1 According to Dnewman's challenge posted on the Slipstream BBS 06-05-02 the story must contain the following:

1. The word "Canadian"

2. Tuque- the warm hats we wear on our heads in winter...made out of wool etc...)

3. Bunnyhug- A pullover sweatshirt that had warm fleece like material on the inside and a big single pocket on the lower front of the outside. When worn, the wearer feels like a bunny rabbit is giving them a hug.

4. A Canadian brand of beer.

5. A Canadian hockey team

6. Beaver

7. Fishing

8. The word "Eh"

9. Curling

and finaly....

10. The name of Canadian city, town or province

HeeHeeHee this was too much fun to pass up! This story is dedicated to my Flatland Friend! Dnewman You rule! LOL



3 DNewman's great Canadian Challenge

Harper strolled onto the OBs deck one day and received a strange look from Rommie.

"Hey Rom doll what's shaking?"

"Harper what's on your head?"

"It's a toque."

"A what?"

"A toque"

Rommie still looked puzzled but decided to let it slide. "Are you wearing it because you're cold?"

Harper laughed. "No, I just have a bit of Canadian Fever."

Concern rushed through Rommie's electrical systems. "So you are sick!"

"Ahhhhhh it's nothing a little Kokanee couldn't cure!"

"Harper when did you manage to catch this disease you haven't been to Canada recently?"

"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan."

"Bless you! Maybe we should get you to medical!"

"Noooooooooooo that's the name of the city I was in!"


"In Canada! Rommie have you ever heard of Abbott and Costello?"

"Who… What?"

"Never mind."

"Maybe you're allergic to the material your hat is made of?" Rommie quickly snatched it off his head.

"HEY!! Rommie give that back!" Harper made a grab for it.

"No! I need to analyze it first!" But Harper still tried to get it back and she was forced to toss it to the other side of the room.

Tyr, who was just walking into the room, reached out with his left leg and arm at the same time and caught the toque in mid air.

"Wow! Tyr! Great block you should play for the Maple Leafs!" exclaimed Harper

Tyr approached Harper menacingly. Harper tried to duck behind Rommie but Tyr Grabbed him by the front of his bunny hug.

"Listen to me closely little man!! I will never and I mean never be vegetation!"

"Eh!" squealed Harper as he tried to get away.

Tyr used Harper's bunny hug to propel the engineer across the floor like a curling rock.

Harper came to an abrupt stop as he hit Dylan's feet. "Hey Dylan!"

"What exactly is going on here Mr. Harper?"

Rommie answered for him. "Hey says he has Canadian Fever but he won't go to medical!"

"I'm not sick!" protested Harper as he picked himself off the floor. "I just have Canadian Fever you know… I'm craving snowboarding, fishing… I want to kiss a cod!"

"Mr. Harper you better get down to medical!"

Just then Beka walked in to the room wearing a roots sweatshirt with a beaver on it. She smiled when she saw Harper. "You have Canadian Fever to?" She asked with a laugh!

"Oh, No!" groaned Tyr. "We could all be contaminated! I can feel by DNA changing already!"

Harper called him a 'Hoser' and ran for his life.


the end giggle giggle snork!