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N is for Nervousness

A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth and endures all the rest. - Helen Rowland

It was nearly midnight when Gajeel escorted Levy back to her place in Fairy Hills. (Now I say escorted but Gajeel said something along the lines of 'walking in that direction anyways' which they both knew was a lie. But Levy was kind enough to accept the lie.) They talked about whatever came to mind... you know, couple stuff until they reached her place.

As they reached the entrance, Levy could feel her heart beating just a little faster. This was just like in her books. They had a amazing day. There was only one thing that could make this day complete. The question is... will he or won't he?

"Well, this is me." Levy said weakly. Good going, Levy. She thought to herself. You're suppose to be the smart one. What was that?

"Yeah, I know, shrimp." Gajeel replied matter-of-factly.

The blue haired woman stared deeply into Gajeel's red eyes, hoping that he'd take the hint. "I had a really good time today." She told him in a pining voice.

"It was alright." He told her with a shrug of his shoulders.

Okay, now she was getting frustrated. Why wasn't Gajeel picking up on the mood?

"I kinda don't want this day to end." Levy said, hoping the Iron Dragon Slayer would finally understand.

"It had to end some time." He said flippantly.

Yep, she had to fall for the dense one. He didn't understand at all. Levy decided to cut her losses.

"Well, good night, Gajeel." She mumbled.

Gajeel turned around and waved a lazy goodbye. "Night." He called out to her.

Levy waited until he was out of sight. Then, as soon as she couldn't see him, the petite mage let out a long-suffering sigh. "At this rate, I'm never going to get a kiss from Gajeel." She murmured. With that, she entered Fairy Hills.

Today was a really tiring day. She had spent all day trying to get Gajeel to kiss her. They went to the town fair. His Dragon Slayerhood precluded him from getting on any rides but they played a whole bunch of carnival games. In true Fairy Tail fashion, Gajeel took everything super seriously. When they played the ball toss game, the Dragon Slayer used all his strength to knock down the milk bottles, which resulted in that stand being demolished. They were banned from playing any more games which meant that he couldn't win her a gift.

Their next stop was the haunted house. It was in no way scary. I mean Gajeel was much scarier than the mechanical frights. However, Levy did play her part of the scared girlfriend. When one of the spookies cackled, the petite mage jumped against Gajeel's hard body, hoping that he would hug her until it stopped, maybe even kiss her. That backfired. He responded to the machine scaring his girlfriend with an Iron Dragon Roar, destroying the house and getting them kicked out of the fair.

After all that destruction, the two decided to get some food. Levy got the messiest food she could order, a chili cheese dog. Her plan was that she eat it and get some on the corner of her mouth. Gajeel would wipe it away and then move in and kiss her. (Admittedly, she borrowed this from another of her harlequin romance novels.) This backfired as well. When Gajeel saw the morsel of food at the corner of her lips, he broke down in laughter, deriding her on her inability to eat. Thus the moment was ruined. So add those failures to the incident outside Fairy Hills and you've got a crushing day for Levy.

When it comes to kissing Gajeel, Levy was of two minds about kissing the taller mage.

On one hand, she was very nervous. I mean, how could she not? This was going to be her first kiss. Every time she thought about it, her heart started to beat like crazy and her stomach did flops. She liked Gajeel. She really, really did. But the thought of his lips on hers made her hyperventilate. It also didn't help that she had a whole bunch of expectations up to this point. Her reading of harlequin romances have spoiled her as to what constitutes an amazing first kiss. Also, she had heard about the first kisses of other girls so she really wanted a kiss that would at least equal that.

She was also nervous because of her inexperience. Levy had never been in a relationship before... like EVER. She felt woefully inexperienced in comparison to Gajeel. She wondered if he had other girlfriends before her. Probably not considering his attitude. However, he could have had some one night stands or whatever. She never asked and he never told her. That made her nervous. How would she compare to his supposed conquests?

On the other hand, she was excited. Levy knew that she really liked Gajeel. She really wanted a kiss from him. She could almost imagine him towering over her, grabbing her chin and placing his lips on hers. He would dominate her. I mean, how could she make a guy like him submit? Then his hands would travel down her body...

She blushed. Bad Levy. You've only been dating Gajeel for a month and a half. You shouldn't be thinking about stuff like that...especially since you promised yourself that you would stay pure until you are married.

Levy entered the girls' dorm and slammed the door behind her. She sat in the commons room and looked for her book. The blue haired mage needed to unwind so she turned to her favorite activity, reading. But not a romance story today. No, that would remind her of about a certain long haired metal studded man who shall not be named.

Instead, Levy was reading up on dragons. Ever since the Grand Magic Games, she had been researching all she could on the subject. As they were, Fairy Tail was woefully equipped to fight dragons. This Solid Script mage may never be as physical a fighter as her boyfriend, but she can help out in ways that no one else can. She was so engrossed in the book that she didn't realize that someone was trying to get her attention until that person gently tapped her arm.

Levy looked up and saw Mira's smiling face.

"Good evening, Levy." She said. "How was your date?"

Levy sighed, which told Mira all she needed to know.

"That bad, huh." The barmaid smirked.

"It wasn't all bad." The blue haired woman told her friend. "It's just... I don't know."

Mira could see that something was really bugging Levy. She just waited for the petite mage to tell her what was wrong.

"Mira, when do you think it is an appropriate time for a couple to kiss?" Levy asked.

Ahh, there's the problem. Mira had to smile to herself.

"Why do you ask?" She asked Levy.

Levy put down her book and pulled her knees to her chest. "We've been a couple for a month and a half and he hasn't made a move to kiss me." She admitted. "And I've done everything to get him to do so. I mean, I've been using those silly little tricks in romance novels to get his attention."

"Even the damsel in distress act?" Mira gasped theatrically.

"Yeah." Levy giggled. "We were in the haunted house at the fair. One of the fake ghost screamed. Of course, I wasn't scared but I pretended to get into his arms. But he overreacted and destroyed the haunted house."

Mira chuckled. Just like a Fairy Tail mage to go overboard for something so simple.

"But yeah, today was a disaster on the kiss front." Levy sighed.

"Have you talked to him about wanting to be kissed?" Mira asked.

"I don't want him to feel obligated to kiss me." The blue haired woman told her friend. "I want it to be spontaneous. I want him to want to kiss me."

Mira thought long and hard about Levy's situation. Then she got an idea. "Leave that to me." She said with a wink.

Levy got the chills. Mira was planning something and, knowing her, it was going to be a bigger production than was necessary.

"Mira..." Levy whined cutely.

"I owe you and Gajeel for that time I screwed up." Mira said sadly.

Levy knew exactly what she was talking about. Mira was referring to the time where she confessed to Gajeel. The barmaid told Levy to tell the Iron Dragon Slayer how she felt. That night was a disaster. Gajeel was unable to return her feelings at that time because he still felt guilty about that day. Mira has wanted to make up for that day. Now is her chance.

"Listen, let me handle things." Mira said resolutely. "I'll make it so that Gajeel will think it's his idea. Then, you will get your wish."

Without even listening to Levy's subsequent pleas, Mira left Fairy Hills like a woman on a mission. Levy could only watch and pray that this won't go over the top. But something told her that it was.

It was noon when Gajeel woke up. After spending the day with Levy the night before and sleeping in until the sun reached its highest point in the sky, he had the sudden urge to take a mission. His day with his girlfriend had cost him plenty, mostly because he destroyed so much stuff. If he continued this, he'd need to take five S class missions just to pay for one day with Levy.

Forgoing a shower, the Iron Dragon Slayer put on a clean shirt and pants. Now completely dressed, Gajeel left his bedroom and went into his sparse kitchen where Lily was drinking some kiwi juice.

"You're up late, Gajeel." Lily said matter-of-factly. "Had that great a time with Levy, huh?"

"It was okay." The long haired man replied, shrugging his large shoulders.

"Okay?" Lily queried, somewhat confused at Gajeel's statement. "A date with your girlfriend was just okay?"

"It wasn't a date." Gajeel snapped. "Don't be stupid."

"It wasn't a date?" Lily repeated. "It was just you and Levy, right?"

"Yeah." The long haired man replied.

"No Jet or Droy, no Natsu or Lucy or anyone else, right?" Lily continued.

"Nooo." Gajeel drawled. "Just me and Levy."

"A date." Lily concluded.

"It wasn't a date." Gajeel roared.

Lily sighed, knowing that his friend was going to be obstinate on this point. "Whatever. Let's go." He said.

Gajeel and Lily left their abode to head to Fairy Tail.

On the way to the guild, the duo saw a crowd gathering in the town square. When they got closer to the excitement, Gajeel and Lily saw a man with a Three Card Monty game.

"Any more takers?" The man asked in a arrogant voice. "Anyone think they can win ten games against me?"

The two Fairy Tail mages watched as taker after taker challenged the man. But no one won more than two games. Gajeel was particularly fascinated by the game. How could anyone be taken in by this scam. Even from this distance, the Iron Dragon Slayer saw that the guy was taking the red card out of play during the shuffle. These fools were never going to win.

"You see it too, right?" Lily asked.

"Damn fools, they are." Gajeel spat. "Why if I were up there..."

"Why don't you go up there and show those people how it's done?" Lily offered.

Gajeel scoffed. "Whatever." He said and walked up to the stand.

"Ahh. A new challenger." The man says in a grandiose manner. "Care to play? Only one thousand jewels. If you win ten times, you get the grand prize."

The long haired man slammed down the jewels. "Let's go." Gajeel challenged.

The man set up three cards: the ace of spades, the ace of clubs and the queen of hearts. "See the red queen?" The man said. "Can you keep your eyes on the red queen?"

The man started shuffling but Gajeel had no problem keeping up. He picked out the red queen on the first try.

"Not bad for a first try." The man mockingly congratulated.

"Go again." Gajeel huffed.

The man shuffled again but once again, Gajeel's eyes kept tracked of the red queen. He picked it out, angering the man.

"Now we get serious." The man growled.

Gajeel smirked. There was no way that this guy was going to pull the wool over his eyes. The man shuffled the cards every which way, trying to trick Gajeel. But the Iron Dragon Slayer caught it every time. And soon enough, he was on his ninth win.

"Alright, alright." The man said curtly. "You've had your fun. Now we play for keeps. You win, you get the grand prize. I win..."

"You won't." Gajeel challenged. "Now go."

The man cracked his knuckles and shook his fingers. Then he began to shuffle the cards. As Gajeel watched the cards move, the long haired man saw something off with the man's hands. Then he felt the a tremor in his body and realized that the guy was using magic, specifically a glamour, to cheat. Fine, the guy wanted to play like that. The Iron Dragon Slayer would make him regret that.

When the man finished shuffling, Gajeel stared him down with his red eyes.

"Who do you think you're bullshittin'?" He roared.

"Excuse me?" The man replied, feigning ignorance.

Gajeel flipped all three cards, revealing to everyone that there was no red queen anymore. He grabbed the man by the wrist and squeezed it hard. "You picked the wrong guy to scam."

"Hey, hey." The man laughed nervously. "Let's not be hasty. How about I just give you the grand prize?"

The man dug into his pocket and gave Gajeel an envelope.

"What the hell is this?" Gajeel asked in a threatening voice.

"The grand prize." The man told him.

Gajeel snatched the envelope out of the man's hands. "If I ever see you here again, I won't be so nice."

"You won't. Now let me go." The man pleaded.

Gajeel let the man go, content with the envelope in his hand. He and Lily soon left the town square and headed to Fairy Tail.

The man rubbed his wrists and walked away from the town square, finding an alley to hide himself. There he was greeted by an unusual sight, Mirajane Strauss.

"What a brute." The man groaned.

"That's Gajeel for you." Mira smiled. "Sorry that you got hurt... Jenny."

The man's form began to shimmer until a puff of white smoke obscured him. When it cleared, a man was no longer standing there. Instead, Blue Pegagus's Jenny Realight was standing in his place.

"Could you explain why I had to do this?" Jenny asked.

"Because I want Levy to have a proper date." Mira explained. "But Gajeel isn't the kind of guy who would do this of his own free will. Plus, if I gave the envelope, he would have thought it was suspicious. But by doing this, he's none the wiser and once he finds out what's in it, Gajeel will think that this is his idea."

"If that's what you were looking for, why didn't you disguise yourself and give the envelope to him?" Jenny wondered.

"Because he would have known it was me." Mira told her. "He's a Dragon Slayer, complete with enhanced senses. Transformation magic can disguise a person's form but not their scent. He would have picked me out immediately."

Jenny shrugged. "Oh well. I suppose your plan worked out in the end."

"Thank you." Mira smiled.

"You're welcome." Jenny replied. "Though now you owe me a favor. I'll make sure to collect soon."

Mira smiled and said nothing.

Gajeel entered Fairy Tail with the envelope in his hand. During the walk, his curiosity about what was inside it wasn't piqued at all. Whether there was something in it or not wasn't important. He showed that guy that he wasn't a chump. No one makes a fool of Gajeel Redfox.

He saw Levy, sitting at the bar with her nose in a book. Gajeel smirked inwardly on how predictable his girlfriend was. She was so absorbed in her book that she didn't even see him enter. The Iron Dragon Slayer silently stalked up to Levy and swiped at the ends of her wild blue hair. That got her attention.

Levy turned around and saw Gajeel grinning down at her. "Yo." He said simply.

"Hey Gajeel." She smiled "How are you?"

"Fine." He replied as he put his hand on the bar, the same hand that had held the envelope.

Levy noticed that Gajeel had something under his hand. "What's that?" She asked.

Gajeel turned his head down to where she was looking and saw the envelope.

"Oh, this?" Gajeel answered. "Ran into some guy who was trying to run a scam. I threatened to kick his ass and he gave me this."

Levy had known Gajeel far too long to be disturbed by this knowledge. "What's in it?"

Gajeel shrugged his powerful shoulders.

"Well, open it." Levy told him.

Gajeel complied, opening the envelope and turning it upside down. Two pieces of laminated paper fell out. Levy reached out for them and read it.

"They look like invitations to a restaurant." She read. "It says that some world famous chef will be cooking tonight."

"Hmm." Gajeel said in thought. "Why would this guy have tickets to this event?"

"Maybe he was planning to go." Levy thought aloud. "I wish I could go. I'm sure there would be foods I have never eaten. It's probably going to be the event of the year."

"Wanna go?" The long haired man asked. "I've got the tickets right here."

"But they aren't yours." Levy answered.

Gajeel grinned maliciously. "Possession." He said, poking her in her forehead. "9/10ths."

Levy frowned, which Gajeel thought was cute on her. "We should return them to its rightful owner." The blue haired woman said, though the way she said it told Gajeel that she was too keen on doing that.

The Iron Dragon Slayer grinned. "You wanna go. We'll go." He told her. "I'll take you tonight."

Levy tried to look disappointed in Gajeel taking stolen property but she couldn't help the smile on her face. "You're changing me." She said, smirking.

Gajeel flicked Levy's nose. "Stick with me, shrimp. I'll take you to where the wild things are."

Levy chuckled.

"The event begins at 8." He told her. "I'll pick you up at 7."

With that, Gajeel left, giving Levy a half-hearted wave. The Solid Script mage smiled as she watched him leave. Then she realized what had just happened. Her cheeks were inflamed and lost the page she was on in her book. Her hands started shaking and her eyes got wide. The bookworm realized what had transpired.


She had a date... A DATE... with Gajeel. Sure she had hung out with him with just the two of them in a casual setting. She could handle a casual setting. But this was totally different. This would be Levy McGarden and Gajeel Redfox at a restaurant, probably with candles to set a romantic mood. It would be quiet enough that they could hear each other breathing. She would be staring into his blood red eyes and...

Levy started freaking out.

"What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?" Levy spazzed mentally.

Levy decided to head to Fairy Hills and prepare for her date.

As Levy entered the dorm, she walked mechanically through the hall, still trying to process the fact that she was going to be on a date with Gajeel. In fact, she was still so much in her head that she nearly tripped over a lounging Cana, drinking a bottle of wine.

"Hey Levy." Cana said. "How's things?"

That snapped her out of her daze.

She realized that Cana was talking to her. "Huh." She gasped in surprise. "Oh sorry, Cana."

"What's wrong?" The card mage asked, a little concerned for her friend.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking." Levy told her. "I've got to get ready."

"For what?" Cana wondered.

There was a pregnant pause in the air as if she couldn't believe the words that were about to come out of her mouth. "I have a date with Gajeel." The blue haired woman sighed.

Cana regarded her friend curiously. Then she shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, okay." She said and went back to her precious booze.

"What? That's it?" Levy shrieked.

"You've been on dates with Gajeel before." Cana said simply.

"No that was just hanging out." Levy quipped. "This is a date date."

"What's the difference?" The card mage asked.

Levy handed the tickets Gajeel forgot at the guild to Cana. The brown haired woman read it and whistled.

"Nice." Cana told her. "I've been there before with a guy. The booze there is excellent."

Levy started twiddling her fingers. "You don't understand, Cana." She breathed. "This is my first date date with Gajeel. You know, candlelight, romantic setting, we'll be staring across from each other. He'll look into my eyes and I'll look into his. And..."

"I think you are making too much of this." Cana yawned.

Before Levy could retort this, the doors to the dorm opened. Levy and Cana turned to see who it was. Surprisingly, it was Mira with Lucy in tow. The two of them were in deep conversation when they saw the blue haired woman looking like she was in dire straits.

"Hey, Levy-chan." Lucy greeted with a smile. "What's going on?"

"Oh, Levy's going nuts." Cana chuckled. "She's freaking out because Gajeel's taking her to some fancy-shmancy restaurant."

Cana handed Lucy the tickets that Gajeel obtained.

"Wow. I heard about this." Lucy said in amazement. "This is one of the most exclusive events happening this year. I can't believe Gajeel got tickets."

While Lucy was genuinely surprised, Mira feigned ignorance and gave the girls a serene smile.

"We better get you ready for your date then." Mira told her. "Let's get you dressed up real nice so that when Gajeel comes for you tonight, he'll finally give you that first kiss you've been waiting for."

Cana stood up quickly, which was quite impressive considering how much she had to drink. "Are you telling me that you've been dating Gajeel for a month and a half and he still hasn't kissed you?" She yelled indignantly. "I would have thought that by now he would have tried to get into your pants."

Levy blushed cutely. Mira put her hands on the Solid Script mage. "Now, now." Mira said. "How about we help Levy get ready for her date? We need to turn her from just pretty to drop dead gorgeous."

"Makeover?" Lucy squealed in girlish delight.

"Makeover." Mira repeated.

Before Levy could get the chance to question what was happening, she was being pushed by Lucy, Cana and Mira to the communal baths. They got the sweetest smelling bath salts, the most luxurious shampoos and conditioners, and the best moisturizers. They started scrubbing Levy down and washing her hair. When they were finished, they grabbed the petite girl out of the baths and wrapped a towel around their form.

The girls spirited Levy out of the baths and into her room. Mira went through Levy's closet for something that would make her irresistible to the Iron Dragon Slayer. Her eyes set on a gorgeous orange sparkling dress. It was perfect. The barmaid knew that would it would draw Gajeel's attention. But it needed some alterations so that it would better work for the blue haired woman's slighter frame. Lucy summoned Cancer to fix Levy's blue hair. The crab spirit trimmed the Solid Script mage's hair and plaited it into braids. Cana, in the meantime, applied some makeup on Levy's face.

Levy herself could hardly keep up with what was happening to her. One minute, she was freaking out about her date. The next, she is glamorized by the girls. All the while, she kept thinking about the date. Would Gajeel like her dressed up? How would the date go? Would he try to kiss her?

When Lucy and Cana finished with her, Mira slipped the dress on Levy. After they were done, the Solid Script mage looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe what she was looking at. Who was this woman staring back at her? She always considered herself cute and adorable because she lacked the amazing figure that many of her friends had. But the woman in the mirror... well, she was beautiful. The dress, the make-up, the hair, everything that was done to her truly accentuated her body. The best part, in Levy's mind, was that besides the light makeup and the beautiful dress, there was hardly a change to her overall appearance. This was all Levy McGarden.

Levy took a deep breath and willed herself to be calmed while the girls worked their magic. She was going to be fine. She and Gajeel were going to have a wonderful evening... And maybe, just maybe, she just might get kissed.

7 o'clock came sooner than Levy anticipated. She was trying to remain calm. And she was doing a good job until...

"Oh, short stack." She heard Gajeel yell in the common room. "Are you ready?"

His voice alone caused Levy to hyperventilate.

"Levy-chan, calm down." Lucy told her. "It's just Gajeel. Trust me. You are going to have a wonderful time."

Levy nodded vigorously. "Okay. I can do this." She said to herself.

The Solid Script mage was about to leave her room to meet Gajeel when Mira stopped her.

"There's one last touch that you need." Mira told her.

Mira took Levy's hands and gave her long orange opera gloves. The blue haired woman gave the barmaid a curious look.

"Trust me." Mira said. "It'll drive a man like Gajeel wild."

"Why?" Levy asked.

Mira didn't explain. She just pushed Levy out of her room.

Gajeel was waiting in the Fairy Hills common room for Levy. On Lily's suggestion, the Iron Dragon Slayer got dressed up in very nice clothes, complete with a black blazer. He had washed and brushed his hair, tying it into a tight ponytail. And he hated every minute that he was in these clothes. It felt so unnatural to him. He liked his old clothes better.

Gajeel heard the sound of footsteps descending down the stairs. "About damn time." He mumbled to himself. He turned around and saw Levy coming down. When he took a good look at what she was wearing, Gajeel forgot how to breathe.

Now Gajeel had always believed that Levy was gorgeous. Her natural cuteness complete with her bell-shaped hips and her perfect ass, it amazed him that she hadn't had a boyfriend before him. But now, with that dress on her, she looked... there was no one word that described how perfect she looked. And what the hell was with those gloves? I mean, he had already seen her arms bare. So why was it that now it was covered, they looked so delectable?

As Levy descended the stairs, she did some admiring of her own. She had always known that Gajeel cleaned up nice when he wanted to, for example, the party after the Grand Magic Games. But tonight, it was different. He was dressed like that for her...for their date. His clothes seemed to stick to him like a second skin, showing off his fantastic muscular body. Why did he have to look so mouthwateringly gorgeous?

Levy finally made her way down the stairs and smiled up at Gajeel. "Good evening, Gajeel. You look nice." She said with a bit of hesitancy.

Gajeel frowned and looked away. "Yeah, you too."

The Solid Script mage frowned. That's all she got? A "you too"? She would have been more mad if she hadn't looked at his face. Although Gajeel still didn't look at her, Levy could see that his cheeks were flushed something fierce. That made her happy.

"You have the tickets?" Gajeel asked, still not looking at Levy.

Levy pulled the tickets out of her purse and handed them to Gajeel.

"Alright. Let's go." He told her.

Levy took the opportunity to interlock her arm within Gajeel's. The big bad Dragon Slayer bristled a bit, which she thought was cute, before finally accepting the gesture. Arms interlinked, the two headed to the restaurant.

Gajeel was getting pissed. After entering the restaurant and handing their tickets to the maitre d', they expected to get in. But the maitre d' didn't. He kept looking over the tickets, not even bothering to hide his disgust. The Iron Dragon Slayer knew that look. It was the same look people gave him... the look that said he didn't belong. He hated that look. So what if he had piercings for eyebrows or his hair was long? He had the freakin' tickets.

"Is there a problem?" Gajeel said in a slow even voice, a voice that promised drawn out pain in the very near future.

"No problem. Please come with me." The maitre d' replied. Gajeel noticed that the man walked very stiffly and smirked. Looks like he put the fear of god in this asshole. He showed them to their table and then left the duo.

Gajeel and Levy took notice of their surroundings. The tables were set up in a way that they all faced a center podium. There were two men standing next to it. One of them had his eyes closed and his head bowed. The other was grinning like a fool, as if he had hit the lotto on Christmas morning and got a huge inheritance at the same time.

"Welcome, my guests." The grinning man said in a pompous manner. "Tonight, my restaurant is blessed to have the talent of one of the greatest culinary genius of all time, Chef Alexandre DuCham."

The bowing man, now identified as the chef, looked up and nodded in the direction of the restaurant patrons.

"Thank you, owner." The chef said in a very heavy accent. "It is great to be back in Magnolia. Tonight, my fellow connoisseurs, my team and I have prepared a fine 11-course meal for your dining pleasure."

Gajeel watched as the patrons politely clapped for this man. He couldn't understand. Why were they clapping for this man? For doing his job? He's a fucking chef. Of course, he's suppose to cook. "I'll never understand high society." He muttered under his breath.

Levy looked at her date. "Something wrong?" She asked.

"Nah." Gajeel answered back.

The chef called for his crew and they got to cooking. While they were doing that, busboys went to each table with wine and wine glasses.

The one that came to Gajeel and Levy's table was a young and nervous boy. He couldn't have been older than sixteen. Most likely, this was his first job.

"Hel-ll-o." The boy stammered, intimidated by both the importance of his job and the man that was currently staring him down. "I am Maxwell and I'll be your server tonight."

"Hello, Maxwell-san." Levy smiled cordially, which took the edge off a bit.

Gajeel scoffed instead, which put the edge back on.

"Tonight's meal begins with a fine, slightly chilled amontillado." He said in between deep breaths. "It's our chef's choice for the apéritif."

"The what?" Gajeel said in an incredulous tone.

"Apéritif." Levy told him. "In fine dining, it's the wine you are given to get you hungry."

"I'm already hungry, short stack." Gajeel bit back. He turned to the kid. "Kid, get me a beer."

The young server turned white and began to stammer "Master Alexandre... says that this wine... must be served..."

Gajeel banged his fist against the table. "Dammit, kid." His voice raised an octave. "Get me a beer."

Levy, seeing where this situation was heading, decided to take charge. "We'll take the wine." She told the young man. "Please leave the bottle and glass on the table. Thank you."

The server did as Levy asked and left in a haste. The Solid Script mage then gave Gajeel a look. "Why did you have to do that?" She asked.

"What?" Gajeel said, a bit indignant. "I want a beer. Is it so much fucking work to get a beer?"

"We are eating for free at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Magnolia and being served by one of the most famous chefs in the world." Levy reminded him. "We should be grateful."

Gajeel grumbled but said nothing. Instead, he drank the wine, which was too sweet for his tastes. Levy, while sipping her wine, was trying to strike up a conversation with her date. But it was hard. I mean, not much has changed since they've seen each other yesterday. Add to the fact that he wasn't one for small talk and the lack of common interests and you have yourself a perfect storm of awkwardness.

Gajeel saw Levy staring at him. "What?" He asked.

Levy looked away in embarrassment. "I don't know what to say." She admitted.

The Iron Dragon Slayer gave his date a questioning look. "About what?" He said.

"Well normally..." Levy started. She would have said more but Maxwell came with their appetizer, killing the mood.

The head chef banged on some pots, grabbing the attention of all of the patrons. "Now, along with your dinner, I have arranged an special treat." Alexandre announced. "When I knew that I'd be performing in Magnolia, there was someone I looked up immediately. When I first heard her sing, it was like a feast for the soul."

Gajeel and Levy looked at the head chef curiously. From the way that he was talking about this mysterious person, it was almost as if they knew the person.

"So please enjoy the melodic voice of my good friend, Mirajane Strauss." Alexandre shouted.

From out of the kitchen, Mira came out, strumming her guitar.

When Levy saw Mira, her mind started working double-time. At first, she thought it was weird that Gajeel got the tickets to this event the day after she talked to Mira about not being kissed by the Iron Dragon Slayer. It was especially weird that he got the tickets in such an unusual way. She could have chalked that up to coincidence. But with Mira's appearance, it was looking more like a set-up.

"Hello, fellow patrons." The white haired woman said in a soft voice and a smile. "I hope you are enjoying the food from my good friend, Alexandre." She took a look at all of the patrons. But she didn't lay her eyes on Gajeel and Levy for very long. If they didn't know better, it was almost as if she was purposely avoiding their eyes.

"Now I see a lot of lovely couples here." She said with a smile. "Seeing so many couples reminds me of a song. I hope you enjoy it."

Mira began strumming her guitar and cleared her throat.

There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don't got a lot to say
But there's something about her
And you don't know why
But you're dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl

When Levy heard Mira's song, her cheeks were enflamed. There was no denying it. This was a set-up. She turned to Gajeel, who had a light dusting of pink on his face as well.

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
It's possible she wants you, too
There is one way to ask her
It don't take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl

Levy's cheeks were burning now. She couldn't help but look in Gajeel's red eyes. She had never seen them looking at her so intensely. It was like they were focused on nothing but her, like she was the only person in the room.

"Gajeel." She whispered in such a low voice, she couldn't tell whether or not she actually said it.

My, oh, my
Look at the boy too shy
He ain't gonna kiss the girl
Ain't that sad
Ain't it shame, too bad
You gonna miss the girl

Gajeel could hardly turn away from Levy. Her doe eyes were staring at him as Mira's song played. She was just sitting there, looking so damn cute with her mouth slightly agape. And those lips...damn those lips...they were just screaming, "KISS ME." Why did the shrimp had to look so scrumptious?

Now's your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
Boy, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don't say a word
And she won't say a word
Until you kiss the girl

Gajeel and Levy felt like they were being transported into a world of only the two of them. Mira's strumming were like a boat that and her lyrics were like a river. They were floating along and getting closer and closer to each other.

Don't be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl
Don't stop now
Don't try to hide it how
You wanna kiss the girl

Gajeel saw Levy's eyelids droop to half mast. Oh shit, he thought. Never in the time that he had known the bookworm did she look so fucking kissable. He couldn't help but lean in closer.

Float along
Listen to the song
The song say kiss the girl
Music play
Do what the music say
You wanna kiss the girl

With heavy eyelids, Levy watched as Gajeel leaned towards her. Oh my god, Levy thought to herself. He's going to kiss me. Should I lean in? Unbeknownst to her, while the blue haired woman was in her thoughts, she was moving closer to Gajeel.

You've got to kiss the girl
Why don't you kiss the girl
You gotta kiss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl




They were sharing the same breath. So close...


Gajeel found that he now had a face full of steak au jus and his hair had all the trimmings dripping down. The Iron Dragon Slayer was shocked. One minute, he was about to kiss the short stack. The next, he was now wearing his dinner. In that moment, a hush fell across everyone. His brain was slowly assessing the situation. Gajeel looked in the direction from where the food was launched and saw the brat, Maxwell, on the floor with an empty plate. He had a very sheepish look on his face.

"I'm sorry." Maxwell said apologetically. "I was just listening to Mirajane-san singing and... uhh... well... I got distracted...and I tripped."

Gajeel Redfox stood up to his full height, his red eyes flaring, his nose snorting and his fist trembling. The bastard ruined it and he had to pay.

Maxwell saw that Gajeel was furious and no amount of apologies was going to fix it. The bus boy knew he was a dead man. Even so, he couldn't help but plead for his life.

"Please, sir." The bus boy begged. "Please don't hurt me."

Gajeel stomped over to the poor man, ready to go to town on this guy. Levy acted quickly. She got up out of her chair and attempted to hold her date back, which, if you see the height difference, it was hilarious. She was a hundred pounds of Solid Script mage trying to hold back a storm.

"Gajeel, please." She squeaked. "It was just an accident."

Gajeel was hardly placated Levy's pleads. He wanted blood, Maxwell's blood. But luckily for that bus boy, the Solid Script mage was able to hold him off, mostly because he didn't want to push her out of the way. However, his magic started seeping out of his pores. It would only be a matter of time until this got ugly.

The commotion drew the attention of all the other patrons. The manager, seeing that Gajeel was about to release his magic, decided to intervene. "Sir, I am going to have to ask you to leave." He told Gajeel.

The Iron Dragon Slayer shot the manager a withering look, causing the poor man to shrink.

Levy, deciding that they needed to leave before something goes down, tugged on Gajeel's sleeve. "Come on, Gajeel. Let's go." She whispered.

Gajeel looked at his girlfriend, who had a downcast look on her face. "Fine." Gajeel relented. He allowed Levy to escort the two of them out of the restaurant without incident.

Mira had a frown on her face as she watched them leave. "So close." She whispered to herself. "They were so close."

Gajeel was walking Levy back to Fairy Hills after their disastrous outing. Levy was disappointed. She was so close to getting Gajeel to kiss her. But a soggy steak ruined the chance.

Levy glanced up at Gajeel, a sour look on his face. When he gazed down at the petite mage, he saw that she wasn't happy.

"If you are looking for me to apologize..." Gajeel told her.

Levy shook her head. "No." She told him. "It wasn't your fault."

Gajeel huffed. "Even so..."

Levy smiled at her boyfriend. "I'm not going to ask you to do something that you don't want to do." She said. "Besides, it's not your style to apologize."

Gajeel gave the petite mage a toothy grin. "Damn straight."

"Still, I have to admit that it was kinda funny seeing you covered in steak." The blue haired woman giggled.

The long haired man growled. "You think that was funny?"

Levy's response was even more laughter.

"You're gunna regret laughing at me." He promised.

"You'll have to catch me first." Levy teased and ran off, sticking out her tongue.

Gajeel accepted the challenge and gave chase, a feral grin plastered on his face. He followed her to Fairy Hills and trapped her against a wall, placing his hands on either side of her. Now normally, a person cornered by the Iron Dragon Slayer would be wetting his or her pants right about now. Levy just laughed in his face.

"I told you that you'll regret laughing at me." Gajeel growled.

"Is that so?" Levy smiled.

Gajeel gave Levy a long hard look, from her crown of wild blue hair, those expressive brown eyes, that cute button nose, those lips, those pink, full, luscious lips that look so goddamn kissable right now. He could smell her special scent, strawberries and musty old books, plus some sort of flowery perfume that was probably sprayed on her in an attempt to make the Solid Script mage irresistible to him, as if that were even possible.

Levy could only watch, wide-eyed as Gajeel was examining her with his eyes, those red eyes of his that she has grown to love. She could feel herself getting a bit tense under his gaze. Nervous didn't even cover how she felt right about now. This was just so intense. She had butterflies in her stomach, a quaking in her proverbial boots, and so many other euphenisms for nervousness.

The blue haired woman just watched as he continued to stare at him. Levy couldn't tell how long she stared at Gajeel but it must have been a while. What was he waiting for? Why wasn't he moving in to kiss her? Was he just going to stare at her all night?

It was then that Levy got tired of waiting for Gajeel to make the first move. So, with all of the courage that she possessed, the blue haired woman closed her eyes, grabbed the man in front of her by his hair and pulled him towards her.

As if by a stroke of good luck, their lips met.

Gajeel's eyes widened. What the hell, he thought. She was kissing him... him on the lips. It shocked him so much that he didn't respond to the kiss.

Just as quickly as she grabbed him, Levy released him. She felt kinda embarrassed that Gajeel didn't kiss back. "I'm sorry." The Solid Script apologized very quickly. "You were looking at me like you wanted to kiss me and I was just..."

Gajeel grabbed Levy's chin gently. "Don't apologize." He commanded. With that, he pressed his lips against hers.

Levy felt like she was on fire. Gajeel's lips were moving against hers. She could feel his teeth scraping along the edges of her lips, his tongue slipping out ever so slightly. His hands rested on her waistline and lifted her up so he wouldn't crane his neck down. She was then pressed against the wall of the girl's dorm. The rigidity of the brick wall on her back, the hardness of Gajeel's iron body against hers, the coolness of the night air, the warmth of his lips, the feel of his fingers on her exposed skin...she could feel it all. And it was amazing.

"Gaj...jeel..." Levy whispered breathily.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do this." The Iron Dragon Slayer murmured against her cheek.

"Then why..." She asked, unable to think with Gajeel kissing her.

Gajeel stopped kissing her and put her down. He frowned. Levy thought that he might be mad but on closer examination of his face, she could see his red ears. He was embarrassed. Now she was very curious

"Gajeel?" She asked.

Gajeel shook his head.

"Please." Levy cajoled.

Gajeel shook his head harder.

"Is it because of our history?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"No..." The long haired man said but as soon as he looked at the petite woman, he sighed. "Okay, maybe a little. But that's not the real reason."

"Then what is it?" She pushed.

Gajeel's blush reddened but still he remained silent.

"Please tell me." She begged.

"It's because of you women!" Gajeel yelled at the top of his voice.

Levy was taken aback. She clearly didn't expect this sort of answer. "We women what?" She asked, more out of reflex than any desire to know.

"You women, you make a big deal out of your first kiss." The long haired mage huffed. "You're all about the romantic moods, proper setting, and everything else. You read books on it and get off on those stories. You girls squeal that your favorite character kiss for the first time and you expect that it happens like that in real life."

"Gajeel." Levy whispered. She had no idea he felt like that. Then the blue haired woman started laughing.

The Iron Dragon Slayer didn't understand why she was laughing.

"I'm sorry." She apologized, still laughing and clutching her stomach. "It's just you just don't strike me someone who would care about things like that."

Gajeel blushed and looked away from his girlfriend, embarrassed that he just admitted to that.

Levy stopped laughing and grabbed his hands, his hands that were so much larger than his own. She was still smiling at him but it wasn't a mocking one. It was that wonderful winning smile that he loved so much.

"Well, you are right about one thing." The Solid Script mage said. "Women do care about their first kisses. We do care about romantic moods and proper setting. But do you know the thing that we care the most about our first kisses?"

Gajeel shrugged his powerful shoulders.

"What we care most is when we share them with the men we love." Levy answered. She realized that it was a very cheesy answer but it was the truth.

Gajeel snorted. "That's it?" He asked incredulously. "You mean, I didn't have to do any of these things first?"

"It makes me happy that you did." She told him with a smile.

There was a slight pause. Then Gajeel grinned wolfishly. "How happy?" He asked.

Levy rose on her tiptoes and kissed Gajeel gently on his lips. He grinned as her soft lips pressed against his.

"Why are you smiling?" Levy whispered against his lips.

"You're so goddamn short, shrimp." Gajeel chuckled darkly. "It's killing my neck to reach you."

Without waiting for a reply, Gajeel lifted Levy by her waist and pressed her against the wall of the dorm. He was about to kiss Levy again when they heard the sound of someone coughing loudly. The two of them turned in the direction of the sound and the stern face of Erza Scarlet staring them down hard.

Levy blushed, more out of instinct than embarrassment. Gajeel, however, gave the Knight a sour look.

"Erza!" Levy squeaked, even as she was being suspended by Gajeel. "Umm... Well..." What could she say in a situation like this? She poked her boyfriend into letting her down, which he did with great reluctance.

"Piss off, Titania." Gajeel growled at the red haired woman. "I'm in the middle of something."

Erza's eye twitched. "What did you say?" She said in a low, threatening voice.

"I'm making out with the shrimp here." The Iron Dragon Slayer shot back. His voice had a metal edge to it. "Go away."

"This is a public place." Erza said, not threatened by the long haired mage in the slightest. "I'll not have you doing this to Levy out in the open."

"It's not like she has a problem with it." Gajeel challenged. "In fact, she's the one who wanted to do this with me."

Levy blushed. Sure she may have wanted him to do this but it was all so embarrassing to admit in front of Erza, who looked like she was on the warpath.

Gajeel gave Erza a menacing grin. "You look like you could use a good fucking." He said. "Maybe you can convince that tattooed eyed freak of yours to give it to you. I'm sure..."

The Iron Dragon Slayer was laid flat in a single kick where no man should ever be kicked. Needless to say, Gajeel grabbed his crotch in an effort to alleviate his pain. Erza left him like that and went into the dorm.

Levy instantly felt sorry for Gajeel. But at the same time, she knew that Gajeel was playing with fire, mentioning Jellal so casually. She knelt down to where he was lying in pain.

"Fucking bitch." He whined in a high pitch voice. "I'll kill her."

"Are you alright?" She asked, instantly regretting the question.

"I got kicked in the balls." He groaned. "What do you think?"

"Sorry." She smiled painfully.

Gajeel took some deep breaths and tried to stand up while Levy helped him up.

"Feeling better?" Levy asked.

Gajeel nodded.

Levy turned to the door of the dorm. "Well, tonight has been...interesting." She said with a smile. "Maybe next time we can actually a incident free date."

Gajeel let out a pitiful groan and nodded.

Levy got up on her tiptoes once more and kissed Gajeel's lips quickly. "Good night, Gajeel." With that, she walked into Fairy Hills while the Iron Dragon Slayer watched her retreating form.

Despite the pain he was in, despite the indignity he suffered at the restaurant, getting to kiss Levy was quite possibly the best experience in his life. She tasted delicious. Kissing her was quite addictive. He knew now that he would never get enough of her for as long as he lived. And if kissing her was like this, how would sex be like with her?

Someday, Gajeel thought. When she was ready. When he had earned it.

Now that the pain had subsided a bit, the Iron Dragon Slayer walked away from Fairy Hills, still thinking about that amazing kiss from Levy. It made him smile and he couldn't wait for the next time that he could do it again.

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