Soldier Complex

If there was one thing Jackson Briggs hated being thought of, it was being weak. He had been week throughout his younger days…

As a boy, he witnessed the deaths of both his parents. They had been hard drug addicts, casualties of the ignorant and carefree age of experimentation during the sixties and seventies. When they ended up in severe debt with their 'provider,' and were unable to pay it off, he came calling one night; armed with a pistol. After several moments of pleading on his parents' part, both of them offering to do deplorable and downright disgusting things in exchange for their lives and another fix, he executed them both at point-blank range in the family's small living room. Jax watched the entire scene from inside a cramped coat closet, petrified and totally helpless.

Not long after he was awarded to the custody of his grandfather, moving away from the familiar settings of Chicago, Illinois to Richmond, Virginia. The strain of being uprooted combined with the deep-running pain of his parents' loss made fitting in difficult for the drawn, eleven-year-old Jax. It was not long before he began to put on weight: By the time he was in seventh grade, the boy was significantly larger than most of his classmates; and they ridiculed him well for it. Jax could barely walk the halls without their taunts and impressions following him wherever he went.

By the time Jax reached high school, he had enough.

He began to exercise almost obsessively, shedding the excess weight and gaining surprising muscle tone. But he did not stop there; he joined every physical extracurricular activity possible. Jax played (and excelled in) basketball, lacrosse, ran track, but really came to love the junior ROTC. His natural talents made him quite popular with his fellow students, and when he graduated he brought home several awards.

Determined to keep proving his strength, he decided on a career in the military. He joined the United States Special Forces, where his tenacity, might and endurance earned him a great deal of respect in his barracks. Through years of hard work and tireless dedication in his career, he rose through the ranks with surprising speed. By the time Jax was twenty-seven, he was a Major.

When he found himself suddenly entangled in the conflicts of Mortal Kombat, suddenly his successes that were once achieved so simply were hard to hold onto. Suddenly he was faced with situations that pure strength and skill could not overcome, or rather, his strength and skill. Sure, he helped his friends win many a battle, but he lost plenty of them as well. His limits brought back those old feelings of inferiority and powerlessness, and what loathsome feelings they were.

Jax had to do something about it.

His military career afforded him a fine education in engineering, and in his intuitive knowledge of technology he saw his solution. With the Outworld tournament over and an invasion coming, Jax decided to dig up an old project to fine tune; his bionic arms. After weeks spent being practically barricaded in the OIA laboratory, the implants were substantially improved. He outfitted himself with the arms and trained with his usual fanatical vigor, finding his power increased by tenfold. When the Emperor's extermination squads sought him and his friends, Jax was ready for war.

Never again would he think himself weak.

It's been suggested before that Jax has a bit of a confidence problem. This was me delving into that. Just a drabble, nothing too long and involved...

I know it's been a while guys, but I've had MAD writer's block. This was an attempt for me to unclog but it didn't help that much unfortunately. Hopefully my muse will come back soon.

Tell me what you think of this one guys, and enjoy!