Billy's eyes slowly opened as the sun peering in from between the shades that shrouded the outside world shined down upon his face. No matter how tight he made the stupid things they always let in light in the morning, cheap shit. He looked up to see Teddy's face, he had been lying on Teddy's chest. Billy's hand had been on the other side of his boyfriend's chest, he looked down to see he too had no shirt on. He slowly lifted the blanket to see if Teddy had been wearing any pants.

"Like what ya see?" Teddy asked smirking. Billy jumped a little and began to blush. Teddy pulled his boyfriend back to his chest and kissed his forhead gently.

"It's no secret, we've had sex before" Billy said laughing quietly. "I was wondering how you managed to strip both of us down without me waking up to remember it. Was I really that asleep?" Teddy nodded with a sleepy smile on his face. Billy closed his eyes and wanted to stay like this forever, then the door slammed open.

"Wake the hell up. Mother damn, it's already 11:30 and you're both still in bed." Tommy stipulated, his arms folded. His eyes narrowed towards the two on the bed. "Please don't tell me you're both naked right in front of me without me knowing."

"Tommy, get the hell out of here!" Billy yelled furoisosly at him. Tommy quirked an eyebrow.

"Don't have to tell me twice." And with that the white haired boy slammed the door shut and left the confines of their room. Teddy turned to look at Billy and blinked.

"That was dramatic" the blonde said chuckling.

"Yeah, isn't he always though?" Billy said rolling his eyes.

"Come to think of it, a little. But he has his good moments too" Teddy said getting out of the bed gently laying Billy back down. "I'm gunna shower" he said walking towards the bathroom. The door closed soflty behind him and Billy layed his head back down against the pillow. He heard the sound of the shower spurting water out onto the shower walls then the curtain rings being dragged against the bar that held them up. Just then a vibrating sound emanated from the table by the bed. It was Teddy's cell phone, he gotten a text message. Billy wasn't one to snoop but he thought it was probably just Tommy being a pest and looked to see who it was. His eyes leered down to the phone.

"Who the hell is Greg?" he said with a hint of anger. He softly placed the cell phone back to the table where he had picked it up. "It's probably just a friend, maybe a cousin or something. Wait, he doesn't have any cousins or family for that matter." Billy rubbed his temple frustrated with the mystery. "He wouldn't cheat on me, Teddy would never do that. But then again I'm scrawny and his high school boyfriend, what if he wants someone with a bigger build, or someone new?" A tear ran down Billy's cheeck and he quickly wiped it off when he heard the door slowly start to open. He quickly shoved his face back into the pillow he had been laying on.

"B, it's time to wake up" Teddy said lightly nudging him with this hand. Billy grumbled back a reply. "What? I can't hear you with your face being engulfed into a pillow." Teddy grabbed Billy and pulled him into a kiss. "Have you been crying? What's wrong?" Teddy asked with concern.

"What? No I haven't been crying, does it look like I've been crying?" Billy replied quickly, trying to hide that he'd been snooping. "That's silly why would I be crying, the day hasn't even started yet" he said trying to laugh.

"Ok.." Teddy replied a little unconvinced. "I just don't want you to feel sad you know you can tell me anything, B."

Billy wanted to reply with "oh, yeah? Why don't you tell me about your friend then huh?" but instead he simply nodded and said "I know that."