Chasing the Sun

Chapter one
Chimaera Present

Thor signed the bottom line of the treaty, making sure to cover the most he could in regards to the conditions he set for Chimaera's freedom and Hecate's non-interference policies.

Hecate only had one big demand; to have access to Thor's miracle genes. He agreed, so long as Hecate would no longer send prisoners to the planet as capital punishment, that they send him animals that could be bred on ranches or farms, foods that could be cultivated easier than some of the plant life currently thriving on Chimaera, and that they don't interfere with the politics of the planet ever again.

Not that the politics had gotten any better as of late. It seemed like no matter what he did people still fought and killed each other over territory. He sighed, "That's a whole new treaty…" Thor leaned back in his chair. He stared down at the paper. He couldn't believe he had finally outlined everything he and one of the Hecate officials, Hel, had come to agree on. She had made it strictly clear that they just receive a sample of DNA, so that they could unlock it so that people in the Balkan system could live on. Thor made the offer for them to colonize Chimaera, where natural selection would actually be able to occur, and they declined, accepting that the planet was very harsh and shouldn't be supporting human life to begin with.

Thor, thought back to his first reaction to the planet, and remembers that he too thought it was just too much for people to handle, and when the going got rough he kept going and realized that it wasn't the planet, it was the people.

"The people are what truly make a planet hospitable or not…not the vegetation or the fauna…it's the ones who colonize it, the ones who have to fight against the forces of nature here. Those are the ones who make the planet." Thor muttered to himself. He tended now to do this a lot, since he had lost both Tiz, and Third. He sighed again, a bit more deeply, realizing neither Tiz nor Third was going to give input at that very moment.

Just then urgent knocking came to his chamber doors. "Yes?" Thor called out.

"It's time." One of the guards stated nearly out of breath. Thor had to dwell for a moment to realize what he was speaking of.

"When did she start?" Thor asked hurriedly stowing the treaty in a file.

"The contractions began not more than an hour ago, sir." The guard said.

"Take me to her." Thor stated grabbing a cloak in case the building was located in another wing; the night was cold and very windy.

But, the fire in that room wasn't, and the handsome baby boy that she birthed had a warm, red aura around him, even when he was crying, he had strength radiating off him. He truly looked to be Thor Kline's son.

"What shall we name him?" The woman asked.

"Roan." Thor said. "Let's name him, Roan."

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