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Again, I beg for your forgiveness and I hope that this first chapter that gets me back into the swing of things is to your liking!

Chapter Thirty-Three: In Trouble Now

The group of heroes ascended the stairs to the roof above where a quinjet was waiting patiently for them. No one was surprised that Fury had sent someone to collect them, especially since it seemed their presence was of the utmost importance. Everyone settled into their seats and buckled up as the aircraft took off. The group instantly noticed something was off. Instead of flying east over the ocean and towards the helicarrier, they were headed south. They had all assumed that Fury was going to meet them on the helicarrier, as per the norm. Their course of direction added a renewed curiosity to the lot as the high-speed jet began to make quick work of the distance between New York and where ever the hell they were going.

"Anyone wanna start taking bets on where we're headed? I'll put twenty down on Arkansas!"

The plane remained silent as six sets of eyes stared at Stark sitting there with a stupid grin on his face and his shiny suit-in-a-box briefcase.

He raised a brow. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

Rogers just shook his head. "Get your head in the game, Stark. We've got a job to do."

Little chuckled with a smirk. "Oh, and when was the last time Stark was serious about a job?"

"I take offense to that! I was very professional during our last big dust-up with crime and the forces of evil."

Barton shot him a very disapproving glance. "We are not the PowerPuff Girls…"

The archer's girlfriend couldn't hold back the snort-like laugh that emitted from her as she covered her face with her hands. It was a nice moment to get away from the truth of what may or may not be happening next.

The plane fell into silence once more. The only window they could look out of was the front sheet of glass. Occasionally one of them would lean forward to see if there was any hint as to where they were going. It was only as the sun was about to set that the group has any inclination their flight was drawing to a close as the jet began to descend. They hovered for a moment before lightly touching down on the ground surrounded by some very dark gray buildings. As the hatch lowered they all filed off. The SHIELD agents and Rogers stepped off in a neat line and stood before the person who was waiting for them. Banner was wringing his hands as he departed the plane. He still wasn't fond of being confined like that for long. Thor and Stark both stepped off with the curiosity of small children as they looked around at their surroundings. Everything was set up in neat, straight lines and all in the same shade of charcoal gray. There were street lamps placed at perfectly marked intervals down the few streets and walkways. Off into the fading light all anyone could see were mountains and large satellite dishes. Where were they?

SHIELD Director Nick Fury stood not far from the quinjet with his arms crossed neatly behind his back and feet set firmly apart. He cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "This way." He led them through a pair of sliding glass doors, up a set of stairs, and into a large room with a wall made up mostly of screens. There a woman was waiting for them flanked by two other people, a blonde man and a brunette woman. "Everyone, this is Major Carol Danvers."

Major Danvers was dressed in a beige-ish brown uniform with the SHIELD emblem emblazoned on the left breast. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. Let me introduce you to my associates. This is Dr. Henry Pym and his assistant Janet van Dyne." The two were dressed very strangely. Dr. Pym was wearing this odd red and black get-up with what looked like a utility belt around his waist while the lady by the name of Van Dyne was in what most of the Avengers equated with a bumblebee dress and strange antenna-like things on the sides of her head.

Fury proceeded with the introductions on his side of the group. "I have with me Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Dr. Bruce Banner, Agents Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Kaliegh Little, and Thor. I brought them as soon as I could, now, let's get down to business."

Dr. Pym nodded at each of them. "Janet and I would have been able to assist you all last May during the whole Manhattan debacle, but we were too wrapped up in a very intricate research project in Africa."

Janet crossed her arms. "Yeah, your research project. I would've rather been at home instead of risking malaria or being eaten by some starved lion…"

"There was never any danger, Jan."

She simply huffed and put her nose up.

Little smirked and leaned a bit closer to Barton. "They bicker like we do."

"Yeah, except she hasn't threatened to bite anyone yet."

Little had to stifle a giggle as she caught Fury's eye bearing down upon her.

"Anyway, if you'll follow me." Danvers led the group over to a man dressed in a blue suit who was sitting at the controls. "Everyone, this is Dr. Philip Law—"

"Hold up, just hold up a second. Where the hell are we?"

All eyes turned on Stark. His outbursts were becoming quite commonplace today.

Dr. Pym answered. "This is a joint military/SHIELD facility working with one of the most advanced space-based telescopes ever designed. We're all here because of something they found."

The man who Danvers had been in the middle of introducing nodded as he stood. "Dr. Pym is correct. Now, leaving off where Major Danvers was at, I am Dr. Philip Lawson. I'm the head scientist here. I'm very pleased to meet you and anxious to get underway." He sat back down and turned to the screen. "This is the issue." He brought up an image. "We're linked to SHIELD's orbital telescope and we spotted this a few days ago."

On screen there was what looked like a fast-moving comet. It had the shape of a large starburst with hues of mottled white and purple.

Little's brow came together. "That just looks like a comet."

Danvers shook her head. "That's what we thought at first too, but it's moving much too fast. We've been trying to get a better look at it."

"Pym, Banner, Stark, the live feed from the telescope is coming in now. The data stream is on the screen to the left." Lawson pointed to which screen in particular he was mentioning.

The red-clad man rubbed his chin as he watched the screen with his fellow scientist and genius. "What do you think it is, Carol?"

The blonde woman pursed her lips. "I think it's extraterrestrial."

Janet tilted her head. "You mean, like, aliens?"

Danvers nodded. "If this was happening a year ago I would've thought everyone would think I was crazy, but what with the invasion last May, it seems perfectly plausible."

Little grimaced. "I could've gone the rest of my life without having to ward off another alien invasion…"

"That's exactly why I requested you all be here as well. At first, just Pym and Van Dyne came to mind, but I realized having you all here might be advantageous."

Pym, Banner, and Stark continued to watch the data stream as the others talked. The blonde man turned to his newfound colleagues. "The composition is made up of several unknown elements."

Banner pointed to a spot on the monitor. "Yeah, but nothing there suggests anything biological."

Stark scoffed. "And I'm certainly not seeing any signs of intelligence."

Suddenly, the starburst on the screen swiftly shifted position as though it were turning.

"Well, never mind…"

Romanoff looked unsettled. "It turned…and it looks like it's coming right at—"

The live feed from the telescope was cut out. The last image it had gotten was the starburst heading straight for it.

Janet swallowed hard. "That seems bad!"

Thor looked up through the glass of the roof and pointed. "And that seems worse!"

Everyone turned to watched as whatever the starburst was crashed right through a satellite dish and into the ground some distance away from the base. The wall of screens was now showing nothing more than static

Danvers approached Lawson. "Philip! What's going on?"

His fingers were dancing as quickly as possible across the keys. "One of the radar towers went offline. It caused a surge which blew back into our systems!"

Janet looked at him in shock. "Went offline? Something blew up!"

Pym's brows came together. "Whatever disabled the orbital telescope just made Earthfall. I'd estimate about three and a quarter miles out."

Rogers shot him a look. "That's oddly specific."

"Yeah, but he's about right. Based on the trajectory of whatever that was and its speed, just over three miles would be right."

Pym nodded to Banner. "Exactly."

Little frowned. "So, what's going on? Are we under attack?"

"No, I'm not saying that."

The sound of a gun being prepped to be shot was made. Danvers gave them all a look. "I am. Who's up for a little first contact?"

Fury nodded. "Alright, my team, you guys are under Major Danvers' lead now. Report back to me anything worth knowing. Until then, good luck." With a flare of his black trench coat the SHIELD director left the building.

The Avengers turned to the woman who was to be directing them for the most part.

She nodded. "Simple as this: We go and find out what landed. From there we figure out if it's dangerous or not. Got it? Let's move out."

No one questioned the authoritative woman as they all trotted out of the building. She led the group to an armored jeep parked around the side. "Alright, who's riding and who's…well...whatever mode of transportation you've got?"

Stark held up his briefcase and opened it up. In mere seconds he was encased in his super suit. Romanoff, Barton, and Rogers all piled into the back of the jeep and waited for anyone else.

Just as Danvers was about to question how Banner and Little intended on getting there the mutant shrieked and started swatting at the air.

Janet lunged at the woman and grabbed her hands. "No! Stop! It's Hank!"

Little calmed long enough to see the flying ant before her face had a tiny little man sitting on top of it that appeared to be waving at her. Her eyes widened. "He's—He's—He's tiny! Wait…He's that Dr. Henry Pym?"

Janet released the woman. "Are there many other Henry Pyms we don't know about?"

Danvers cleared her throat. "C'mon, guys, we've got work to do! Janet, you ridin' or flyin'?"

"I'll ride."

"Alright. What about you Little? Banner?"

Banner was wringing his hands as he quietly stepped into the jeep and took up what was left of the space there. He looked at Little. "I'll ride, unless Jo wants to."

Little waved a hand. "I'll fly, thanks." Without another word she shifted into a swift and began to fly off towards the crash site alongside Stark.

Danvers just shrugged off the shape shifting woman seeing as how she was close friends with a couple who could shrink down to the size of her pinkie or smaller. "Right, off we go then!" She kicked it into gear and tore off after the bright trail that Ironman's thrusters were leaving in the twilight sky. It wasn't long before they came upon the crash site. A large crater was radiating a strange purple-ish glow. After parking the jeep those inside sort of tumbled out to get a look at the surrounding area.

Little gave a little chirp as she perched on Barton's shoulder. Her small head kept swiveling around to signs of anything out of the ordinary.

Danvers walked up to the edge of the crater with Janet and a newly grown Pym. She frowned. "That's disappointing. Whatever crashed isn't here."

Janet was getting uncomfortable. "And you're sure this isn't aliens, right, Hank?"

He shook his head. "There was no biological component. That means no life and no aliens."

While they were chatting, Romanoff noticed a strange spot on the ground. She knelt beside it and ran her hand over it. It was some kind of gray oozy muck. "Hey guys, look at this."

Banner trotted over and inspected the spot alongside Stark. "Got any readings?"

"What's it lookin' like, J?"

"Sir, I'm getting trace bits of DNA. Something that was there suddenly wasn't."

Stark looked around at the faces of his teammates. "That doesn't sound good."

Little suddenly jumped from Barton's shoulders and started flapping around.

Barton looked up at her. "What's going on, Kaleigh?"

Pym looked around through the goggles of his helmet. "Something's here."


He huffed. "No, Janet, it's not aliens. Let's keep moving and see what we can fi—"

There was a rustling in the bushes.

Those who didn't know her were slightly shocked when Janet suddenly shrunk down to only a few centimeters tall and sprouted wings. She held out her hands and shot off what appeared to be yellow energy blasts in the direction of the sound.

It was quiet for only a moment.

Little cried out and dove into a nearby bush and out of harm's way.

Barton dove off in the same direction as his feathery girlfriend. "Get down!"

Something from somewhere shot a large green blast in their direction.

Blasts were fired off by guns, metallic hands, and one tiny person in the general direction of the blast. A few misplaced arrows were shot into the nothingness. Nothing seemed to hit whatever was out there.

For a moment things seemed to die down.

Danvers held tight to her large gun. "We're in trouble now."

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