Gajeel and Levy: From A to Z

Twenty-six one-shots on the life and love of Gajeel and Levy.

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A is for Attachment

You are never completely alone. No one on this Earth is. Everyone is tied and shares connections with others. That is why humans can never be completely free. It is the reason that humans feel joy and sorrow and also love. ~ Yuuko Ichihara, xXxHolic

Attachments were a weakness. That's what Gajeel used to believe.

Of course, he didn't always believe that. When he was younger, training under Metalicana to become an Iron Dragon Slayer, he had known love. Sure it was tough love but Gajeel enjoyed the connection.

Metalicana taught him all of the skills he needed to become a Dragon Slayer. The dragon's teaching methods were harsh but Gajeel didn't mind. Everyday was a challenge for the black haired child and he truly enjoyed it. In fact, some of his best days were when he was leaning up against a cave, catching his breath, profusely sweating and covered in dirt. Gajeel could honestly say that he was happy.

But then it happened.

On July 7, X777, Metalicana disappeared.

Gajeel looked for the dragon for months afterwards. Every morning, he was expecting to see the jet black dragon. Every night, he went to sleep disappointed.

In the first days during Metalicana's disappearance, Gajeel always wondered where could his only family had gone. The next couple of weeks he wondered why the dragon had left. Afterwards, the next thought that passed through the Iron Dragon Slayer's head was 'how dare he leave him."

Gajeel was angry at Metalicana. How could he just up and left without telling him? Was all the time that the dragon spent with him meaningless? Did Metalicana find him weak? Was his presence detestable?

He couldn't find an answer.

The one thing that Gajeel hated most of all was that his heart ached after Metalicana had disappeared. He didn't like feeling like this. It was horrible. At that time, Gajeel could honestly say that he hated the dragon with every fiber of his being. Sohe made a vow. So that he would never feel the pain in his heart again, Gajeel vowed that he would never let anyone get close again. He would live alone and that would be that.

As he wandered the world a year after Metalicana had disappeared, Gajeel avoided everyone and everything. It was simple enough. As an Iron Dragon Slayer, all he needed was metal to eat and he would be fine. But he learned very quickly that it was impossible to avoid people. So he made the decision to join a guild.

He couldn't remember the name of the first guild he joined. As a registered mage of this guild, he could earn jewels so that he could live. But his stay in this guild didn't last long. The people in this guild were annoying. They wanted to be his friend. They asked him questions like where was he born, what magic did he practice, how long had been a mage... It irritated him to no end. The people in his guild were trying to get close to him just like Metalicana had so long ago. He didn't want attachments anymore. He didn't want to feel the heartache the dragon left him with.

How could these people want attachments? How could they make connections like this knowing that it will disappear? Gajeel understood the concept of death. It was the end of that connection. Those who were left behind felt the same ache he felt when Metalicana left him. How did people cope? He didn't get it.

One day, he just couldn't take it anymore. He quit the guild and left to be on his own.

It was then that he had an epiphany. Gajeel wanted others to feel the pain that he felt when Metalicana left him. It was perfect. How had he not come up with this before? If the Dragon Slayer did this, then they would know the futility of being attached.

Gajeel's target were the people in his former guild. Those people wanted to be his friend. He would teach them how stupid it was to want to connect with him.

It was a slaughter. Gajeel brought them pain. None could stand against him and his powerful Dragon Slayer magic. Only the guild master provided him a challenge but Gajeel was stronger. The guild master fell, defeated.

When Gajeel had defeated everyone in his former guild, he laughed for hours. He had never felt this happy since Metalicana disappeared. It was a great high. Now they would know how foolish it was to be attached. It was a lesson Gajeel was happy to teach them. He broke them in such a way that many of his former guildmates quit being mages.

The destruction of his former guild attracted the attention of one Jose Porla.

"Such power." The guild master said gleefully. "You have quite the gift."

"What's it to you?" The Iron Dragon Slayer spat.

"What is your name?" Jose asked.

"Gajeel." He responded tersely. "What of it?"

"Gajeel-san, why did you attack this guild?"

Gajeel took in the appearance of the man with whom he was conversing. What a freak, he thought. "I wanted to teach them a lesson." He told him flatly.

Jose chuckled. "Well, you certainly taught them thoroughly." Then he smiled. "You know, I could use a mage like you in my guild."

Gajeel growled. "I didn't just destroy this guild to join another. I don't want to be attached."

"Is that why you attacked this guild? To teach them the futility in friendship and camaraderie?" Jose mused aloud. "What a noble goal. Then I want you all the more. With your power, Phantom Lord will be the strongest guild in all of Fiore."

Gajeel was shocked. "Didn't you just hear me?"

"I did. That's why I want you." Jose sneered at the bodies of the defeated guild members. "There are more guilds like this that believe in the power of nakama. It is quite infuriating. Someone like you can show the world so much pain."

Gajeel was in awe of this man. Finally, someone understood him. The Iron Dragon Slayer made his decision. He followed Jose Porla and joined Phantom Lord.

Phantom Lord was perfect for Gajeel. They didn't bother him. They didn't try to connect with him. They left him be. Gajeel took missions whenever he felt like it or whenever Master Jose asked him. He came and went as he pleased. But more importantly, he took joy whenever he showed others the futility of making connections.

But then, his world would change.

Phantom Lord was contacted by one Jude Heartfilia. The mission was to take back his daughter, Lucy, from Fairy Tail and return her into his care. Master Jose gave Gajeel the lead on this mission. While he distracted the Fairies, the Element Four would capture Lucy and hold her for ransom until they bled her father dry. Gajeel was happy. He would get to show these Fairies pain.

The first thing that Gajeel did was to attack the physical building. It served two purposes. One was to let Fairy Tail know who it was that attacked them. The second was to provoke the Fairies into attacking Phantom Lord, leaving the girl defenseless. However, they were not provoked.

Gajeel didn't mind though. It just meant that he could use more drastic measures to provoke them. It was going to be fun.

Gajeel found a potential target. A petite blue-haired woman was walking with two men. When he saw the Fairy Tail mark on her back, he smirked. Time to this fairy how horrible attachments can be.

The Iron Dragon Slayer first attacked her two companions. Two Iron Dragon Clubs were launched to the back of the necks of her two companions, effectively preventing them from being capable fighters.

The blue-haired fairy gasped and turned around to see him grinning at the sight.

He expected despair. What he got was some weird fire spell launched at him. He was thrown back, not due of the force of the attack but because of the shock. Gajeel's smile turned sadistic.

"Trying to make this interesting, eh little fairy?" Gajeel laughed. "Gi hi hi. I'm game."

The blue-haired girl scowled at him. "I'll make you pay for hurting Jet and Droy."

Her two male companions groaned. "Levy, run." One said.

"You are no match for him." The other added.

"I am not abandoning you guys." The girl, identified as Levy, cried. "We are Team Shadow Gear. We stick together in the good times and the bad."

Gajeel's smirk turned into a frown when he saw the display. There it was again. Attachments. Was this girl really going to suffer for these bonds?

"You should run, little fairy." Gajeel grounded out. "Hell, I'll even give you a head start. Get your precious fairies over here, shrimp."

Levy defiantly looked into the eyes of the big bad Dragon Slayer. "I'll never run away from my nakama. That's the spirit of Fairy Tail."

It wasn't a fight after that. Gajeel showed this pitiful fairy the way of the world. Attachments cause pain and he gave her pain. But, what irritated her was that she never cried out, not once. Why didn't she?

"You're pretty tough for a tiny girl." The Dragon Slayer mocked her. He then picked her up by the scruff of her neck to look her in the eyes.

Bruised, bloodied and broken, Levy smirked at him. "That's because Fairy Tail won't take this lying down. They will rise up and you will regret ever messing with us."

Gajeel glared for a bit. Then he smiled. "I'm counting on it."

The Iron Dragon Slayer knocked out the blue-haired fairy and took to crucifying them on a tree. But Gajeel wasn't happy. The defiance of that shrimp resonated with him. He didn't like it. What started out as a mission to show this girl the ridiculousness of connections ended with her standing with her nakama even through the pain.

He returned to Phantom Lord stomping. Other than to tell his master that the job was completed, he avoided his guildmates and they avoided him.

The next day, Fairy Tail came as planned. Gajeel was ecstatic. His plan worked perfectly. They were riled up and the target was completely defenseless. Allowing the Fairy Tail master to pass and deal with Master Jose, he took part in the war taking place inside his guild.

Gajeel took special joy in fighting Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayer, the one known as Salamander. In a sense, they were kindred spirits. And although he wanted to rip Salamander to pieces, Gajeel was ordered to just hold him at bay until Fairy Tail's master was defeated.

And then it came. The tiny master fell from the top floor of the guild. He looked in the eyes of each and every Fairy. They looked so lost without their master. It was beautiful, a high that he had never achieved before. The fairies were suffering greatly for their attachment. But Gajeel knew it was not over yet. The Iron Dragon Slayer knew that the target, Lucy Heartfilia, would be captured by the Element Four. This would cause the fairies to suffer more. Perhaps it will be enough for them to break.

But the girl escaped from their clutches and was rescued.

Gajeel didn't care. In fact, he was a bit happy. Let her reunite with her broken Fairies. It'll make their suffering greater the next time she was taken from them.

But Master Jose wasn't done with Fairy Tail yet. He wanted them eradicated. And that was fine with Gajeel. But Jose had another task for him before Fairy Tail was to be destroyed. He was to recover Lucy Heartfilia. The Iron Dragon Slayer laughed and left to carry out his task.

It was easy. The girl was being protected by such weaklings. Seriously, a fat painter and some pretty boy? These people were protecting the target? Gajeel made quick work of them and secured the girl, taking her back to Phantom Lord.

Once he was back in his guild, he waited. Gajeel knew that someone would try to take her back. He was hoping it was the Salamander. Oh how much fun it would be to take out another Dragon Slayer.

And then he smelled him. So Gajeel decided that he would have a little fun with londie to get him riled up and to break the girl beyond repair.

But she didn't flinch. In fact, she mocked him. Blondie took all that he gave her and told him that Fairy Tail would destroy him. It ticked him off. It was the same thing that the blue-haired fairy had said.

Why didn't they break? Why were they not seeing the foolishness of attachments? Didn't they know that one day those attachments would disappeared? The world is cruel and the only way to survive is to return the cruelty.

Gajeel decided to make an example of her. Blondie would be the first to go.

But it didn't happen. The Salamander came and protected her from the fatal blow.

They traded blows while the pink-haired Dragon Slayer spouted off some nonsense about Fairy Tail being strong because of their bonds. It made him sick. Gajeel hated it. He decided to show him how stupid his bonds were. So he beat him within an inch of his life.

But Blondie wasn't sitting on her hands. She called some horse man with a bow and arrow to destroy some of the machinery, causing an explosion. Salamander ingested the fire and regained his strength. With his newly restored power, the Fire Dragon Slayer defeated Gajeel.

After the battle was over, the Salamander had asked him if he knew a dragon named Igneel. Gajeel scoffed. He didn't want to talk about dragons. The one dragon that he had known had betrayed him, had left him without an explanation and caused his heart to ache. But then the pink-haired guy asked him if his dragon disappeared on July 7, X777.

Gajeel's eyes widened. How could he had known? Salamander told him that his own dragon disappeared on that date as well.

For the longest time, Gajeel thought that Metalicana had abandoned him. It hurt just to think about it. He always wondered why. But now, the Salamander tells him that his dragon had gone as well. Maybe, just maybe, Metalicana didn't leave him. Something happened to him.

And then he remembered, for the first time in a long time, how happy he was to be with the dragon. He had remembered the times that he smiled, I mean truly smiled. He remembered that feeling of contentment. The attachment he had with Metalicana left him satisfied.

Gajeel, on that day, left Phantom Lord and separated himself from society. He had to think.

He thought about all of the people he had hurt: his former guild, Fairy Tail, and that blue-haired girl. And he thought about the attachments that these fairies made and how strong it made them. Perhaps there was something to these bonds.

Makarov, Fairy Tail's guild master, found him one day in his seclusion. He offered Gajeel a fresh start in his guild. Gajeel was touched. Even after what he did to their guild, he was invited to join Fairy Tail. For the first time since Metalicana disappeared, Gajeel wanted an attachment. He accepted Makarov's offer.

But old habits are hard to break. When he first joined Fairy Tail, he kept mostly to himself. But Juvia, another former Phantom mage, had encouraged him to make friends.

It was difficult at first. Not many people trusted him after what he did to their guild. So he decided to treat them to his super-awesome singing talent. Gajeel thought it went over pretty well.

His biggest breakthrough though happened on a morning when he was leaving for a job. He was confronted by the two guys he had once crucified to a tree. Gajeel now knew them as Jet and Droy. The two were with that blue-haired girl who he now knew as Levy McGarden. They attacked him but he didn't fight back. The attacks didn't hurt him. If this is what they needed to move on, he'd let them. Levy, however, didn't want anything to do with it. She pleaded for them to stop. Then, some punk came and attacked him. Jet and Droy called him Laxus. Laxus repeatedly struck him with lightning and still he did not fight back. But when Levy tried to stop Laxus, he through a thunderbolt at her. Gajeel intervened and protected her from being attacked.

When Gajeel left to go on his mission, he was plagued with thoughts. Why DID he save Levy from being attacked? Was it for atonement? If that were the case, then why didn't he just move her out of the way? He didn't know and he didn't dwell on it long.

After the Battle of Fairy Tail, he formed more attachments. Natsu, the Salamander, was more comfortable with him being in the guild. Mirajane had warmed up to him. The Master even entrusted Gajeel with an important mission. After Edolas, he formed an attachment with Pantherlily and he was very happy to have his own Exceed.

But his most important connection was with Levy. Gajeel didn't realize it until after he told her that he would be her partner for the S-class advancement exams. She had forgiven him and was totally comfortable in his presence. She talked to him normally and was unguarded around him, unlike some of the other guildmembers. Why she did so remained a mystery.

During the S-class exams, Gajeel and Levy got into a fight and she ran off somewhere. Gajeel got worried and went out looking for her. He found her being attacked by two strangers. He stepped in front of the attack that was meant for her. For the first time, Gajeel was angry that someone tried to sever his attachment. After telling her to find the others, the Iron Dragon Slayer proceeded to destroy the two who would take his bond away.

It was then that Gajeel realized that his attachment to Levy was growing stronger: stronger than his attachment to the Master who gave him a new beginning, stronger than his attachments to his fellow Dragon Slayers who were the same as him, stronger than his attachment to Lily who was his best friend and even stronger than Metalicana who raised him. This girl caused him to experience many feelings: happiness, contentment and acceptance. It frightened him.

Gajeel was no fool. No bond, however strong, would last forever. His bond with Levy will disappear someday. And he didn't want to go through the same thing he did when Metalicana disappeared.

And so, as he was thinking about her and their attachment one day while coming back from a mission, Gajeel had spotted Levy trying to carry 12 tomes by herself. He could see her struggling to walk. Gajeel thought it was hilarious. He snuck up behind her and grabbed a bunch of her books.

"Hey those are mine." Levy shouted at her unknown assailant before she turned around

"Gi hi hi!" Gajeel snickered. "I thought I'd just give you a hand, short stuff."

When Levy turned around, she saw Gajeel grinning at her with her books in his hands.

"Gajeel." She squeaked. Gajeel thought it was cute.

But he caught himself. The Iron Dragon Slayer knew where exactly these thoughts were heading. His attachment with Levy was becoming too much for him.

"Thank you." The blue-haired woman smiled.

When Levy smiled, Gajeel was lost. "Yeah, whatever." He quickly rebounded. "I'm just doing because you are going to give me something good later." He smirked dangerously.

"Something good?" Levy's face turned bright red.

Gajeel knelt over so he was looking at her face to face. "Yeah! You are going to feed me iron afterwards."

It took Levy some time to process the information. "Y-yeah iron." She stammered.

Gajeel nudged her along. "Let's go, shrimp. The quicker we carry this to wherever you're going, the quicker I get fed."

Levy smiled again. "Thanks, Gajeel. It's this way."

As Levy led him, Gajeel came to a decision. Regardless of whether his attachment to this girl would disappear, he would cherish the time that he spent with her. She was worth it.

Word Count: 3,400

And that is the letter A. At first, I had that A was for Apathy but as I was writing this, I realized that attachment suited Gajeel. I always felt that someone like him would have hated attachments until his arrival in Fairy Tail. So I went with that.

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Levy would sometimes compare herself with the other women in her guild. Compared to them, she felt flat-chested and tiny. She wondered if she could ever attract a man with her looks.

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