Jade The Wolf




It was the night after the Platinum Awards and Jade was in a good mood because she saw who Tori really was. Tori was a good person and through the broken record of darkness which is Jade's life for once a little light wasn't bad. She got up then put on a Flannel shirt, black pants and black knee high boots. She smiled and it looked weird on her.

How is it that a person like Tori who she has tortured can still be good enough not to do something Jade would do in a New York minute?

No one was at school yet it was early and she started to make a few notes. During these notes there were key words which were. Loyalty. Kiss. Love. Hope. The word hope came around a lot of times and then she kept writing these words then it became a play about a girl who doesn't kiss her friend's ex-boyfriend.

She then made the note...A wolf mates with one person only. What if the friend is a werewolf and the ex threatened to expose her unless he has sex with the hero? What if the friend finds out what the ex is going to do to the hero which was Tori and scares him. The Hero discovers everything and cover for the wolf as she disappears.

In Jade's mind which thought outside the box maybe Tori kiss Beck that day just to piss her off because of how Jade treated her. Jade put on her headphones and played the Foo Fighters "My Hero." to block people out.