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Korra sat up and groggily got out of the bed, but this wasn't in her bed she was in the attic of the arena in Mako's bed! Wait, why in the world was she in Mako's bed she needed to find our how she got there.

Flashback time!

"Korra, we need to leave or were going to get killed and frankly I would not like to be blamed for the avatar's death!" Mako said.

"Fine just give me a minute!'' she said peering down a dark alley.

"Hey there pretty lady wanna ride in my Sato-mobile?" said a thug appearing from the dark alley.

"No!" she said loudly backing towards Mako.

"I told you we needed to go!" said Mako lighting a fire.

He through a punch of water, but Korra blocked it while Mako through fire at the man's face.

"Tahno? Said Mako and Korra at the same time.

"Why hello avatar." said Tahno smiling in a creepy way.

"But, I saw you, Amon he took your bending, you even talked to Tenzin and Lin Bei Fong, you ratted Amon out!" screamed Korra.

"All a hoax, a scam, a lie. We planned this Amon will make me the best, and last bender on earth."

Korra called Naga and her and Mako ran to Tenzin and told him.

"Let's go back to the arena to be safe." said Mako.

"Okay." said Korra before hugging Mako.

She was shaky and on the verge of crying. She walked out to the balcony and stood there and cried.

"Korra what's wrong?" said Mako.

"I should've listened to you, we should've left, but I was as stupid as a borkey-pine.

"Korra don't worry I'm here for you." he said as he kissed her she calmed down and fell asleep. (A/N: This brings us to the present!) Korra turned her head to the right and saw Mako who when Korra moved, sat up and lit fire ready to defend her.

"Mako you have to be calmer." she said laughing.

"See this is why I love you!" said Mako kissing her.

"Hey Mako." said Bolin coming in with a bag of dumplings.

"Wait, what's going on?" he said looking at his brother.

"Oh, nothing!" he said kissing Korra .

"Not going to ask!" said Asami walking in kissing Bolin.

"Hahahahaha!" they all laughed and went for lunch.