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And the song for the chapter is: Someday by Nickelback (I know it's about a relationship but if you think of it like a brother/sister relationship type of thing, it fits with this chapter)

"Sweetheart, I'll be waiting in the car for you. Take all the time you need." The father said. His voice told of sweetness and kindness but his eyes, his cold green eyes, told another of bitterness and cruelness. He ruffled his daughter's long, black hair before picking up her suitcase and leaving toward the car.

She didn't smile and didn't turn around when she heard the door slam shut. When she was sure he wasn't there, she looked down at the floor and said simply, "I hate him."

Her brother was about to make a agreement as well but his mouth suddenly became dry. He was only able to say, "Me too,"

She tightly clenched her fists so hard she thought they would bleed. She released them alittle to stop the pain and looked at her brother, "But it's not fair we have to get involved in this mess. I don't wanna live with dad alone, I wanna live with mom and you," she unclenched her fists and hugged her brother tightly with tears streaming down her light-green eyes, "I don't wanna leave you."

Her teenage-brother couldn't help but cry too. He didn't want to leave her at all. Those damn judges think it will help. It won't, " I don't want to leave you ,either."

They hugged and cried together. No words, just tears. They didn't find it fair that the judge is seperating them, but they couldn't do anything. They were just kids to everyone. Kids they could boss around and tell them what to do without caring what they think about it. They tried not to think of it much but think of good memories.

"When I said 'take all the time you need', I didn't mean it. Hurry it up. You have five more minutes." A cold voice said. Their dad. He looked at them angrily for a second before slamming the door so hard it seemed like it would break.

"I'll miss you." The ten-year old girl said after a few seconds.

"Me too. I'll miss you, more." She picked up her backpack and her guitar case before waving good-bye and regretfully walking out of the house.

"I'll miss you alot," Her best friend said tearfully, knowing they won't be seeing each other again after she saw her walk down the steps.

"Me too. Promise we'll be B.F.F's forever ?" She asked approaching her.

"No. We're B.F.F.U.T.W.E's "


"Best Friends Forever Until The World Ends."

She dropped her stuff and hugged her B.F.F.U.T.W.E tightly and tearfully and said, "I promise."

Her brother helped her sister pick up her stuff and put it in the car. They hugged each other one last time before they heard the car's honk. They waved good-bye and she stepped into the car. He waved until the car was gone and out of sight. They took her away from his life in a few seconds. He felt tears steam down his cheeks and didn't stop them. The best friend ran crying before he could even talk to her. He felt like doing the same.

"Someday...I'll make it right. I'll make it right. Someday." He promised himself. He wasn't sure if he'd keep the promise but all he could was cry his eyes not caring if the neighbors would be seeing him cry like a two-year old.

"Intern 2!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry!" Intern 2 said quickly after he was interrupted fom his daydream.

"Alright, what the hell's going on? You've been distracted like the fourth time this week and you never did before!" Metal said finally annoyed of Intern 2's ignorance and was growing impatient.

"Um, nothing. You wouldn't care, anyway." He answered trying to sound like it was nothing. He pretended to work on the laptop, even though he was finished with his work.

Metal wasn't buying it. He knew something was bothering him but was too afraid to admit it, "Come on, man. You can tell me anything. I won't laugh at you or anything."

"N-no. I just can't."

"You do know I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on, right?"

Intern 2 was finally tired of Metal trying to get him to open up. He's been trying four times that week with nothing. He stood up and answered, "If you really wanna know, then here's the story!"

A sudden hush swept over the office. Intern 2 never spoke to anybody in that tone. Not even with Indie or Metal. Of course, he exchanged looks but he never spoke up like that. They all knew something bad was going to happen. Even Idol got her phone ready and pressed record. It was so going on Twitter.

"My parents fought alot when I was young. Then when my sister came along, things got more violent. I had to take care of my sister when they were too busy fighting. Mom loved us alot but Dad didn't. She had to grow up with the fighting. She was scared and I would have to comfort her," His voice suddenly softened. He suddenly wished he hadn't spoken up but continued, "We would depend on each other and got along really well. Then the divorce came. I don't know what happened or how and why they did it but- they seperated us. She had to live with Dad and I lived with Mom until she was killed in a car crash. I haven't seen her for three years and I may never will. Are you happy now?"

Intern 2 walked away to the staircase with tears while everyone was silent. Idol stopped record and deleted it: it was too personal to be put online. Even though there were cameras.

"What the heck just happened? You all act like you just saw a ghost. And where's Intern 2?" Indie said when he walked to the office after he heard sudden silence followed by a voice.

"Uh- I-I gotta go talk to him. I'll be right back." Metal answered running outside the office. He didn't want to explain and wanted to talk to Intern 2 in private, anyway.

"Techno and Dupstep, what just happened?" He asked feeling very confused.

Dupstep spoke while Techno translated the whole story and he said nothing the entire time and walked back to his office without another word.

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