Paining: Harry/Ron, implied Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

Warning: Rimming, Wanking, Money Shot, and Infidelity

No one ever told Harry that being the Head of the Auror Department was going to be easy, but fucking hell- nobody warned him about all the irritation and bullshit that came along with the title.

When he took the position, he foolishly had the naïve notion that he would burst onto the scene like some kind of 'super general' who would take charge and make great changes for the department. He didn't realize that the Head's job was composed of 50% bureaucracy, 30% babysitting, 15% counseling, and 5% of people trying to kiss his arse.

Kingsley told him the first 6 months would be the hardest, but Harry couldn't imagine dealing with this shit for another 3 months, let alone another damn year!

Harry sighed as he began to pack his things up for the end of the day. Who was he kidding, he'd keep the position because he worked too damn hard to get there; he was just only having a rotten week. All he wanted to do was just go home, play with his children until it was time to put them to bed, and then sit in his favorite chair and nurse a tumbler of Firewhiskey for the rest of the evening.

Just as he was straightening the files on his desk something caught his eye that made him bemoan his existence.

He'd completely forgotten about the Harpies game he and Ginny were to attend that night. After which, they would join a few of her old teammates for dinner. He placed the tickets to the match on his desk so he would remember to grab them on his way out.

Harry let out a whine and began to softly bang his head against his wand, causing little purple sparks to fly out the tip.

He really didn't want to go because lately, he and Ginny weren't seeing eye-to-eye and now they had to go put on a show and play happy fucking families in front of her friends. This definitely put the icing on the cake of his shitty day.

He heard a gentle rapping at his door and prayed it wasn't that pushy git Thompson and his precious bloody finance report. He told the silly little man that he'd sign the damned thing in the morning.

"Enter." Harry said briskly in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

His heart almost fluttered out of his chest when a familiar stock of ginger hair and a playful set of cerulean eyes peeked from around the door frame.

"Hey there mate, I was just popping by to see if you were still here." Ron said with a grin.

"Yeah, I was just packing up, come in." Harry said trying to hide his excitement.

As soon as Ron closed and spelled the door, Harry was on him in a flash- passionately kissing and groping at his marvelous bum. Ron growled at the feeling of finally having him in his arms again and half dragged, half carried him over to the sofa- falling on his back so Harry could straddle his lap.

Harry settled on top of him and sensuously rolled his hips and arched his back to aid the other man as he stuffed his hand into the back of his pants. He let out a little gasp when his friend found his rosebud and began to stroke it lovingly.

When Harry was hard, leaking, and panting into the deepened kiss, Ron pulled away and leaned his head back to catch his breath, never ceasing his erotic ministrations.

"I've missed you." Ron whispered his voice full of arousal.

Harry only moaned and nestled his head into Ron's neck, rocking harder against his firm hand hoping a finger or two would slip into his waiting hole.

"You know how much I hate those week long training sessions. The new batch of Aurors are a bunch of babies. They're gonna have to toughen up a lot if they ever want to make it in this field." Ron said running his free hand through Harry's messy locks.

"When did you-"Harry mumbled, lost in the sensations, "When did you get in?" he finally managed to say.

"Just now, I wanted to see you before I made it home." Ron began to tease him by only allowing the tips of his fingers to enter him.

Harry sat up, trying to force more of Ron into him only to be denied his prize.

"How have you been?" Ron chuckled enjoying his mate's desperation.

"Stressed out because work's been terrible and Gin has been a complete bitch lately." Harry yelped at the cruel plunge of Ron's fingers due to his mean snipe at his sister.

"Well she has and now we have to go to a stupid match and entertain her mates for the evening. I rather go home and entertain Jamie and Al." Harry tried to pout but Ron's thick digits were sliding deeper into him. So instead of poking out his lower lip like a petulant child his mouth formed a perfect little 'o' and his eyelashes fluttered closed.

"I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Do you want me to try to make it a tad bit better?" Ron punctuated the last part of the question by twisting and flexing his fingers into the taught moistness between Harry's cheeks.

"Yes." Harry simply stated, resisting the urge to outright bounce on Ron's lap.

Ron pulled his hand from Harry's pants, put his arms under the lighter man's thighs, and flipped them so he was now on top and Harry was sprawled underneath him. He gave Harry a dominating kiss and ripped his shirt open causing most of the brunette's buttons to fly everywhere. He descended down his jaw line, dragged his teeth down the cords of his neck, bit and sucked harshly at his sensitive nipples, and fumbled to unbuckle Harry's belt.

When his trousers and pants were pooled at his ankles and slipped off his feet, Ron stuffed a few throw pillows under his hips, spread his legs wide, and stared at Harry's entrance- seemingly mesmerized by its pulsing.

Harry shifted uncomfortably but kept himself open because he knew it was Ron's kink, so he never put up a fuss when his mate wanted to see it.

Then without further ado, Ron dove down and enthusiastically ate him out. He licked hard around the wrinkled flesh trying in vain to smooth it out with each rotation and then he sealed his mouth completely around the flexing circle and gently sucked, stabbing his tongue into the vice-like grip until it softened and gave way for the rest of the wiggling intrusion.

Harry grabbed a handful of Ron's fluffy hair and grinded his arse into his face trying to push the wonderful sensation deeper into him. Unperturbed by the pressure on his head, Ron pulled back and began to earnestly fuck his friend with his fattened stiff tongue.

Harry writhed and moaned, utterly enjoying the rimming of a lifetime.

"Talk to me." Ron commanded the best he could with a mouth full of Harry.

"Oh shit! You're doing a lovely fucking job down there!" Harry yelled breathlessly. "Its soo deep. How the hell did you manage to get your tongue so far up my arse-"

"Nnggg! Nngggggg….." were the only noises Harry could make after Ron started to flick his tongue in the tight confined space.

"Touch yourself." Ron moaned at how wanton and whoreish Harry was behaving.

Harry sluggishly took himself in his hand and began to stroke. He was so wrapped up in what Ron was doing, he sort of forgotten he had a prick. Knowing a few tugs would have him spurting all over, he decided to warn his lover.

"Ron, I'm close!"

The redhead pushed himself up and hovered his open mouth over Harry's cock. Without a warning, he shoved three unlubed freckled fingers into Harry's dripping wet arse.

Harry screamed and forcefully came shooting his warm spunk into Ron's waiting tongue and lips; his aim was so accurate he only managed to spill a tiny bit on the corner of his mouth.

When Harry was done, Ron swallowed it all down and licked his lips with a satisfying smack. He leaned forward and lazily tongue kissed Harry, sharing with him all the magnificent flavors he had just tasted. He slowly rose up on his knees and threw himself on to the couch next to his mate and held his hand, intertwining their fingers together.

"Well," Harry said panting, "I'm certainly not stressed now."

"I should hope not after all the hard work I just put in." Ron smirked, lifting Harry's hand and placing butterfly kisses on his knuckles.

After relaxing for a few moments, Harry heaved himself up and began to set his clothes to rights. He glanced at the huge tenting bulge in Ron's trousers and frowned.

"I'm sorry I didn't notice- how do you want me to handle that?" Harry said nodding towards his visible erection.

Ron stroked himself through his clothes and smiled. "Don't worry about it. I'll get the misses to take care of it when I get home."

Harry rolled his eyes and stood zipping and buckling himself up.

"What?" Ron asked incredulously. "It's not my fault Hermione gets terribly turned on after she knows we've been together." After a beat he continued, "You know… that invitation she gave you to join us in bed still stands?"

Harry laughed, "She said that ages ago and besides, I could hardly accept it now can I, with her being 7 months pregnant and all."

"Harry, you need to appreciate the joys of fucking a pregnant woman: their breasts are bigger, their hips are wider, and their cunts are wetter; its absolute heaven."

Then giving Harry a conspiratorial whisper, Ron said, "And Hermione turns into a downright nympho when she's up the duff; so I'm sure it'll be a fun time for us all." Ron crossed his arms behind his head and stared dreamily up at the ceiling. Harry could only imagine the debauch scenarios his mate was conjuring in his dirty little mind. He Accio his missing buttons and Reparo them back onto his shirt.

"You, my friend, are a depraved individual." Harry smiled, offering a hand to help pull Ron to his feet.

Ron swiftly stood and hugged Harry close, pressing his hardness into Harry's lower abs, he whispered in his ear, "And you, my friend, are just as depraved as I am."

Harry moaned and reached for the tickets on his desk and said, "If you're both serious about this, I can definitely try to get away for the weekend."