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A Cardfight! Vanguard Fanfiction
"At School With You"
Miwa . X . Kai
Chapter 3: Sleep over

It's been 2 weeks since the infirmary incident. Nothing happened after that.

Miwa Taishi looked to his left to gaze at the reflection of the person behind him on the windows.

Kai's reflection.

He smiled, knowing that the brown-haired boy became conscious the moment his gaze fell upon him. Memories flooded his mind. He kept rewinding the times where he claimed Kai's lips. Touched his sensitive spots. Made him whisper his names in a very seductive tone.

The teacher's voice snapped him out of his fantasy world, calling all the students' attentions. The writings on the board were written in broad white, spelling out: EXAM WEEK. START REVIEWING.

Then, the bell rang. Everyone stood up, told the teacher goodbye, and bowed. Miwa scrambled to get his textbooks and face Kai, who was also fixing his books.

"You wanna have a study session at my place?" Miwa asked with a smile, carefully choosing his words before adding, "Just like old times…?"

Kai stared at him for a while, before reverting his eyes down to his bag, "Not really. I feel like card fighting today."

Miwa mentally smirked at Kai's sudden dullness. He grabbed the boy's arm and slung both their bags to his shoulders, "Then Card Capital it is!"

Kai shifted his head away from Miwa's cheek and grunted, a small blush forming on his cheeks.

The walk to Card Capital was silent, like usual. But this time, it had a tense air around them, which usually was just nothing whenever they would go there. They entered the shop and was greeted by the typical faces.

Aichi Sendou, Kai's little admiring puppy.

Misaki Tokura, the sub manager of the shop and a kickass beauty (not that they would admit it)

Kamui Katsuragi, the loud and obnoxious kid.

Morikawa and Izaki, the one with sense, and the senseless.

Shin, the Card Capital owner.

And that cat, or AssistaCat as how Shin calls it/he. the mascot (?).

Kai and Miwa sat down by a table near the corner as Kai readied his Kagero deck. Miwa watched him silently, watching his slender fingers fiddled with every card, shuffling them in the swiftest way possible. Kai's focused gaze eyed on the cards with great concentration. His stature showed confidence and admiration.

Miwa loved it.

A few minutes later, Kai engaged himself in a card fight with a random costumer. Miwa watched him intensely, loving the way Kai suddenly became cognizant with his actions knowing that the person he submitted to was watching him. But as usual, Kai was still merciless to his opponent, giving him no chance to strike back on his final turn with his Dragonic Overlord.

The next opponent came, followed by the others. Time flew fast, and soon, it was already past six. Kai placed his deck back in its container and hurried to grab his bag by the table. Noticing that Miwa's bag was nowhere to be seen, he grabbed the chance to escape and retreat to the comfort of his home. But then, the door opened, and Miwa came in with a can of fruit juice.

"Finally you're done, " Miwa said, offering Kai a can of grape juice, "I thought you might be tired after all your easy wins, so here,"

Kai reluctantly accepted it, before walking towards the door. Miwa stopped him by grabbing his arm,

"It's already night time and it's dangerous to be out. You can sleep over at my place, plus, we can have the review while we're there." Miwa offered, giving another smile.

"No thanks. I'll go on my own,"

Miwa groaned and literally dragged the brown haired boy out the shop and stomped off to his place, all the while Kai was complaining and wriggling off his grasp.

The house came into view and he took out his keys with one hand, flung open the door and shoved Kai inside. Kai immediately backed himself to the wall as Miwa closed the door.

"Geez...don't be so paranoid, Kai." Miwa said with a disappointed tone, "I don't like you walking in the streets a night, knowing that the people who hate you would kill to elliminate competition,"

Kai huffed in annoyance, "Really now?"

"Oh come on! Don't you trust your best friend?" Miwa whined, "It's not like I'm one of those people,"

"Yeah. You're different," Kai muttered, looking away.

Miwa looked at him questionably, before letting it slip and pulling him to the living room.

"Bring out your books and we'll study after a snack," Miwa said before disappearing into the kitchen.

Kai sighed before pulling out his books and placing them on the table. He flipped through his notes absent mindedly, waiting for some miracle to take him back to his safeguarded home. Unfortunately, even after 15 minutes of waiting for a miracle, Miwa came in instead, holding a tray of freshly made sandwiches fit for the two of them.

"Eat up. I'll go get some drinks."

The drinks came up early. After eating in sheer silence, they started studying. Miwa picked up the math book and handed it to Kai, who took it and scanned the chapter they were in.

"So, did you get what the teacher discussed yesterday?" Miwa pointed to a certain problem on the book, "The one like this?"

Kai stayed silent, reshuffling his memories of the lesson yesterday, but only managed to get a blurry video of a human and a blackboard.

"Well, I guess not, so.." Miwa took a pen by his side and a piece of paper to write down, "So here's how it goes..."

"So, I hope you got it! It's your turn to solve!" He handed Kai the pen and paper and flipped the pages of the book to a different problem.

Kai obediently started solving the problem, all the while with Miwa watching him for the umpteenth time that day. He shifted position to make sure that his brown bangs covered the face of the boy on the corner of his eyes. Miwa chuckled to himself, and at Kai for being so...cute.

He watched him with his hand supporting his head on the table. Kai ruffled his brows and focused harder on the question.

Suddenly, he felt a hand snake around his waist and a warm breath tingle across his neck. He gasped in surprise and turned his head to come face to face with Miwa.

"You know, you really look amazing when you're serious," He whispered, ghosting his lips across Kai's, "But you know what expression really suits you?"

Kai involuntarily moaned when he felt Miwa's hand trace his sides and settling on his belt buckle. Miwa latched his lips on Kai's neck and hungrily sucked on his sensitive spot, while his hand removed Kai's belt and unzip his pants.

"W-wait..! MIWA!" Kai grunted, using his remaining consciousness to push the blond away, "Is this...w-why you wanted me here..?" His voiced cracked with disappointment and anger.

Miwa smiled, "No, I just wanted to spend time with you at first..."

"A-at first?"

"Yeah, but you looked just so..." The blond's voice trailed off for a while before he faced Kai again, "...Stunning,"

Kai blushed, "I've never been...!"

He was cut off when Miwa claimed his lips and immediately pushed his tongue inside the warm cavern. Kai's eyes fluttered close as Miwa's arm encircled his waist, while his other hand snaked up his polo shirt and into a perked nipple. His moans were muffled and the kiss deepened. Miwa tilted his head more, dipping his tongue to taste every part of the brown haired boy's mouth.

The need for oxygen overpowered the two, and they parted, a string of saliva connecting their lips after that wet kiss.

Miwa moved his hand around the other boy's neck and pulled him again into a teeth clashing kiss. He pressed his own body into Kai's, perfectly fitting the brown-haired boy into his arms and legs. He pulled away for a short breath of air and immediately latched his lips onto Kai's neck.

"Mnhh...!" Kai twisted his head back, exposing more of his supple flesh to Miwa, who continued to trail his tongue across the hot skin, "Miwa...please...!" He grunted and arched his back towards the warmer body infront of him.

"Wow Kai...You're becoming so tempting..." Miwa muttered with a slight smile. He caressed the brown-haired boy's chest and slowly moved his tongue lower to his abdomen.

"Nnnhhh! W-wait...!" He gasped and pushed the blond's face away from his skin, "S-stop...!"

"Aw really...?" Miwa asked with a teasing pout, his hand snaking up again and caught his nipple between his fingers.

Kai suppressed a moan while his hand moved to grab a fistful of the blond below him, surprised at how soft it was as well. Miwa resumed to play with the nipple while his tongue circled the other on. Kai shuddered and with his remaining strength, pulled the blond's face away.

"Miwa...please..." He put on the best puppy faced look he could muster, which actually worked on Miwa.

"Only because you said please." Miwa sighed and sat up, putting his hands on either sides of this hips and gave a huff, "We'll continue this after exam."

"W-what...?!" Kai stuttered, blushing, "Who said?!"

"Well, I did." Miwa held a finger and shifted to get his books, "Shall we continue?"

"Y-yeah..." Kai looked down and started fixing his polo and pants, "Just...don't get distracted again!"

"It's your fault in the first place..." Miwa muttered.

Kai rolled his eyes and got the book.

Miwa smiled at himself and resumed to teach the brown haired boy.

"Better than old times..."

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