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Chapter One: A Far Cry From Normal

"Are you kidding ? I'm working? I'm in the middle of an interrogation! This moron is giving me everything!"

The large Russian man in the military garb turned to his flunkies. "I not give…everything."

Natasha Romanoff, also known as The Black Widow, raised a brow and shot Georgi Luchkov a look of mockery. "Look, you can't pull me out of this."

"Barton's been compromised."

A look came across the woman's face. She set her eyes on the man who was just moments ago about to rip out her teeth with a rather old looking tool. This indeed did take precedence over what she was currently dealing with. "Let me put you on hold." She nodded to the fat man.

Luchkov confidently took the phone back from her, thinking nothing of it. The woman was securely bound, wasn't she?

That was a bad idea.

Agent Romanoff made quick work of the two flunkies, using them to smash her way out of the ties that bound her to the rather fragile wooden chair. Once they were discharged she finished off their boss by clocking him on the head and dropping him down a shaft with a chain wrapped around an ankle. She was certain the jerk of his fall would dislocate his hip with ease, but that didn't matter to her. All that mattered was for her to grab the phone, her shoes, and get the hell out of dodge.

"Where's Barton now?"

"We don't know."

She frowned slightly. That meant SHIELD had lost a compromised agent. Not good. "But he's alive?"

"We think so. I'll brief you on everything when you get back. But first, we need you to talk to the big guy."

Natasha chuckled into the phone. "Coulson, you know Stark trusts me about as far as he can throw me."

She didn't quite like the confident tone in the voice of the man on the phone. "Oh, I've got Stark. You get the Big Guy."

The SHIELD agent stopped a moment to look about the rather decrepit warehouse Luchkov used as his interrogation and torture chamber. This was not going to be easy…

~The Following Day~

Captain Steve Rogers was seated on the rather uncomfortable bench in the quinjet that was transporting him far out to sea where an aircraft carrier was located. He had been told the large vessel was SHIELD's moving base of operations and main headquarters now that their fixed location was a massive crater. At the moment he was looking over the files of the men that Director Fury was bringing in on the operation. "So, this Doctor Banner was trying to replicate the serum used on me?"

Agent Phil Coulson, Fury's chosen man to head the assembling of those who were part of the Avengers Initiative, nodded. "A lot of people were. You were the world's first superhero. Banner thought gamma radiation might hold the key to unlocking Erskine's original formula."
Steve frowned down at the file. "Didn't really go his way, did it?"

Coulson shook his head. "Not so much." He moved to stand beside the captain. "When he's not that thing, though, the guy's like a Stephen Hawking."

Rogers turned his face to look at Coulson with a perfectly confused gaze. Who the hell was Stephen Hawking?

"He's like a smart person." It took the agent a moment to realize that it was perfectly possible that the captain still had absolutely no clue on who famous people were and what they had done. Genius move there, Phil…

That honestly didn't help the man at all. Everyone was smart in their own sense. In fact, it only reminded him that he had missed so much in the seventy years he was frozen. In the time since the thawing he had come face to face with new technologies and ideas that baffled him. Cell phones, laptops, flat-screen televisions, gas prices, prices in general, world issues, and government policies. Everything was being thrown at him from left and right and there was little he could do to understand it all at once. He was beginning to wish SHIELD would offer him some kind of reintegration course so that he might be able to walk down the street and understand half of what he was seeing without getting a massive headache in the process. It had never occurred to the captain that so much could change. He stood and moved to just behind the cockpit where he leaned against the top rail with his arm.

Coulson, like a young fan boy, couldn't help but gush over meeting the captain. "I've gotta say, it's a real honor meeting you, officially. I sort of met you, I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping."

Rogers raised a brow, looking very uncomfortable with that statement.

"I mean, I was—I was present while you were unconscious from the ice." Coulson felt like a perfect idiot for having not chosen his wording more carefully the first time around. "You know, it's just a huge honor to have you on board." He hoped the subject change would erase his little snafu.

The captain returned to staring out the front windows. "Well, I hope I'm the man for the job."

Coulson perked up. "Oh, you are. Absolutely. Oh, and we've made a few modifications to the uniform. I had a little design input myself."

This piqued the man's interest. "The uniform? Aren't the stars and stripes a little…old fashioned?"

The SHIELD agent gave a nod. "With everything that's happening, everything that's about to come into light, people might just need a little old fashioned."

The pilot of the aircraft turned his head just slightly. "You guys should sit down. We'll be landing shortly."

As they took their seats, Rogers continued to look out the window at the massive ship waiting for them in the middle of the ocean. For the first time in a long time he felt normal again. This was the military…or something close enough to that. This was the life he was used to. He relaxed for a moment as the jet landed. Finally, something he could think was normal.

The jet landed on the airstrip and the back dropped down into a ramp so the passengers and pilots could get out. As the agent and captain departed from the jet Coulson introduced him to a woman with short, fiery red hair. "Captain Rogers, this is Agent Romanoff."

The man was very surprised by the nonchalant, "Hey."

He tipped his head. "Ma'am."

Coulson went off to deal with whatever business Fury could put him to.

Romanoff smirked. "It was quite the buzz around here finding you in the ice. I thought Coulson was gonna swoon." She turned a raised brow and smirk in his direction. "He ask you to sign his Captain America trading cards yet?"

Rogers' eyebrows were lost in his hairline as he turned a rather amused grin in her directions. "Trading cards?"

She nodded. "They're vintage. He's very proud."

It was then that the captain caught sight of a very jumpy and timid looking man looking at one of the jets.

"Dr. Banner!"

The man turned at the sound of his name and approached the two. He shook hands with the captain. "Oh, yeah. Hi. They told me you'd be coming."

Rogers took on his 'military' voice and gave the doctor and nod. "Word is you

can find the cube."

Banner looked the man over with a very guarded expression. "Is that the only word on me?"

Rogers gave the man a nod and a small smile. "Only word I care about."

It was with that comment that the doctor realized that perhaps not everyone in the

world was out to see him turn into a massive green monster. He crossed his arms after motioning to everything around them. "Must be strange for you, all of this."

The captain looked around with a knowing grin on his face. "Well, this is actually

kind of familiar."

Natasha got in between the men, interrupting their conversation. "Gentlemen, you

may wanna step inside in a minute. It's gonna get a little hard to breath." There was a smirk placed upon her countenance that belied that she knew something they had no idea about.

Rogers felt the ship give a tremor and looked around with curiosity. It was almost as though he were a young boy with his interest prodded by something he didn't quiet understand. "Is this is a submarine?

Banner smirked and scoffed in disbelief. "Really? They want me in a submerged pressurized metal container?"

The ship started to shake more continuously as the crews ran hither and thither making sure all cockpits were sealed and jets securely fastened to the deck. The doctor and captain walked to the edge of the ship where a marvelous sight was before them. There they could see pistons moving and gears rotating bringing up large engines from beneath the water. Huge rotating blades began to spin, lifting the ship up and out of the salty sea and into the air.

Banner was almost smiling with just how horrible this was about to become. He shook his head. "Oh, no! This is much worse!"

Agent Romanoff quickly escorted the gentlemen inside to the main bridge of the ship where Nick Fury was issuing orders left and right while Agent Hill did the same. The dark haired woman turned to inform the director that they were at level.

Fury nodded. "Let's vanish."

Hill went back to ordering those on the controls to their duties.

With eyes full of wonder, Captain Rogers looked about the bridge of the ship in awe. In the back of his mind there was a memory of having been bet ten bucks that there was still something that could surprise him.

Fury turned to the two men. "Gentlemen."

Rogers shoved a hand into his right pocket and pulled out the cash he had. He continued to stare about the large room as he handed ten dollars to Fury. As the director and Doctor Banner began discussing the whereabouts of the Tesseract, the captain noticed someone sitting at the table. A woman with curly black hair in SHIELD uniform had her arms behind her head and her feet kicked up onto the table. She was leaning precariously back in the chair to a point where the slightest shudder of an engine or perhaps only a breath would overturn her relaxed state. Her eyes were closed, which gave Rogers all the leave he needed to examine her face. In her sleep-like state she looked young, but not so young at the same time. He gave her mid- to late-twenties at the oldest. The conversation behind him about gamma rays and spectro…spectra…whatever the things were called was perfectly lost on him as he looked at the apparently sleeping agent.

And suddenly, movement!

"Captain, pardon my attitude, but if you keep staring at me I'll be forced to bite you." That was, however, the only movement to be seen. The woman neither turned her head nor adjusted her arms. All that moved were her lips as she threatened the captain in a most interesting manner.

Rogers was taken aback. How had she known? Then again…she was part of SHIELD. How was he to know what skills the agents did or did not possess? Had she heard him standing there just breathing? He knew many agents possessed certain skills. Was that hers?

It was then that Fury turned about. "Agent Little!"

Ah, so she has a name.

The raven-haired woman jumped to her feet in a way the Captain was certain should have tipped her chair. "Sir?"

"Please show Doctor Banner to his laboratory."

She nodded and beckoned for the jittery man to follow her. "You're gunna love it, Doc. We've got all the toys."

As they walked away, Rogers approached Natasha. "Who was she?"

Romanoff gave a small shrug and a smirk. "Agent Kaleigh Little. She's one of Fury's personal flunkies. I wouldn't call her a friend, but a decent acquaintance, perhaps. I've worked with her before and she most definitely belongs with SHIELD."

The captain raised a brow. "What makes you say that?"

The red-head grinned. "She's no ordinary human, Cap."

This brought a small chuckle from the man. "Are any of us really that normal to begin with, Agent Romanoff?"

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