Hey readers this is a story that I just came up with while I was taking a shower, sexy right? Just kidding, well I just wanted to give it a shot and bring Kataang back! The new series with Korra is kind of boring if you ask me, funny, but boring. So here with go with our first chapter. Hope you like it.

Katara's POV.

I was awoken by the suns' rays as they hit my face; I quickly covered my eyes to get away from it. I unwillingly pulled myself out of my bed and headed straight into my bathroom which was located in the hallway across my bedroom. Once inside I took out my tooth brush and began brushing my teeth I had to be careful since I have braces, they are blue and white.

I remember when I had first got them Toph started to call me brace-face, other people thought it was cute on me. But it's old news now.

When I was done brushing my teeth I walked into my closet and looked through my outfits. Today it is cold outside seeing as it is December and all. I decided to wear a blue hoodie, skinny jeans, and blue Nike's.

After I was finished I brushed my hair then put some gel so my hair would curl at the back, I walked out of the bathroom I shared with my two high school roommates; Toph and Suki.

I know what you're thinking, what highschooler has roommates? Well this is a special school, for kids who did outstanding work in their classes when they were in middle school. We are like way more advanced than other kids are; we live in our own dorm with two roommates.

I am in my freshmen year right now, not so new though. Everybody either knows, wants to know, or hears about me. They should anyway I'm one of the coolest kids to ever come to this jacked up school; I throw sexy parties every day! Speaking of which, I'm getting the place ready right now.

It is Saturday and we don't have any classes today so Toph and I decided to throw a party today.

I walked into our small living room to find Toph lying on the floor; playing some kind of video game I guess. Suki is on our small couch reading a book, I sat next to her.

"What's up people?" I kicked my feet up on the small wooden table that was in front of me.

Suki didn't look up at me, her face stuck between the pages of her book. "Shh, I am trying to read Katara." She waved her hand at me. "Why don't you go hang out with your boyfriend?"

I could hear the sarcasm in her voice. She always teased me about my boyfriend Justin, well not boyfriend. We just mess around nothing to serious.

I tell the guys straight up before I even date them that we won't be that serious, and will only mess around for a while before we split. The longest relationship I have ever had only lasted for two weeks, and that was in sixth grade.

I snatched the book from her hands; she snapped her head to me with a frown. "Hey!" She reached over to take the book back. "Give it back Katara,"

I snickered, still holding the book up in the air away from her grasp. "You need to relax Suki, me and Toph are,"

"Toph and I." She corrected.

I frowned. "Whatever, we're throwing another party! You should totally come," I let out a toothy grin.

Her book was soon forgotten as she leaned back into the couch with her arms crossed. "I always go to your guys parties." She mumbled with a slight pout on her face. "I do live here after all,"

Toph joined in on the conversation from her spot on the floor. "Not really, you just stay locked up in you room the whole time."

Suki glared at the back of her head. "I always have reports that I have to finish." She said mater-of-factly.

"Well we don't have any reports this whole weekend! So, come to the party and relax," I paused before giving her a goofy smile. "Besides my brother Sokka will be here tonight with his football friends."

Suki looked at me a blush running over her face.

'Bingo.' I thought smugly.

She tugged her hair in a nervous fashion. "W-Well I guess it wouldn't hurt,"

I smirked. "Great," I threw the book at her as I walked over to the door. "I have to get going guys; Justin wants to meet me at the food court."

Suki smirked. "Wow Katara, you two have been dating for what, two weeks? Looks like Justin's expiration date is coming up soon."

I raised my eyebrow. "What the hell does that mean?"

She shrugged opening her book. "You dump all you 'boyfriends' after two weeks, that same thing is happening to Justin." She said knowingly.
I shrugged. "They just don't work out, besides I'm not a one boy kind of girl. I need options." I smiled. "Besides, did you see that cute guy who works at footlocker?"

She only rolled her eyes and went back to her reading, Toph on the other hand smiled at me.

"I'm with Katara, if the first one doesn't work out move on to the next one." Toph said from the floor.

I sighed. "I'm done talking about this," I headed towards the front door.

"That's how you handle all of your problems Katara, by walking away." Suki stood up and walked into her room.

I only ignored her and walked out of our dorm room and headed straight to the food court, leaving behind all of my problems I had behind me.

I had soon arrived at the food court to find Justin sitting at a small table by himself. He smiled when he saw me I gave him a smile in return, a fake one. Just like I always do.

Justin is blonde with short curly hair, light green eyes, and he is very well built. He isn't ripped but it is good enough. He is taller than me by a few inches; girls would kill just to be seen with him. But I don't see what the big deal is.

He has on white shades, white Hollister shirt, grey cargo shorts and white Nike's. He is a sweet heart, the kind of guy that you are only friends with. I meet him in our school lunch room when he first came to our school; he became popular with our crew really fast.

"Hey Katara," He gave me a small hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Sit?" He pushed out my chair offering me to sit-down.

I obliged, willingly taking a seat. "Sure thing,"

He walked all the way around and back into his regular seat, I looked at him. "So, why did you ask me to come here?"

He let out a small laugh. "What can't I just hang out with my girlfriend like normal guys?"

I looked at him. "Justin,"

He nodded his head. "Yeah yeah, I-I know. Sorry." He mumbled.

I gave him a soft smile. "You know my rule Justin, trust me it isn't you. I just can't get that serious with anyone right now."

He nodded. "Yeah that is the problem Katara, I want a relationship where I know that it is going to last. Not where I have to worry that you are cheating on me or not taking us seriously."

I thought about what I was about to do at this moment. I like Justin really I do but if he doesn't want to meet my needs then I guess I should just move on to the next guy, and trust me there are a lot of guys waiting in line. Plus I need to leave soon; I have a party to get too soon.

"Well," I stood up from my seat in the chair. "Then I guess we don't have anything else to talk about."

I walked away not daring to look back as he called out to me, I ignored it all and walked back to my dorm. I'm looking forward to the wide variety of drinks that will be there.

I reached the hallway in which my dorm room was located, loud club music pounded through my ears as I got closer and closer.

When I came in view of the door I saw some people standing outside drinking something in a plastic cup, I walked up to the door and went inside; it was already open.

The smell of liquor quickly filled my nose causing me to let out a small cough. It was so crowded I had to push people out of the way as I searched for Suki and Toph, I saw Toph by the beverages talking to Haru. He is a pretty nice guy I guess he and Toph must have just met or something.

I walked over to them with a smile. "Hey guys, how's it going?" I gave Haru a quick hug before looking back at Toph.

"So far so good, nothing seems to be broken. Oh by the way," Toph looked at me. "What did Justin want?"

I looked away not wanting to talk about it in front of all these people. Toph saw the look on my face and merely nodded.

"Oh I see."

I shrugged placing my hands in my pockets. "I knew it wouldn't last anyway,"

There was an awkward silence that filled the air; Haru coughed trying to get rid of the discomfort.

"Well, do you know where Suki is? I need to make sure she doesn't get into much trouble." I looked over a few peoples' shoulder in search for her.

Toph nodded using her feet to look for Suki. "Um, yeah, she is in the back next to the TV."

I nodded and mumbled a 'thanks' before I pushed myself through the crowd and towards the TV. I shoved a few people out of the way before I got knocked down to the floor.

I groaned in pain as I held my head in agony as I lay on the floor.

"I am so sorry!" I heard somebody shout over the loud music. "Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going and I didn't see you! Man, I am so sorry. Let me help you up." The mystery person offered me a hand.

I looked up to reach for the hand, they helped me up.

"Well next time how about you watch where you are going," I spoke without looking at said person.

"Yeah my bad, I'm new so I don't know anybody."

I finally looked up at the person who knocked me down and I couldn't seem to look away. It was a boy who was probably about a year younger than me with short black hair. He had to cutest stormy grey eyes and seemed to be blushing with embarrassment. He was wearing a yellow long sleeved shirt with brown cargo shorts.

I frowned not wanting to get pulled in by his nice looks. "Then how'd you even get in?"

He smiled sheepishly. "I met that girl Toph and she invited me over since I'm new and junk, so I agreed so I can meet new people." He held out his hand. "I'm Aang by the way."

I looked at his hand before shaking it lightly still not giving in. "Katara,"

"That's a pretty name, it fits you."

I raised an eyebrow at him questionly. "Really, how so?'

His face lit up with a deep blush that spread all the way to his neck. "W-Well, you have a nice name and you're pretty," His blush deepened as he shook his head quickly. "N-not that you aren't pretty, because you are!"

I giggled at his nervousness. "You better stop talking before you have a heart attack or something."

He rubbed the back of his neck looking away. 'Y-Yeah, that would be smart."

This kid seems pretty cool I guess, but he blushes way too much.

I patted him on the shoulder. "Well I need to look for my roommate before she gets into some trouble or something." I started to push through the crowd. "I'll see you later," I said waving a good-bye to him before I disappeared into the crowd.

Aang's POV.

I watched as Katara pushed her way through the crowd in search for her roommate. I smiled lovingly as I watched her before she was out of sight.

I began to walk over to the punch table where I had seen Toph a few minutes ago before bumping into Katara.

'Katara… I like how that rolls off of my tongue.' I thought smugly.

She was so beautiful! I know I just met her and all but… I feel like there is a connection between us or something. Her hair looked so soft and smooth and she smelt like peaches. He lips looked so soft like puffy white clouds, and her eyes! Please don't even get me started about how I could get lost in them.

I just hope I bump into her again before I leave so I can get her phone number and all.

I soon made my way to the table to see Toph talking to this huge guy with a mustache, he can't be a freshmen.

I waved at her. "Hey Toph can I talk to you?"

She shrugged before telling the guy that she would be back soon. "Sure," we walked over to the corner and sat on the couch. "What you wanna talk about twinkle toes?"

I frowned. "T-Twinkle toes?"

She merely took a sip from her cup. "You have the lightest footsteps I have ever felt, don't worry I give everyone nicknames."

I nodded before getting back to what I was going to say. "Anyway… Do you know a girl named Katara by any chance?" I asked nervously.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me, her bangs covered her eyes but I could still feel her stare. "Why?"

I gulped suddenly becoming uncomfortable. "Well I just met her a few seconds ago and I wanted to know what she is like before I start to get close with her. I-I think I might like her a little."

Toph nodded still not convinced. "Well she is pretty cool and one of my best friends actually. But you might want to wait a while, she just broke up with her boyfriend today." She sipped her drink looking away carelessly.

I frowned. "That sucks,"

She punched me in the shoulder lightly causing me to wince in pain. I rubbed my arm and looked at her questionly.


"Don't give up on her so fast! The strongest relationships start off with bestfriends and then it turns into more over time, just wait for the right moment."

I nodded still rubbing my arm from the pain. "I guess so, thanks Toph."

She only smiled and stood up before walking back over to the guy she was with.

I grabbed a drink from the table before taking a swing at it. My eyes went wide as I began to cough loudly.

"This stuff is strong," I looked at the funny tasting liquid on more time before taking another gulp.

I walked onto the dance floor not aware of what was going to happen tonight.

Katara's POV.

I saw Suki sitting on the couch with a drink in her hand as she talked with my idiot brother, they were laughing at something.

'Probably another one of his dumb jokes,' I thought.

I stood in front of them with a smile. "Suki, you are actually enjoying one of our parties for once!" I joked with her.

She smirked. "Laugh all you want Katara," she took a sip from her paper cup.

"Yeah," Sokka joined in. "Go ahead and laugh, but mom and dad won't find this party so funny when I tell them what you have been doing at this school." He crossed his arms

I laughed. "But then again haven't you been going to all of the parties Toph and I have be throwing since I came to this school?" he sighed as he realized that he was defeated. "If that's the case then I guess mom and dad will find this pretty funny."

He looked away with a frown. "Man, you can never win with her!"

"It's a gift." I said.

"So why are you over here anyway?" Suki pondered.

I glared at her. "Making sure you watch your drinking," I picked up her cup and sniffed it before handing it back to her. "Orange juice, seriously?"

She shrugged. "Can't be too careful,"

I could only agree with her, besides the people at this party were pretty hardcore.

I talked to them for a few more minutes before I got up and went to the drink table. I got a cup of beer and took a sip before walking onto the dance floor to talk to a few people I knew.

I bumped into somebody causing me to waste my drink onto my shirt, I frowned. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Aw man Katara, I'm so sorry!"

I looked up to see Aang reach into his pocket and pull out some napkins and shove them into my face, I smiled when I knew it was him.

I pushed the napkins back at him with a reassuring smile. "That's ok thanks anyway."

He nodded repeatedly and that's when I noticed that he was swaying back and forth. He was also wobbling and struggling to stand, his hair was a complete mess by the way.

I frowned. "Aang are you drunk?"

He stood there for a moment trying to think straight. "W-what? Psh no way! I am completely not… not drunken." He said as he gave me a goofy smile.

I sighed shaking my head. "Man you are worse than when Sokka drinks cactus juice." I thought for a moment. "No wait, he is way worse than this."

It's like everything I said went through one ear and out the other with Aang, seeing the state he was in.

I walked him over to the couch so he could rest besides I'm starting to get a little buzzed myself. Two drunk people don't mix so I placed my cup on the table next to the couch we were sitting on.

He grabbed my hand and started tracing his fingers against my small palms. "S-So do you-you like live around here?"

I laughed at his stupidness and nodded in response. "This is my house Aang,"

His eyes went wide in shock. "Whoa re-really? Thad is so school!" His words were becoming slurred making it hard to understand him, but I managed.

I giggled at his speaking mistake instead of saying 'cool' he said 'school'.

"Yeah I guess so; I live her with Toph and Suki."

"S-So you hav-have a room here?" He questioned.

I nodded. "Yes I have a room."

He sat there for a while tracing his finger on my palm, he soon spoke up in a quiet voice. "C-Can I see it?"

The rest of it was a blur, all I remember is Aang and I stumbling into my bedroom closing the door behind.

Man my head is killing me! That was some party, so much booze, and so much noise. I pulled my pillow over my head to stop the current headache that I had from the party.

I shivered and realized that I was half naked, wearing my teal bra and matching panties. I gasped in shock as I noticed that Aang was lying next to me still asleep, I jumped out of bed. But with my headache still hurting I fell to the ground with a loud thump.

"Fuck," I mumbled as I began to rub my head.

I heard Aang moving on the bed and next thing I knew he was looking down at me from the edge.

He helped me up. "Katara," he looked into my eyes once I was safety on the bed. "D-Do you remember anything about what happened last night by any chance?"

I shook my head. "N-No, but we I can tell we didn't do much since were still half dressed and all." I then stood up and began to pick up my cloths.

To be honest I'm not that shocked that I got drunk and all it happens every time I go to a party. I'm just surprised it was Aang this time.

I found his shirt and tossed it to him before I went into my closet. I took out a long sleeved pink shirt, skinny jeans and my pink Nike's to match.

He looked over at me. "What are you doing?" he wondered.

I opened the door. "Shower," was all I said before I walked across the hall and into the bathroom.

The hall was spotless. My guess is that Suki cleaned up the place after the party was over.

She is such a neat freak.

Aang's POV.

Aww man I can't believe I got drunk last night! And it was with Katara, who knows what we did last night! I really wanted to get to know her and all but now I screwed everything up.

I pulled on my cargo shorts as I still searched for my shirt. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find it.

Maybe this means that we're dating now?

Katara's POV.

When I walked back into my room fully dressed Aang was still in there looking for something.

I frowned. "What are you doing?"

"Looking for my shirt, you know where it is?"

I blushed at the thought as I found it hanging on my night lamp. I grabbed it before tossing it to him.

He nodded. "Thanks."

"I'm going to get some breakfast," I walked out of the room and into our small mini kitchen across from the living room.

I saw Toph and Suki sitting down while they ate. They made eggs, bacon, and grits.

"Your food is in the microwave," Suki said without looking up from her plate.

I only shook my head and walked to the freezer. "I'm not in the mood to eat, my head is killing me." I pulled out an icepack and placed it on my head; I took a seat at the table.

Suki laughed. "Wow I find it funny how you told me to watch my drinking but here you are hung over." She began to clap her hands loudly. "Simply amazing Katara how do you do it?"

I groaned placing my head onto the wooden table. "Can you stop with all that noise my head feels like crap."

"So Katara do you have some guy up in your room? You know you always do after our parties." I heard Toph ask.

Before I could answer I heard soft footsteps come into the kitchen I pulled my head up to see Aang come in. I looked over at Toph and Suki who were both sharing a look of surprise on their faces, I sighed.

"Hey," he started. "I have to get going but I'll see you in school alright?"

I didn't even answer him I just stared. He gave me a light kiss on my forehead before he walked out of our dorm.

"Katara, please tell me you didn't," Suki muttered under her breath.

I placed my head on the table. "We didn't go that far all we did was kiss and junk, no big deal."

"Katara," I looked up to see Toph talking to me. "What do you plan on doing about this?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Same thing I always do, pretend that nothing happened."

"Not this time Katara, he really cares about you and I won't allow you to hurt him like the other guys you hurt in the past. You are going all the way with this one, this is your chance to have a nice relationship with a good guy."

I raised an eyebrow. "Why do you care?"

"Just trust me on this one Katara you can't get out no matter how hard you try."

I didn't answer.

I walked into the school hallway with Suki and Toph on each of my side. Today is Monday and we have exams today but after we're done we can leave early. I reached my locker as I put in my combination.

"Hey Katara," I looked up to see Jet.

I smiled. "Hey Jetty," I used his nickname that I made up when I first met him.

He leaned against the locker next to mine as he took out the straw from his mouth. He gave me a smile that showed his pearly white teeth.

"Yeah," he began. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime this week,"

He was interrupted when Aang came over and gave me a hug from behind, holding his hands at my waist.

His hot breath ran over my ear as he spoke. "Hey Katara,"

I blushed lightly as I looked up at Jet as I tried to explain, but he shook his head laughing lightly.

"Wow ok, I'll leave you and your boyfriend to… Whatever you two were going to do." He said as he began to walk away. "I'll see you later Kat,"

I watched him walk away with a frown on my face. I didn't even bother to pull Aang's hangs from my waist; I just went back to my locker.

"Why… Why are you here Aang?"

I felt him smile. "I wanted to walk you to class, why? Are you busy or something?"

'No I was just being asked out by the sexiest guy in school, I wasn't busy at all,' I thought sourly.

"No I'm not busy, just getting books." I slammed my locker causing him to jump a little.

I walked over to Toph and Suki to say hi. By this time Aang had let go of me.

"Guys you ready for the exams today?" I said to the two.

Toph sighed. "These tests are stupid they just want to see if we are smart enough to stay at this dumb school,"

I could only agree, my brother told me that they do this every year with the freshmen.

We all began to walk to our first period testing class; luckily we all had the same teacher. I took a seat in the back of the classroom Aang had decided to sit in front of me. The teacher walked into our class.

"Ok students today we are…" I toned him out as I looked at the back of Aang's head.

I thought about all that had happened in the past few hours. About what Aang and I did and about what Toph had said. Is this what I've been waiting for my whole life? A nice relationship that won't end in a big disaster like all my other ones did in the past, or am I just fooling myself.

I continued to stare at the back of his head as the thoughts continued to flow through my head.

What was I doing? What was I thinking?

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