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Dear Ma,

I don't think I ever told you how much you mean to me. I know you know I love you. I just want to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I want to take the time now to let you know just how much you mean to me. You're more then just my mom. You're my best friend. No matter how much we argue I always know I can depend on you.

When I was in nursery school and I felt scared and alone you stood outside the window all day in case I needed you. When I had a bad day you would always be there to make me your special cookies and a hug. When I got pregnant at 15 you never made me feel like a loser. When I told you the situation you never thought I was making it up. You said "I knew your baby would be special Pussycat. He's your baby." You really wanted a grandson.

When Kate was born I was afraid you would be disappointed. You had everything prepared for a baby boy. You even picked a name out for him. You wanted to name him Kale. Stan hated that name. That made you love the name even more. I was scared to break the news to you that we had a Kate not a Kale.

But you weren't disappointed at all. You were happy in fact. You said it didn't matter if it were a boy or a girl. You were a little disappointed because you wanted the baby to be named for cousin Kevin. Stan and I decided we would name her Kate. You were thrilled with that. You felt cousin Kevin would be honored and his memory would live on.

It was only three years later that I got pregnant with Michael. I was nineteen. You didn't look at me like I was a disappointment because I had gotten pregnant again as a teen. It was the second time I had gotten pregnant and you pointed out that at least I was married and it wasn't an accident. Kate overheard and you explained to Kate that she wasn't an accident but a perfect gift. You gave Kate the idea that she was the best of the best. It was probably the best gift you could have given her though that was a pretty stressful phase at times.

I'm not saying that our relationship was perfect ma. There were times we would fight. Sometimes you would do things that would drive me absolutely out of my mind. Sometimes I would feel like you were totally out of line. Sometimes we would disagree on the things that we would do. Truth to be told a lot of the times you were right. I was just a little kid then and I was thinking like a child not a grown up.

Anyway ma to top it all off you are not only my mother. You're my guide. You are my rock. You are the anchor in my stormy seas. You are my friend. You are my hero and you are my mommy.

All my love