Rose Petals and Chocolate Hearts

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Chapter 2

He was dead. Fully and truly dead.

He looked at the 6 bodies all huddled in the corner, talking softly and muttering things Castiel couldn't quite make out. He didn't need to know what they were talking about, though, because he had an idea already. He had heard the words really expensive and Tahiti and he knew the only option left was murder. It was just the matter of where they would hide to body, how they would do it, and how they would cover their tracks. Castiel was already invisible enough; no one would even notice he was gone, right?

They all nodded towards each other, and they walked back over to where Castiel was sitting on the ground, gripping his backpack tightly as he took one long hard gulp. He tried to read the expression on Gabriel's face, but he wasn't looking straight at him. Oh god I'm dead.

"So, Castiel was it?" Castiel slowly moved his gaze to where he guessed it was Michael, squinting up to meet his eyes. "That vase you broke was imported from England." Shit. "It was a one of a kind originally from Tahiti. Now I don't want to go into pricing with you because, well let's face it, it would probably take the rest of your existence to pay for it…"


Letting out an exasperated sigh Michael moved his hand up to his forehead and started to rub his temple. Castiel closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to hear what was coming next.

"So, in order for you to pay off your debt that you owe to this club…" Shitshitshit… "You will become the newest member of the Red Oak High School Host Club. Congratulations."

Shi- wait what?


"Well you obviously don't think you can pay us back for this vase with just your little coffee house job do you?" Castiel glared daggers at Gabriel for telling the club where he worked before focusing back on Michael. "So, as punishment and as a way of paying us back, you will be a part of this club until you graduate. So I say, congratulations."

"No freaking way."

The room got quite as everyone's eyes were focused on Castiel. He cleared his throat and looked Michael squarely in the eyes. "Isn't there another way? Like, killing me off or something? I'd rather just die a gruesome death then to join this pretty boy club."

Castiel could see a vein twitching at the corner of Michael's head, and Gabriel took that moment to jump in and pat Michael's arm. "He is totally kidding, Mikey, totally kidding. He would be honored to join."

"No I-"

Gabriel slapped a hand over Castiel's mouth, laughing as he pulled Castiel into a corner of the room. "Just give us a sec, kaaay?" Gabriel waved over at the guys before turning his attention towards Castiel, removing his hand from his mouth and sighing. "You don't have any other choice here kid."

"Death, there is always death."

"No just- ugh. Listen to me okay? There is no way we are able to afford payment plans for that thing. Dad, you, me… we are all working our asses off to the bone right now to live comfortably. Imagine what extra expenses and costs would do to us." Castiel sighed and looked down at his shoes, seeing a very interesting spec of dirt as Gabriel continued. "I know you wanted to spend the rest of your life as invisible as possible. I know this is not how you imagined your first day going but this is the only option we have, so we gotta take it okay? Don't worry, big bro here will protect you from all the meanies out there."

"We heard that-"


Gabriel turned and waved to the crowd, giving the twins the bird before turning his attention back to Castiel. "We can get through this, okay bro? I swear it won't be that bad okay?"

Castiel narrowed his eyes, hating himself and his life as he sighed and dropped his head. "I guess I have no choice then."

"Awesome!" Castiel flinched at the sudden change in Gabriel's voice as he felt his arm wrap around his shoulders. "Let's all welcome the newest member of the Red Oak High Host Club!" Castiel looked around as the members started to clap, wanting to crawl in a hole in die. He heard the warning bell signaling the end of lunch and he never had been more grateful for it in his life.

"Alright guys, let's all meet back here after school. We have to discuss our plans for the next few days." Castiel stole a glance toward Dean, and he met his eyes briefly before he smiled and turned the other way, clasping a hand on Sam's shoulder. Castiel sighed, bolting out the door towards his next class.

Gabriel watched him go and he sighed, dropping his shoulders as he looked at the other members.

"You know what we're doing to the poor kid is considered cruel in his eyes, right?"

"Well what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Just keep him away from Pier One's and he will be okay." Gabriel looked over at Michael and sent him a yeah yeah before grabbing his own bag and heading to class. The vase was only 30 bucks in reality, but this was Gabriel's idea. The kid needed friends, he needed to live his life a little bit, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. He promised to look after the kid, to show him the ropes of the club, but his guilt was setting into his stomach.

Oh well, he would get over it.


The rest of the school day had gone painfully slow. Castiel's leg started to bounce in anticipation, glancing at the clock and letting out a long sigh. He was hoping to plan his escape to avoid the meeting, but his brother's words rang through his head and he stopped himself. He glanced around and noticed the Twins were in the same class as him, and they threw him a wave as he sank into his seat a little bit farther. The bell signaling the end of the day came over the loud speaker, and Castiel bashed his head against his desk before slowly getting up and walking to his locker.

Stuffing what books and supplies he would need for the night, Castiel slammed his locker shut and slowly made his way up to the fifth floor. He really did have a good escape route planned out to avoid this whole situation, but he felt that the club had enough resources to track him down and find him no matter where he ran off to. Castiel found himself in front of the study hall room and slowly opened the door, gaping at the sight in front of him.

All of the regular chairs and tables had been extracted from the room, and in their place were round mahogany tables covered in lace table clothes. The table's couldn't be any bigger than 4ft in diameter, standing about 3ft from the ground. Each table was adorned with matching chairs and a centerpiece that consisted of a large vase filled with a dozen roses with bright pink ribbons wrapped around the base. Castiel wanted to puke with how girly the place looked, and could faintly hear some sort of piano symphony playing over the loud speaker that he couldn't quite place. Backing up a bit, he felt his body hit against something as he slowly turned his head to be met with bright jade eyes.

"Whoa Cas, careful, we don't want you breaking anything else now do we?" Dean threw Castiel a smile as he placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. Feeling his face grow 10 different shades of red, Dean slowly lead him towards the middle of the room, weaving them in between a few tables with Dean's hand still on Castiel's shoulder. Castiel tried to shake off the growing fire brewing on his face as he felt Dean stop.

"So, what do you think of the place? Too much?" Castiel looked around some more, noticing his brother and Sam putting up some ivory curtains on the opposite side of the room.

"Honestly? It looks like a girl puked all over in here."

"Well good, that's kind of what we're going for. Tomorrow is the official start to our after school meetings with the ladies of this school, and we want to make a good impression. Speaking of…" Dean whirled Castiel around, locking their eyes together in a slight staring contest before breaking a smile. Castiel could feel himself melting as Dean ruffled a hand through his hair….

"We need to cut this."

…and moving them towards his cheeks, patting them gently. "And we need to shave this. Plus, I told Gabriel he needs to take you out shopping for some clothes that fit, and look flattering. If you are going to be part of this social circle you have to make a good impression."

Dean dropped his hands to his sides, Castiel missing the contact but slowly shook it off as he grasped Dean's words in his head. "Well money is kind of tight at the moment. Plus, now that I'm a part of this club my work schedule will most likely be cut in half even more than it already is, which by the way I have in a few hours."

Dean held Castiel's gaze a bit longer before glancing over at Gabriel and his brother. "I already talked to Gabriel about it, money is no issue." Castiel felt a pang in his chest, wanting to protest to the thought of being given charity before he felt Dean's hand come up to his mouth, brushing a few fingertips upon his lips.

"I swear if you say anything I'll kick your ass. What's done is done, and you have to start owing your debt by looking your best." Castiel would of questioned Dean right then and there, about how pouring Castiel with money to 'look his best' was paying off any kind of debt, but the feel of Dean's fingers made his vision and train of thought all foggy. He felt his heartbeat quicken, his mouth had gone dry, and his face surely felt like flames were emerging from his ears, new sensations and feelings started to bubble up in his stomach like poison.

Well fu-

"Well I suppose if you are going to be a part of this little family you should at least get to know who you're dealing with and whatnot." Dean gestured at one of the chairs, and Castiel pulled one out and plopped down rather harshly into it, hating his body and his emotions at the moment. Dean coked an eyebrow in his direction but decided to ignore it as he took a seat beside him.

"You already obviously know about your own brother, senior party man candy addict, yadda yadda." Dean waved his hand in front of his face for emphasis as he continued. "The tall thing right beside him is my brother, Sam. He's a freshman this year, and I hope he's stopped growing. The family is baffled at where the hell he got his height from. Anyway, he is a nice kid, smart, a bit shy, but his heart is in a good place. Don't ever call him Sammy, ever. Unless you want to wake up in a strange place with broken bones and no means for survival."

Castiel's eyes grew wide, and Dean couldn't help but chuckle under his breath. "Kidding, only kidding." Castiel relaxed a bit, but he knew a kid as nice as Sam had to have a bit of a dark side to him, he just hoped he would never witness it.

"Lucifer and Balthazar are the twins. They transferred from London a few years ago, and they are pretty much the two most mischievous and troublesome kids you will ever meet." Castiel stole a glance over towards the two blonde boys who were huddled close together, pointing at random things, laughing, and scribbling something in a notebook placed in front of them. "Lucifer's accent has faded a bit over the years, so that's the easiest way to tell the two apart. Plus his hair is a little bit thicker than Balthy's. Just do me a favor and don't trust those two, at all."

Castiel rolled his eyes as he moved his glare from the two, looking at dean as he continued. "I believe they are in your grade, right?" Castiel threw Dean a nod as he shifted in his seat. "Thought so. Just be on your toes when it comes to those two. Finally, we have Me and Michael. We're both Juniors, and Michael is the vice-president of the club. He does a lot of the money handling, even planning, and he is pretty much the most horrible person you will ever meet."

"I heard that." Castiel straightened up a bit in his chair as he glanced over towards the doors, Michael throwing a death glare towards Dean as he pressed his phone to his ear. Dean shrugged as he turned his attention back to Castiel. "I mean it, lower then low and he takes no prisoners. The guy can milk anything out of anyone, you will see that soon enough. And then, there's me, the club president at your service." Dean threw Castiel a smile, and before he knew what he was doing he gave one right back, holding back the small giggle that dared escape his lips.

"Okay okay, enough of the introductions blah blah blah. We need to get going if I have to buy this guy a whole new wardrobe before he has to go work for the man." Castiel looked to see Gabe and Sam walking up to the table, placing a hand on Castiel's shoulder. "Are you still coming over later tonight, Dean-o?"

"I suppose. Our Chemistry project isn't going to do itself."

"Aaaaand you can help me cut Casanova's hair." Castiel's heart dropped at the mere sight of Dean cutting his locks off, and his thoughts were cut off with a low laugh.

"Honestly Cassie-"

"-How could you stand it that long?"

Castiel looked over towards the twins, a dangerous glint in their pale blue eyes as one of them, Balthazar, curled his hand into his hair.

"I suppose it doesn't look too bad on you, although I'm excited to see what's behind all this shag."

"OKAY well time to go!" Castiel jumped at the sound of Dean's voice, his train of thought broken as Dean grabbed Balthazar's hand and tugged it away from Castiel's head. "The decorators have to finish the room before tomorrow and all we are is in the way. Chop-chop!"

Everyone threw Dean a look and just sighed, the twin's looping their arms together and sending a small wave as they made their way to the door. Castiel caught Balthazar's eye, wondering if he imagined the small wink the guy sent him.

Gabriel patted Castiel's shoulder as he slid his chair out, standing up and facing his brother as they made their way out. Gabe threw Dean a 'catch you later' before dragging Castiel out of the room. Castiel had to mentally shake himself to stop from staring a last glance at Dean as they descended down the stairs and out of the building. Castiel felt his chest grow heavy with doubt, with confusion, and mostly, he felt like he was going to vomit. He wasn't sure if he would be able to take this new club he was a part of, and his life was about to take a 180 in a matter of a day.

Castiel was hoping the apocalypse would come tomorrow to end his suffering, but he had a feeling he wasn't going to be so lucky.


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Castiel took in a deep intake of breath, looking at his reflection in the mirror as Dean's hands worked his way into his hair. Castiel had to bite down on the inside of his cheek from showing any kind of emotion from the touch, afraid Dean would catch something through the reflection. Dean worked his hands from the roots, extending them upwards has he molded and fluffed Cas' hair to the right shape.

"It's weird; I usually just do this to my own hair. Sam is all shag, but it works for him so I don't get to style it, ever. It's kind of fun." Dean stopped suddenly, catching Castiel's eyes in the mirror. "Don't you dare tell anyone I said that."