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Paining: Harry/Ron

Warnings: Rimming, Anal, Rough Sex, and Dirty Talking


A husky sensuous voice whispered from behind him. Just hearing the need and urgency that exuded from the simple command caused a delightful tingle to buzz down Harry's naked spine. Complying with the direct order given to him by not only his best Senior Field Operative but also his best friend, Harry bent forward and rested the weight of his upper-body onto his elbows and chest, causing his bum to be lifted higher into the air.

"Damn you're so fucking sexy. Open up, I want to see you."

Instantly, Harry felt his body flush. As much as he enjoyed playing these games with Ron, for some reason he always felt a little self-conscious when it came to this part. He knew his best mate loved to gaze at his clenching hole, but being so exposed always made him feel a little uncomfortable. Regardless of his personal hang-ups, Harry did what he was told because he knew Ron would reward him for it later.

Harry scooted his knees forward, reached back with his hands, and spread his cleft open, slightly twitching as he felt the cool office air breezing over his hole.

"Perfect, absolutely perfect," Harry could feel the warmth of Ron's breath ghosting over him. "As much as I fuck you, how is it that you're able to stay so tight?"

"I don't know." Harry moaned as he felt Ron's rough calloused hand gently stroke his lower back.

"You look so deliciously innocent like this: bent over, spread open, arsehole winking at me- flirting with me- begging me to rape it with my tongue."

Harry let out a low sigh listening to the filth that was pouring out his friend's mouth.

"Is that what you want Harry? Hmm? Do you want me to rape your tight little hole with my tongue?"

"Yes." Harry whispered, enjoying the firm rubbing and squeezing Ron was giving his backside.

"What's that?"

"Yes." Harry repeated becoming lost in the feeling.

"Harry mate, you are now the Head of the Auror Department. Surely you can speak up and tell me what you need." Ron chuckled.

It was true, just last week Harry was sworn in and now he and Ron were doing unspeakable things on top of his desk to celebrate his new promotion.

Taking a deep breath and using his most authoritative voice, Harry barked, "Senior Field Operative Weasley, I want you to rape my tight little hole with your tong-"and before he could finish the statement, Ron descended upon him- harshly licking, and sucking, and nibbling on his wrinkled puckered flesh.

Harry whimpered and felt his eyes rolling in the back of his head due to the immense pleasure he was receiving from the assault. He absolutely loved it when Ron completely ravished his arse like a mad starving man.

He trembled when he felt the wriggling muscle massage his deep inner walls and felt his head swimming when he heard the sloppy slurping noises of Ron's lips engulfing his outer rim.

Suddenly, Ron viciously snatched Harry's hands away, dug his thumbs on either side of his spit-sopping cleft, spread his cheeks impossibly wider, sniffed deeply at the scent of earthly musk that was emitted from within, and dove back in with fervor. Harry could only keen and shutter as he felt Ron's tongue slide deeper and deeper into his fluttering opening.

Just when Harry felt the telltale tingling in his bollocks that indicated his impending orgasm, Ron abruptly stood up panting and said, "Get down here, I'm about to fuck you within an inch of your life."

Harry scrambled backwards, eager to get into position. He spread his legs wide and held onto the edge of his desk bracing himself for the hammering he knew was coming. He licked his lips and shook with anticipation as he heard the clicking of Ron's unbuckling belt and the rustling of his trousers being lowered.

He gasped when he felt Ron's equally naked and warm body laid flushed against his back, grinding and nudging his rock hard cock into his crack; his hands gruffly rubbed every inch of Harry's exposed back, chest, and thighs. He yelped when Ron gave him a sharp sting on his bottom.

"Where is it?" the taller man demanded.

"It's in the bottom left drawer, under the copy of Qudditch Monthly." Harry knew the 'it' Ron was referring too was the tube of lube Harry always kept on or near his person.

After a bit of shuffling, Harry heard the squelching noise of Ron slicking up his cock then he felt the cool smoothness of his mate's lubed fingers as they entered him spreading the viscous liquid around inside him. Ron didn't bother to stretch or scissor him because he knew Harry loved the pain of being pried open by his thickness. Besides, the oral-anal attack had greatly loosened the brunette up.

Having Ron's hardness lined up behind him, Harry's whole body quivered. Very slowly, he felt the pulsing cockhead push against his slightly resisting ring of tighten muscle. Harry gripped his desk so hard he heard a few of his whiten knuckles pop from the pressure. When the head was in, Ron slowly rolled his hips forward inch-by-inch knowing this snail pace greatly reduced the chance of tearing his lover.

When Harry unexpectedly tensed up around the intrusion, Ron used soothing words and gentle touches to get him to relax and breathe through it. Finally, when the redhead was fully seated within him, he leaned forward and lavished Harry's back and neck with nips and kisses, allowing him time to adjust.

Harry wiggled his bottom signaling that he was ready to be thoroughly fucked. Ron slowly pulled out and eased back in, gripping tightly at his hips for purchase. The slow push and pull was quite an intoxicating feeling.

"Merlin Harry, I wish you could see this. Every time I come out, your arse stretches out too. It looks just like your sexy lips when you suck me off," Ron groaned out sliding back into the tautness. Harry groaned too because he could tell the sight was getting his friend excided.

Harry panted and laid his head to the side relishing the burn and drag he was experiencing. Ron started to pick up the pace and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the room.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" Ron punctuated each word with a hard thrust. "You feel so fucking tight! You feel so fucking good! Sweet Cerci Harry, I'm about to destroy you!" Harry huffed when he felt Ron seize two handfuls of his hair and pulled it mercilessly backwards causing his back to severely arch.

Ron lifted Harry's left leg and placed it on the desk so he could have enough space to bounce and pound into his constricting hole. The more Ron worked the looser Harry became until the smaller man was fully thrusting himself back onto his impalement.

Harry let out a scream when he felt Ron slam into the highly sensitive bundle of nerves that was located deep inside him. The pleasure that overcame him was so intense that he felt the muscles in his face slacken and a thin line of drool spilled over the corner of his mouth.

"That's right my little slut, scream. Scream for me." Ron rumbled in his ear, angling his hips so he could continue to batter his prostate.

And Harry did. He screamed and yelled out so much his voice began to hoarsen. The noise just seemed to further fuel Ron's seemingly insatiable lust because the redhead threw one foot on the edge of Harry's desk and truly began to ram his entire body forward into the squirming man below him.

Whenever Harry's hands began to creep towards his aching neglected prick, Ron would pull his hair harder and slap at his wandering fingers because he wasn't ready for him to come yet. He only wanted him to enjoy the feeling of his cock banging inside of him.

A few hard slams later, Harry felt the tingling in his bollocks return with a burning vengeance.

"Fuck Ron! Let me come, please let me come!" Harry begged.

"Sure thing love, all you had to do was ask," Ron smirked and he let one of his hands slip from Harry's hair to make a tight fist around his swaying cock. As much as Harry loved a brutal fucking; he loved a brutal hand-job as well. Ron squeezed and pulled and twisted the pre-come soaked prick until he felt Harry's arse rhythmically spam around him and saw an arching spray of hot white jiz spurt from him; ruining all of the papers and files on his desk.

When Ron let the other hand he had in Harry's hair go, he realized the man must have passed out because he fell forward with a terrible thud.

Torn between his concern for his possibly injured best friend and the victorious feeling of fucking someone until they passed out, Ron dug his fingers into Harry's unconscious hips and came with a mighty force. He felt rope after rope of his huge load coat the insides of his lover's bowels.

Ron slumped forward and cuddled against Harry's back for a few seconds while he caught his breath. Slowly he shifted his hips backwards and pulled his spent prick from Harry's now slackened gaping hole. He leaned forward and put his ear next to Harry's mouth, satisfied with the clear even breathing he heard from the sleeping man.

Ron slid his arms under Harry's chest, hoisted up his limp body, and dragged him to the leather couch that sat near the wall of the office. He laid him down and winced at the black eye and split lip the face plant caused.

Dammit, how was he supposed to explain this to Harry? Hell, how was Harry supposed to explain these injuries to Ginny and his coworkers?

Ron yawned and grabbed his discarded robe from the floor, nestled himself next to Harry on the couch, and covered them both with it. His tired brain was too clouded to think of any kind solution now, so he closed his eyes and joined his mate in dreamland.