Toshiki Kai always is the dominant male when it comes to Cardfights. But putting that aside-what's he like in school? This time, it's Miwa who stands above him! Find out how these two cope up in their everyday classes. Rated T for mild yaoi!


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A Cardfight! Vanguard Fanfiction

"At School With You"

Miwa . X . Kai

Chapter 1: A Not So Usual Lunch

Miwa Taishi stood up immediately as the school bell rang, signaling the end of the period and start of lunch break. He looked to his left and saw his best friend, Toshiki Kai, keeping his books under his desk and taking out his bento box.

He walked over to him.

"So, what's for lunch?" He grinned.

Kai stood up and walked past him. Miwa gave a small pout but followed him out to the school rooftop. They found a nice shady place on the shadow of the penthouse. Miwa rushed over and sat down, petting the side beside him for Kai to sit down as well, but Kai chose to sit a little bit farther from the blonde.

"Now, back to my question, " Miwa said as he placed his bento box at his lap and eyeing on Kai, "What's for lunch?"

"Don't you have your own?" Replied the stoic male.

"Oh okay, so you have tempura? Can I have some?" Miwa ignored his reply, poked his chopsticks into Kai's food and smiled, "I only have a few though, would you like some of my homemade Sashimi?"

"What? You cook?" Kai's voice suddenly had a curious edge to it.

"Hey, living alone means survival." Miwa stated, putting a tempura in his mouth, before staring at Kai, "...You don't cook do you?"

"I have a guy who cooks for me."

"A butler?"

"No. He has a restaurant near my place. I pay him to make me my lunch everyday." Kai looked at him with a slight smirk, suddenly preparing his chopsticks, "And if I don't have enough lunch, I still have an emergency supply right here."

He snatched a vulnerable sashimi from Miwa's open lunch box and plopped it satisfyingly in his mouth, leaving a dumbfounded blond staring at him.


"You offered me anyways." The brown haired boy rolled his eyes and resumed eating his bento.

Miwa smiled at him and leaned back to the cool solid wall.

"If you want, I'll make us bentos from now on. I can cook for you." He offered.

Kai looked at him, smiled and shook his head. Miwa pouted again, but before he could persuade the older boy, his face cracked into a wide grin. The other one stared at him with an obviously annoyed look.

"Wipe that stupid grin on your face." Kai hissed.

Miwa tried to suppress his laughter and finally came to a halt, before trying to breath normally and explain.

"Maybe you should be the one to wipe your face..." He said coolly.

"Stop it with your stupid sarcasms...!" A tick mark was already popping up from the brown haired boy's head as he tried to process Miwa's words in his brain.

"Here, let me help you."

Before Kai could react, Miwa had already leaned forward, sticking his tongue out to lick some rice that had planted themselves on Kai's cheeks. He lapped up the sauce that remained below his lower lip, before suddenly trailing his tongue across the older boy's agape lips and pulling away.

Kai remained silent, staring at Miwa who was smiling at him as though it was a VERY normal thing. That wasn't normal. Normal was when you tell that there was rice on his cheek and offer an handkerchief to wipe it with. Normal wasn't just leaning in and...and...licking...and stuffs like that!

"I have to admit, that guy makes good sauce for Tempura." Miwa smirked, licking his lips in anticipation, "Mind if I take some more?"

"S-sure..." Kai tried to maintain his calm voice, but failed and it ended up as a small whine as he shoved his lunch box at Miwa's hands.

"Not that. I mean this!" Miwa chuckled.

Suddenly, Miwa grabbed Kai's arms and pulled him to his lap, spilling the contents of both of their bentos onto the floor. He claimed Kai's lips in a small kiss, before pulling back and licking the sides of his lips, tasting even more of the sweet-sour sauce of the Tempura. He tilted Kai's head and lapped on his lips.

"Kai..." He muttered, stopping his actions and giving him a small glare, "Don't close you mouth like that."

"I can close my mouth whenever I want to!" Kai retorted, his face beet red and his arms shaking on Miwa's sides.

Miwa smiled again, his right hand leaving its spot on Kai's shoulder to his back. He slipped his hand into Kai's shirt and trailed it along his back, earning a hot moan from the older boy who arched his back away from the touch. Miwa took this opportunity to claim the open mouth and slip his tongue inside the hot cavern. His tongue battled for dominance and easily won over the quivering brown haired boy.

"Mi...wa..." Kai moaned and pulled away, falling to his back against the wall, panting.

"That was good food~" Miwa chimed and leaned over again, caressing Kai's cheeks and attempting to steal another kiss, but then, the bell rang.

End of lunch break.

Kai's head shot up to the sound and he immediately pushed Miwa away.

"We have to go..." He muttered, much to his dismay, since it sounded like a broken whisper than an order.

Miwa nodded and started picking up the fallen lunch boxes and wrapping them up before handing one over to Kai. The brown haired boy took it and headed for the door, but Miwa grabbed his arm.

"Shall I make lunch for you tomorrow?" He asked.

Kai stared at him for a while. He didn't want to turn down his offer, but after that incident...He just needed some time to recover. Maybe Miwa was just playing around! That was just a sick joke and Kai was still sleeping in class...dreaming...Dreaming of this...twisted fantasy.

He closed his eyes and managed to wrap himself with the almighty air that he had around other people, before pulling his arm away from the other boy's grip.

"Whatever," He stated. That was a good answer since it was up to Miwa to decide what he should do.

"Alright! Special homemade bento it is!"

They left the rooftop shortly after and headed to their class with Miwa was as cheery as ever, and Kai in a whole new world of mixed emotions.

Author's note:

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