thought as he grabbed the closed object to him.

"Hey Thor, DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?!" Loki threw a stuffed version of Olaf the snowman from Frozen as hard as he could at the Avengers. The God of Thunder easily caught the plush snowman and looked at it in confusion.

"Loki, we've been here for hours. We are leaving, now." Steve's voice rang with patriotic authority. The younger god pouted in mock sadness.


"No buts. We are going," Natasha said with no small amount of bite. Before Loki could retort with a snarky comeback, there was a high pitched shriek followed by a loud "OH MY GOD."

Jane Foster dropped the few items that she had been carrying. Thor couldn't even think of a reaction before the scientist half tackled him.

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