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Metal expected himself to find Intern 2 in an hour but surprisingly found him in a second. He was sitting at the last few steps of the staircase with his hands on his face. He knew he either hasn't heard the door slam or heard the door slam but ignored him. He slowly walked down the steps and sat down next to him.

"Are you all right?" He asked moments later.

"No," He looked at Metal. His eyes were red from crying. He sighed, "I'm sorry for yelling at you like that. I shouldn't have done that."

"It's alright," He answered then moments later he asked, "Was everything you said...true?"

He nodded, "Everything."

"Why can't you see your sister? If you miss her, then why don't you see her?"

Intern 2 sighed again and answered, "I can't. The judge thought for some reason we hated each other allot and they separated us. They figured that in three years, we could handle each other. They said we're not allowed to talk or anything during those three years. Even though we can talk now, I just don't know where she is. I don't think she knows where I am, either. So we may as well never see each other, again."

Metal felt sorry for Intern 2 and felt hesitated to ask so he didn't ask.

"Ask away." Intern 2 said as if he could tell Metal wanted to ask something.

"You don't have to ask but when and how did your mom die? And what's your sister's name?"

"She died a year afterwards because she lost control of the car and it smashed into a rail. She died instantly," He answered like it happened yesterday, "And my sister's name is Delilah."

"Delilah," Metal repeated. He still couldn't believe his mom died like that but said, "That's a nice name."

"Yeah. I just wish she was here." He said quietly to himself.

Metal heard it but pretended not to hear it. He patted his shoulder, "Come on, we gotta get back to work. Otherwise Boss Man will fire us or feed us to the rats."

He knew he was joking so he smiled a little and went back to work.

"...And then she died instantly in a car crash." Metal finished. He was at a emergency meeting and was asked to tell what Intern 2 said about. Everyone was there except for Intern 2. He finished his work early so he was allowed to leave early.

"So basically when their parents divorced, Intern 2 and his sister, Delilah were separated and not allowed to talk for three years. Their mom died in a car crash a year later and now that they can talk again, he just doesn't know where she is." Indie summarized.

Metal stared at him and found that he could have just said that instead of wasting ten minutes, "Uh, yeah. That's pretty much it."

"We can help them out. I'll just hire a few people who are very intelligent and can track a person down by their first name."

Scene suddenly started crying.

"Uh, I didn't know it was that sad." Idol said not sure why she was really crying.

"2 P.M?" Metal asked.

"Yes!" Scene wailed. They heard her watch beep a few times then she stopped crying.

"Anyway, why do you wanna help Intern 2 out, anyway? We wanna help him out too, but why do you want to? We thought you hated him." Hip Hop asked.

"Oh, I do. But apparently, I put 'help reunite a family' on Today's to-do list." Indie replied.

"Why?" Asked Idol.

"I was bored and figured it never would happen. Anyway, is it settled?" They nodded in agreement.

"Okay, then. It's settled."

Three days had passed and the five people Indie had hired were getting closer to finding Delilah. During those three days, they were able to track her country, city, state, and phone number bit by bit.

Finally, a ten-year old boy came to Indie when he saw him checking out the office with the contact information in his hand and said, "Indie, we have the girl's contact information."

"Thanks, Brian. You can go now."

"But can you give us those The Wanted concert tickets, like you promised?" begged Brian.

"Alright," he handed Brian five concert tickets, "Now you can go."

"Thanks!" He said happily as he told his friends they can leave.

"What girl?" Asked Intern 2 curiously. He felt like everyone knew what he was talking about but him.

"Shut up, Intern 2! Mind your own business and get back to work!" Indie said with an annoyed voice. Honestly, he didn't know what to say.

Intern 2 shrugged and went back to his assignment. Must not be important.

"Um, I'm glad we found her and all but why did you hire kids?" Whispered Metal to Indie when he approached him.

"Brian is my friend's son and he wanted concert tickets to see The Wanted. He's good with tracking people down and so are his friends." Indie replied then left a confused Metal and walked to his office. He shut the door and dialed the number.

There was only the sound of the phone's tone when it's calling someone and he heard a girl's voice, "Hello? If this is Michael, I told you before: Daytimes are not good for me! Please, just freaking leave me alone or you'll lose the girl who made your hotel grow by 3%!"

"Uh, I'm not Michael."

"Oh. So sorry you had to hear that," the girl apologized, "Anyway, who are you?"

"I'm Indie. Your Delilah, right?"


"Anyway, Intern 2 hasn't seen you in like three years and he's been missing you."

"But, I don't know an Intern 2."

"Oh," He realized she doesn't know they call him 'Intern 2', " Sorry about that. I meant your older brother. He was distracted last week and that never happened before. And when he yelled at Metal, a person who works here, we decided to get you guys together again."

Delilah's tone changed from a confused voice to a soft voice, "He's alive? Dad told me he died in a car crash with mom two years ago."

"Well he must've been mistaken, Delilah. He's alive. So we decided to get you to see him again. We will send you a plane ticket that can be used any time. Is it settled?"

"Yeah. Should I give you my address?"

"Nope, we got it covered."

"Indie, I know your telling the truth since you know allot about what had happened and nobody knows about it but here's two questions. One: how do you know where I live and how did you get my phone number? Two: why are the names I'm hearing are genres of music?" Delilah asked curiously.

"We hired a couple of people who tracked you down. And we are nicknamed after the type of music we like. I have Metal, Scene, Techno, Dupstep and Idol who work here."

"Then why do you call my brother 'Intern 2'?"

"You caught on fast on the names, already. He likes all types of music and he was the second intern we hired."

Delilah chuckled to herself, "So he hasn't changed."

"So is it settled?"


"Good. Now if you have any questions, feel free to ca-"

"Delilah? Who the hell are you talking to?" Indie heard a man with a angry tone in the phone line.

"Uh, don't worry Indie. The phone has call history. Thanks so much. Bye." She hung up.

Indie felt something strange but ignored it. He drank a cup of kombucha to help him relax but threw it up in his 'vomit' cup, "Why do I still drink this?" He asked himself.

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