Beautiful and Fair,

Skin like porcelain,

Hair like the fire that would soon burn,

A damned beauty.

Blessed with a curse.

Emerald eyes wide with pleading,

Elegant hands clenched in frustration,

Because, no one believed,

For no one saw,

The doom the fair Spartan would bring.

Except for the damned Trojan beauty,

Blessed with a curse.

For she saw:

Through her sapphire eyes;

The glare of 1,000 ships.

Through her plump, crimson lips;

The blood that would flow through the damned city.

Through her polished ivory skin,

The scars mental and physical that would be left on the cities people.

Through her perfumes and oils,

The smell of death and decay.

And through her glossy raven curls,

The ashes of a damned city.

And even though the damned beauty

Shouted and screamed

Of the doom the fair Spartan would bring,

No one believed.

"For nothing this beautiful and fair could cause such destruction!", they all laughed.

For the ignorant people loved their fair Spartan treasure.

But, the damned beauty would not stop,

She would not let this doom she foresaw be the fate of her beloved city.

And because of her father's hand,

His eyes as green as hers,

The damned, betrayed, beauty

Blessed with a curse,

Was locked away,

Forced to watch her predictions come true.

The ships then came,

Riding on atmospheric seas,

The waves as blue as the eyes

That caused the vessels to launch.

When the eldest brother saw the vessels

And recalled his damned sisters predictions,

He then ran to her,

Ran to the damned beauty,

Blessed with a curse.

And when the eldest, warrior brother,

Once high and mighty,

Saw what had become of beautiful, damned sister,

He fell to his knees.

Hair once like a burning flame,

Dull and ragged.

Porcelain skin once flawless and glowing,

Torn and raw.

Emerald eyes that had once even captured a gods attention,

Nothing but black orbs on a lifeless face.

Madness had taken its toll.

The warrior brother then threw himself at his once beautiful sisters dirt and blood splattered feet,

And begged the mad girl to tell him how to fix what was upon them.

The once beautiful girl, blessed with a curse then took her

Handsome brothers face in her rough hands and giggled madly:

" Dear, Dear brother. For there is nothing anyone can do. Fate is derivable".

And when the once high and mighty brother heard this,

He hung his head low and wept,

For his damned and once beautiful sister,

Raped and slaughtered.

For his mighty old father,

Tortured and beheaded.

For his beautiful wife,

Captured and sold like a beast.

For his newborn son,

Thrown from high walls.

And for his beloved, damned city,

Once favored among gods,

Burned and forgotten.