Rose Petals and Chocolate Hearts

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Chapter 1

The early morning sun started to shine through the dark room; faint chirps of waking birds could be heard right out the window. A rustle of sheets and a slight groan escaped from the darkness, flailing arms groping around their surroundings. Flipping over in his bed, the teen flicked his eyes open slowly and focused up on the ceiling. Moving his arms up he ruffled his hair, slipping down to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Craning his neck to the side, he watched the red numbers on his alarm clock as start to flick and change.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!

Letting out an exasperated sigh Castiel threw is arm out towards the clack and slammed the off button as hard as he could muster. He hated that wretched thing, signaling the beginning of his sophomore year of high school. Today was his first day back to Red Oak High School, and Castiel had successfully made his way through his freshman year being unnoticed. He didn't care about cliques, football games, even the artsy stuff. Castiel just liked to keep to himself and his studies, and no one bothered him. He thought it was a win-win.

Suddenly his bedroom door flew opened, and before he could realize what was going on there was a body jumping on top of his bed. "Mornin' sunshine! Rise and shine, Casanova!" Castiel could feel the irritated groan forming at the back of his throat, but his brother had already gotten off the bed before he could act on it. He had the urge to punch him in the face, hard, but he resisted, trying to find his happy place.

"Get out, Gabriel. I'm in no mood…"

"Come on, Bro! You of all people should be excited to get their noses into a good textbook. So let's go!" Gabriel grabbed at Castiel's sheets, ripping them off his bed before he threw his brother a winning smile and bolting it out the door. Castiel mumbled something incoherent under his breath as he reached for his glasses and shoved them on his face. Quickly grabbing some clothes and making his way towards the bathroom, Castiel showered and got ready for the day. In middle school, Castiel might have made some sort of effort into making himself look half-way decent, but now he didn't care much as far as image goes. His hair lay flat on his head, a little bit of stubble forming on his face which he shrugged at. He probably could use a good haircut and shave, but he didn't have the time or money at the moment to care. Throwing on a pair of black slacks and a white dress shirt that seemed 2 sizes too big for him, Castiel ran from the bathroom, gathered his book bag from his room, and made his way down the stairs.

Making his way towards the kitchen, Castiel entered and greeted his father whose face was hidden within the pages of the Portland Press Herald. His father placed the paper down, looking up at his sons with a smile. "Are you guys excited for the first day?"

"Yeah Dad." Castiel tried to hide the sarcasm in his voice as he grabbed for a piece of toast off the counter, pouring himself some orange juice as Gabriel went to stand next to him.

"Of course! Senior year is going to be epic, the club has a lot of stuff planned for this year." Castiel perked an eyebrow at the mention of Gabriel's secret club and sighed. The prestigious Red Oak High School Host Club was an organization that was formed on campus years ago, and why no one has managed to pull the plug on the program still baffled Castiel even to this day. From what Castiel understood the club had 6 members in total, each from different grades, other clubs and activities in the school, and they were all male. Red Oak was already one of the top schools in the country as far as wealth goes, and high-income families made up the school district. They threw parties, held secret meetings, and tried to woo the female population as much as possible. Castiel scrunched his nose at the notion of such a club, but he didn't pry too much into it. He had no real interest, anyway.

"One of the club members graduated last year, and Winchester's younger brother is taking the spot. He's such a moose, but a good kid." Winchester. The name echoed through Castiel's brain, knowing very well about the family. Gabriel told him of the brothers, Dean and Sam, and how their father worked for a multi-million dollar company. Their mother, from what he understood, died when the kids were younger, and the stress got to their father that he sent them to Portland to live with their uncle, Robert, who was a professor at the school as well as a businessman himself, owning his own Car repair and Body shop. Dean and Sam have instant access to their father's money, so that is something they never really had to worry about.

Castiel, on the other hand, did. Their father worked hard for a living, taking up a job as a web developer for an advertising agency in town. Supporting two growing boys was not easy, and so Gabriel and Castiel each had their own jobs to help pay for the bills and to have some extra money on the side. Castiel picked up a job at the local Starbucks just down the street while Gabriel, well…

He wasn't sure where he worked, or what he did, but money never seemed to be an issue for him so he didn't pry.

"Well kiddo we're going to be late. We'll see you later tonight pops!" Gabriel patted his father on the shoulder before yanking his younger brother out the door, Castiel following with the same motion as he was dragged towards Gabriel's car.

"Be good boys, have a good day!" Castiel heard his father's voice carry through the vent into the double garage and Castiel wished that the voice could pull him back into the house and away from the world. Unfortunately, not everything could work that nicely.


It was only lunch hour and Castiel already wanted to kill himself.

It all began this morning, as soon as they reached to school. Even though it had been nice and sunny this morning, the lovely Oregon weather decided that the state needed even more rain than usual and decided to down pour what almost seemed like a hurricane. Castiel sighed deeply, not really in the mood of getting wet and watched as the high school came into view. It was a nice structure; the school itself was about five stories high and had two off buildings that were part of the campus. The entire area was guarded by a high black gate, currently opened for students to drive up to the lot with their cars. White columns attached to the main building with streaks of gold greeted the students as they made their way inside. The structure was made of a nice white brick, the top of the building jutting with vaulted ceiling pillars that shot up towards the sky. In the middle of the building was a huge bell-tower that extended up past the 5 stories, the clock face reading 8:10. Castiel sighed at only having 20 minutes until the bell rang to run to his locker, get organized, and head off to his next class, but it was expected. Gabriel always loved to be fashionably late.

Once Gabriel found a good parking spot, Castiel jumped out of the car, cursing at himself for not bringing is trench coat with him. Gabriel just seemed all too excited about the weather, as he ran off and disappeared into the school. Castiel followed his brother, along with other students who were splashing around in the rain as they all made their way inside. Castiel stopped short, catching his breath as he looked around. The main foyer was hopping with students; friends catching up, students on their laptops, people chatting away on their phones. The main hall was open and spacious, grand staircases lead their way up to the second floor where the classrooms and lockers began. There was a huge screen that was mounted on the wall ahead of Castiel, hanging right below where the second floor started. WELCOME BACK LIONS!scrolled across in a marquee in bright red letters. Castiel groaned, making his way up to the third floor where his locker resided.

Castiel shoved his back pack in and slammed his locker shut, a notebook, folder, and some pencils in his hands as he made his way towards his first class. The warning bell sounded, and ne narrowly escaped being late for Geography.

The day dragged on like that for the rest of the day, long, boring, and all Castiel wanted to do was disappear off into a hole. He got a few looks for his appearance, people whispered about, and Castiel mentally told himself he needed to shave, and get a haircut. He was drawing too much attention to himself already.

Castiel jumped out of his seat as soon as the lunch bell rang, running out of Chemistry and b-lining it towards his locker. Shoving his books into his locker and grabbing his backpack, Castiel made his way to the fifth floor. The rest of Red Oak was heading toward the Cafeteria, and Castiel learned fast that the first step to being invisible in school was not hanging around heavily populated areas. The halls were thinning out, and when Castiel finally reached his way to floor five, there wasn't a soul in sight. Letting out a breath Castiel didn't know he was holding, he made his way towards a study hall room he knew would be empty. Opening the door Castiel hurried inside as though a killer was after him, slamming the door behind him and slumping into the mahogany door.


Castiel froze, eyes widening as a curse word escaped from his lips. Straightening up and turning around slowly, Castiel was met with 6 sets of eyes. He was pretty sure he wanted a shovel so he could dig a hole and crawl himself into it.

"Hey Bro, what bring you up here?"

"That's your brother, Gabe-"

"-He looks nothing like you."

"He's trespassing, he needs to leave."

"Lighten uuuuup, Michael! It's not like he's going to stab us all to death. You're not going to stab us, Casanova, right?"

"You guys are being idiots, and you're scaring the poor kid. Come on over here, Cas."

Castiel didn't know what to do. His eyes were wide, breath ragged, and all he could think about was fleeing and never turning back. However, once he locked eyes with a pair of jade, he couldn't help himself but obey. It was weird; Castiel wasn't into having a girlfriend, boyfriend, or anything lovey-dovey EVER. However, everything melted away when he was looking at this random guy. He wasn't sure what it was, but he wanted to explore it further.

Castiel stopped when he realized what he was doing and held up his hands as he muttered out an apology and whirled around towards the door. What Castiel didn't know was that he had strayed a bit from the straight path he thought he was walking, and found himself running into something big, wobbly, and…


Sure that his heart had completely stopped at the sound of the crash, Castiel found himself looking at the broken pieces of what appeared to be a very expensive Vase on the floor. Shit. Everyone was quiet behind of him, and every second felt like an hour of silence. He was trying to learn how to breathe again, trying to figure out how to speak, stand, walk…

Soft footsteps could be heard from behind him, and soon someone was hovering over his shoulder. Turning his head, he caught cold dull steal-blue eyes looking back at him. He swallowed hard, not being able to hold his gaze for long as he looked back down at the mess he had caused.

Michael sighed, adjusting the glasses on his face, and crossed his arms across his chest. "You know you're going to have to pay for that, right?"



Chapter one is completed! Thank you to all of you fabulous readers, I really hoped you like it! The School is imaginary, I thought it would be a lot more convincing than using a school that already exists. Also, I such at describing architecture, so I hope you kind of get an idea of what the campus would look like. This story isn't going to mirror the Ouran High School Host Club story completely, but there may be come similarities to kind of help the story along. I can assure you that I will try and make this my own Please review and let me know what you think :3