For Kanda, it was just another day of annoying sunshine. He could not wait for the cooling snowflakes and dark, stormy skies of wintertime; even if it meant he had to return to that god awful prison called school. Although he was constantly pestered by Usagi and Moyashi at school, it was a billion times worse during the summer. He was still trying to figure out how they had tracked down his summer vacation home in California, US while attempting to relax on the warm beach sand (several seagull carcasses lay unmoving besides him – proof that he was failing) when a shadow came above him.

"How's it going Yuu-Chan?" A smiling and ever so annoying Usagi loomed above him, accompanied by a smirking British boy. If Moyashi was smirking, nothing good was going to come of this. He stood up and began to leave, a murderous, don't fuck with me aura surrounding him.

"Don't-call-me Yuu, understand baka U-s-a-g-i?" He brushed past Moyashi and walked down the beautiful beach.

"Oi, Kanda, really, you should hear us out. It's important." Allen whispered into Kanda's ear, sending shivers down his back. Kanda's face flushed red, not that he'd ever admit that though. What's happening to me? The fucking Moyashi whispered to me and I freaked out. Kanda thought – where had his perfect control fled to?

"What do you want?" Kanda spun on his heels, facing Allen, and catching him off guard. Wow, he actually turned around… Allen thought.

"Umm… well, you see…Haha, umm…"

"Che, well if that's all," Kanda turned to leave."

"Lavi and I got tickets to a baseball game and wanted to know if you'd come with us!"Allen blurted. Kanda's eyebrow rose skeptically.

"Pleeeeaaaaase Yuu-Chan," Lavi put his arms around Allen seductively, "You don't want to make us go alone, do you?" He put extra emphasis on the "alone" part.

"Che, why should I care?" Kanda said with his eyebrow twitching. Hat pissed him off. Why that was, he hadn't the slightest clue. He sighed, Control yourself.

"P-P-Please Kanda," Allen looked genuinely scared. Damn, he looks fucking hot when he begs… Dammit, the Moyashi is not hot! This is going nowehere!

"Ugg, fine!" He couldn't believe it, he had just succumbed to Allen of all people, what was wrong with him today?

"Yay!" Allen broke free of Lavi's grasp, "You gotta go pack now, we leave tomorrow at 6am."


"Yeah, oh yeah, did I mention we had special tickets?" Kanda groaned, what now? "You see, this is no ordinary game, it's called Fan Challenge." Allen smiled wickedly, " Basically, they put all the ticketholders into a raffle, then ten lucky winners get to challenge the pro team!"

"Oh fuck no!" Kanda snarled.

"Why Yuu? Do you not know howto play baseball?" Lavi spoke with a glint in his eye. It was on,

"Fuck yeah I can!"

"Then why won't you play with us, baKanda?" Allen mimicked Lavi's tone.

"No way in fucking hell!"

"Why do you keep saying 'fuck', baKanda?"


"Aww, Yuu, don't be like that!" Lavi wasn't worried one bit, however. Kanda didn't stand a chance. He was going even if he had to be knocked out and dragged into the car in a sack. Lavi smirked, this'll be fun.

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