"Don't kill me," she breathed. "You're a good man, a gentleman! Please!"

Poor, helpless Dr. Hoffman thought Barnabas as he sank his fangs into her neck. True to his flaunt, he drained her in less than five seconds.

As he stalked off, he didn't realize the slow and steady rise and fall of her chest.

Dr. Julia Hoffman was a vampire. Of that much, she was absolutely certain. As she struggled against the binds that kept her down in the bottom of the ocean, she couldn't help but think of the man that put her there.

Barnabas, Barnabas. Why me? Of all the hearts you could have broken and lives you could have stolen it just had to be mine. Well, I don't take very kindly to this. You'll see, my love, she thought as she shook off the last of her restraints. She kicked her way to the surface, anticipating the confrontation.

As she surfaced, Julia noticed two figures at the base of Widows Hill. She silently swam closer so that she could observe more carefully, more cautiously. She peeked around the edge of a tall rock and choked back a sob as she realized who, in fact, it was… And what they were doing.

Barnabas Collins—her Barnabas Collins—And Victoria Winters were kissing.

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