Warnings: Non-massacre and non-Kyuubi-wrecks-shit AU, I guess, as I aim to place this one-shot in the Road to Ninja movie. Also, a pretty badass Sakura.
I love how Kishi's not-emotionally-scarred Sasuke is so… I don't even know. He looks like a little flirt, in my opinion, and so I highly doubt the movie will be all that SasuSaku, but I do hope there will be something to flail about. I just find it funny that that non-massacre-AU!Sasuke seems so happy and laidback whereas fanfiction non-massacre-AU!Sasuke is still usually pretty damn angsty (or, at least, in the fics that I read). Anyhow, I have ten one-shots for you guys taking place in my interpretation of the Road to Ninja universe. Enjoy!
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i. flirt

More often than not, Sakura flirts with Sasuke for the fun of it.

She knows why he flirts with her. He's an idiotic sixteen-year-old boy who chases anything with breasts. He's been asking her out on dates since their days in the Academy. Back then she'd stare at him flatly and walk away. When they were genin and on Team Seven, she would decline but invite him to train with her. When she returned from her apprenticeship and was promoted and often assigned as the jounin in charge of him and Naruto, he would practice whatever pickup lines he'd learnt while she was busy learning medical techniques. Sakura flirts with Sasuke because she loves to see him squirm. The times Sakura spares Sasuke a second glance when they aren't training or on a mission are few and far in between but when they happen, they're positively hilarious. They don't happen as often now that he and Naruto have been promoted and she's been transferred to another team, but when they do get the chance to see each other and, for whatever reason, Sakura deigns to send him a subtle wink, Sasuke tenses, turns an unhealthy shade of red, and loses whatever composure he might have had.

At seventeen, it's become a game for her.

She'll do it whenever she catches him staring, which, oddly enough, happens a lot. In the middle of a spar, in the middle of listening to Naruto talk about the latest flavour of ramen he's tried, or, Sakura's personal favourite, in the middle of dinner at the Uchiha household.

That particular one doesn't happen too often, unfortunately – only on the days that her squad is strategizing at Itachi's house as per his invitation. More often than not, Shikamaru will complain about having to take Hinata on a date before she "loses her shit," to which Shisui will laugh and say he had to go home as well. At that point, Sakura would roll her eyes at her two squad members that "forgot" to help put away all the maps and papers and notes for their mission, leaving the work to her and Itachi. Upon gathering them, Mikoto would stumble in and invite Sakura to stay for dinner because apparently she was "just skin-and-bones."

And that's when the fun would begin.

Sakura doesn't mind staying for dinner. She loves Mikoto's cooking. However, she loves seeing Sasuke gulp and twitch and stutter even more.

There's something about the Sasuke she has dinner with at the Uchiha household and the Sasuke she has beers with in Naruto's dirty apartment. The former is much quieter and more respectful and thinks with the head that's on his shoulders. Naturally, given the apparent grace Sasuke tries to adopt when he's around his parents, Sakura tries to do everything in her power to screw him over.

"When will you be leaving?" Fugaku asks.

Sakura glances up to see him looking at Itachi, who is seated to her right, and is grateful that she doesn't have to reply to the Uchiha clan leader. As often as she associates its members, something about Fugaku intimidates Sakura more than she'd ever admit.

"At sunrise."

Mikoto smiles. "Would you like me to pack you some food?" she asks.

She notices Itachi shake his head from the corner of her eye. "That won't be necessary."

"Oh, but—"

Sakura drowns out the small talk between Itachi and his parents to look at Sasuke.

Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.

She hasn't seen him in nearly a month since she was in Suna for the past week and he'd just recently returned from a mission with Naruto and Yamanaka Ino. Knowing the latter's admiration (an understatement) for Naruto, Sasuke was probably more exasperated than usual. There was nothing more frustrating for a romantic like Sasuke (which Sakura new he was) than watching Naruto be so pathetically unaware of Ino's feelings for him. When he'd stumbled into his own house to see Sakura sitting in the chair across from his own, he'd simply turned a shade pinker and uttered a quiet hello.

Naturally, this was the perfect time to pick on him.

"—how was your mission, Sasuke?"

Sasuke looks up at Itachi's question and Sakura can't help herself from smirking at him. She knows he can see her evil little grin and that it's probably a familiar thing to him, but that only makes her smile more.

"It was fine."

Fugaku turns to Sasuke. "A success, I take it?"

And that's her cue.

When Sasuke opens her mouth to reply to his father, Sakura sends him a subtle wink and a quick kissy face, and, as per usual, it's enough to make him croak a little before uttering any sort of answer. He coughs before repeating his words of agreement and looks down at his food, slowly turning redder and redder.

It takes all of her self-control not to burst out laughing.

But her joy is short-lived.

She looks back at Sasuke and sees him glaring at her, an expression much different from the usual flirty grins and cocky smirks he wears in her presence. The only time he ever really looked at her without any adoration in his eyes was the one time she broke his nose – but, in her defense, that situation was entirely his fault because he was the one who decided it would be "charming" to play with her hair when he of all people knew such an action freaked her out, that idiot.

She only raises an eyebrow at him.

"So," Sasuke begins, staring at her. His glare has been replaced by his usual boyish grin. "I heard you cured the Kazekage's brother from that crazy poison."

Sakura frowns, wondering what he's planning.

"Ever the medical prodigy, aren't you, Sakura-chan?"

She tries to humbly agree but stops short when she feels something rubbing against her calf.

No. Way.

"How did you do it?" Sasuke asks, looking oh-so innocent. She knew that expression. He wore it on missions when he'd come back to whatever inn they were staying at for the night with his shirt rumpled and lipstick on his neck. It was his I-just-did-slash-will-do-something-awesome-but-I'll-never-tell-insert-kissy-face expression.

That. Bastard.

"Oh. Well." Sakura clears her throat, trying to find her composure as Sasuke's foot moves higher and higher along her leg. Part of her wants to punch him since he of all people knows how much Sakura hates being randomly touched (there's a permanent reminder of that on the left side of his nose). "I, um, well I was able to extract the poison from his organs. Ahem. Apparently not many medics can do that."

Mikoto beams. "You're very talented, Sakura-chan."

"Thank—" Sasuke's foot runs along her ever-sensitive thighs and she squeaks. "—you!"

Embarrassed, Sakura clears her throat and stiffly goes about eating. When she finally does raise her head, she glares at Sasuke venomously, already plotting her revenge.

This isn't over, Sasuke.

He looks ever so Sasuke when he grins back, confident, almost-charming, and definitely determined.

Bring it on, Sakura-chan.

CHAPTERS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: ii. meet, viii. hair, v. goodbye, ix. date, iii. illusion, iv. mother, i. flirt, vi. intimacy, vii. elite, x. wedding