Chapter Five

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Just like everyday to Cameron, the new seemed to drag on out forever. Her multiple tests mad her weaker and her mind kept racing about the man she had saw late in the night. His strong expression and features never escapes her mind. Judging on how fast he was running and how close he was seen after the gunshot he was the one that pulled the trigger. After the tests are compete Doctor Hart helps Cameron back into her hospital bed, she is about to let her get some rest before lunch when Cameron clears her throat in need of asking a question. "What is it hun?" Harts asks softly.

"Was someone brought in with a gunshot wound last night?" Cameron asks as she rubs her sweaty hands together nervously. Doctor Hart replies with a confused yes before asking why Cameron is asking. "I woke up to a gunshot last night. When I got up to look out the window I saw a man running down the street with a worried look on his face." She explains as she pulls on her top sheet. "Is the man still alive?"

"No, there was nothing we could do. By the time the ambulance arrived the man was gone." Evangeline explains as she holds the door open for the nurse who is bringing in Cameron's lunch consisting of chicken soup, orange juice and Jell-o. "The police are going to want to you about what you saw, do you think you can handle that right now?" Cameron gives off a small nod but Doctor Hart is still unsure if her patient could handle the stress that comes with being a "witness". "Okay, I'll send them in when they are done questioning others. Until then, try to get some rest okay?"


Cameron's door opened without warning causing her to look up from her ultrasound picture completely alarmed to find two men dressed in suits standing in the door way. She observes the men one by one to find that one of them is much shorter than the other, stocky and has a soft and kind look to the other. Whereas the taller man has more of an edge to him with his seemingly strong frame, dark brown hair, not overly defined jaw and eye hidden behind his dark sunglasses. "Can I help you?" Cameron questions warily as he her brain struggles to pinpoint why the one man seems familiar. "Officer Kraveki?" She questions her mind finally falling on the man who had given her the coffee for the ride home.

"I think you have me mistaken with someone else Mrs. Douglas..." He says uneasily before continuing; "I'm Agent Kellerman and this is my partner Agent Hale, Doctor Hart informed me that you have some information on the murder case we are working on." The tallest man says his voice sharp like a knife.

"I thought this was a local case, what is so important that they called the feds in for?" Cameron questions quite harshly as she sets her picture down on her side table.

"The man that was killed last night was the vice-presidents brother maim." Agent Kellerman informs her as he removes his sunglasses revealing his blue eyes.

"Oh..." Cameron trails slightly; "... well then I hope I can be of some help. Late last night I woke up to a gunshot so I went to look out the window. When I did I saw a man running down the street towards the intersection."

"He was running in the opposite direction of the parking garage?" Agent Hale questions her as he takes notes on his small note pad. After a moment of thinking of how things are laid out in the area she gives off a nod, confirming what he had questioned.

"Can you describe the man for us?" Agent Kellerman queries smoothly he takes a seat bed side of Cameron. As Cameron describes almost perfectly what their suspect was wearing the night of the murder of Terrence Stedman he studies the room. His eyes quickly fall upon the ultrasound picture before looking back up at Mrs. Douglas as she states that she didn't get a good look at the man's face. "If we were to show you a man, would you be able to tell us if it was the man you saw last night?"

"Yes, defiantly."


With Doctor Hart at her side, Cameron is lead into the downtown Chicago police station. Many unfamiliar eyes fall on her as she is escorted to the very back to the station to where the interrogation room is located. Agent Kellerman and Agent Hale walk into the observation room siding with the in progress interrogation and Cameron is about to enter when Doctor Hart stops her; "Cameron are you sure you want to do this? If it is the man you saw you will be asked to appear in court as a witness. It may interfere with your recovery, add unwanted stress and as your doctor I feel that it is a bad idea."

"I'm sure." Cameron says sternly. "If this is the man that killed Mister Steadman, and I'm one of the only people that can verify his location last night I need to do this. I can't let a killer walk like a free man on the streets." Cameron walks into the observation room and turns her attention to the man on the other side of the one way glass; his head is shaved, facial features strong, tired blue eyes and still dressed in the leather jacket and warn blue jeans. "It's him. This is the man who I saw last night looking guilty as hell. He killed Mister Steadman."

As far as Cameron is concerned he is guilty! I'm not quite sure how I feel about this chapter but I hope you guys enjoied it, I will try to get another out soon!

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