Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach. Contains spoilers for chapter 494. This is going to be a three part fanfic, though originally I thought of it being a one-shot. Warning that this has a LOT of angst.

Rose to Grey

~Kira Izuru

A light drizzle came down from the sky in Soul Society, falling upon the heads of the shinigami caught out in the weather. Kira Izuru of the third division found himself caught out in the weather right after he finished an errand his new taicho had sent him on. Otoribashi Taicho was a kind man and he easily fit into the third division simply because he had been the taicho before.

On top of this the man had allowed Izuru to remain his fukutaicho despite the fact he could have picked someone else he trusted more. The young man knew full well that the man had been part of a group from which he could have chosen a new fukutaicho. Or the man could have very well have selected a third division member who had been under his service when he was captain prior.

Izuru glanced up at the sky as the soft rain fell down. He found himself stopping in the road and closing his eyes. "The weather sure is nice today."

His train of thought was broken when a bubbly voice came to his ears. "Izuru-kun!"

The fukutaicho of the third opened his eyes before turning around to look at the small female that was standing behind him by a few feet. There were quite a few flashes of white and the female moved closer to him. "Hinamori?" His eyes glanced away as he felt his nervousness grow. "What are you up to today."

"I'm out shopping with Shiro-chan to get my mind off that new taicho they've put in charge of fifth division." The female responded, her eyes suddenly going wide with excitement upon seeing Izuru. "Did you know..."

The blond found himself interrupting the small female as she bounced excitedly the position she stood in. "You're with Hitsugaya Taicho? Should I really be interrupting your time together."

Izuru leaned slightly to the left to peak around Momo's shoulder. He saw the small taicho standing two to three feet behind Momo, her frame having been enough to have blocked Toshiro from his site. Mentally he hated on himself that this situation had to crop up. "I honestly don't stand a chance with Hitsugaya Toshiro around. I can never tell what the two think of each other. Not to mention I heard the rumor he has a crush on her."

"Shiro-chan is only here to carry my bags and complain to." Momo piped up, causing Izuru to flinch and almost take a step back. He had the small taicho in his sites now and the fukutaicho of the third watched as Toshiro glanced to the side and reached up to scratch his head.

"I thought you two weren't speaking with each other." The blond let out a deep sigh. "What happened?"

"That stupid taicho is what happened!" Momo piped up. "He says he's not sure if he'll be keeping me as his fukutaicho."

"I kind of like him." The small taicho spoke up. "All of the taicho who have returned seem very nice and I look forward to working with them more."

"Shiro-chan!" Momo suddenly turned around and puffed her cheeks out in frustration while her hands formed fists. It was almost as if she was trying to control hitting him.

"I like my taicho though." Izuru smiled for once, feeling the corner of his mouth suddenly twitch. He wasn't sure where this conversation was going.

"But have you met my taicho!" Momo spluttered. "My taicho is a horrid man! He's nothing like Aizen."

This caused both male shinigami to suddenly flinch. Toshiro spoke up, a frown upon his face. "Hinamori, you really shouldn't be saying that man's name."

"Why not? Everyone else says Tosen and Ichimaru's names all the time as if they didn't do anything wrong." Momo snapped the words out, her temper at the small taicho suddenly growing.

Kira let out a deep sigh. "Tosen was manipulated by Aizen. It's in the records."

"Yes... well..." the small female continued. "Ichimaru isn't in the records as being manipulated by Aizen."

"I'd rather not talk about my former taicho." Izuru sighed. He glanced at Toshiro hoping that the child captain would understand that he really didn't want to talk about that man. From the time Izuru spent with the small taicho he had felt like he could trust the small taicho to know when to hold his tongue as he had a wise head for his years.

This would be a time that the blond fukutaicho ended up learning something new. Hitsugaya Toshiro had his moments where he would say what was on his mind without even thinking about what he was saying. And the creepy part about the whole thing was the fact that Toshiro reminded him of his former taicho.

"Ichimaru isn't on the records as being manipulated because he was a double spy Hinamori."

"Who says? I mean... you and I weren't there." Momo snapped, her cheeks somehow managing to puff out further.

"You haven't read the official records for the Winter War, have you?" Kira stated. "It says it right in Matsumoto Fukutaicho's notes what transpired and went down. His actions were that of a double spy."

"But Matsumoto-san has been gloomy about that man! How can we trust her word on this one." Momo blurted out.

Toshiro's white eyebrow suddenly twitched. "Hinamori... don't you dare talk about my fukutaicho like this!"

"We don't just have Matsumoto's words for this one. We got confirmation from Kurosaki Ichigo's friends." The male fukutaicho shook his head at the two. They fought like siblings but yet never refered to themselves being siblings. Not unless you counted Momo's calling Toshiro by that nickname the small taicho didn't like. It was then that Izuru noted that Toshiro hadn't protested today about the nickname being used.

"The substitute shinigami?" Momo blinked a couple of times. "I'm glad that he is out of our lives."

"Hinamori!" The sound of Toshiro's voice suddenly cracking caused the female to spin around on him. His facial features were twisted up as what she said obviously bothered him.

"Shiro-chan... whatever is the matter."

"It's Hitsugaya Taicho! You know that!" The boy grumbled as he glanced away.

"I don't know why you are so upset with me. It isn't as if this substitute shinigami was an important person." Momo grumbled.

This time it was the small taicho's turn to puff out his cheeks in frustration, almost as if he had learned it from her. Which was completely possible as they had grown up with each other when they were younger. "Hinamori!"

Izuru never liked it when situations got tense and he reached forward and tapped on Momo's shoulder. Her head suddenly leaned back and she looked up at him, her chocolate brown eyes wide. Somehow he kept his nervousness down so she didn't notice. "If it weren't for the substitute shinigami a good deal of people would be dead and this includes many of us."

"I got that." Momo stated, her eyes darting towards the white haired shinigami who had his arms crossed across his chest and was glaring towards the side. "Shiro-chan won't stop talking about him as if he was some sort of hero. Actually, he simply won't stop talking about him."

This statement caused Izuru to blink. Two teal eyes turned to glare at them both. His mind began to reason why the small taicho would do something that was uncharacteristic for him. There was only one thing he could think of which in itself was shocking. "Hitsugaya Taicho, do you miss Kurosaki?"

At first there was a long period of silence which gave the answer to the question. However, Toshiro finally spoke up giving his own words. "Yes. I do miss him."

Izuru watched as Momo's body suddenly tensed up. "Why? Why would you miss him? He was a complete stranger."

The boy simply shuffled his foot, refusing to give his reply to the question. Izuru though spoke up for him. "That's because Kurosaki isn't a stranger to Hitsugaya Taicho anymore." He then glanced down at the ground. "Which is strange as you aren't known for getting close to people."

"I know that." Toshiro responded.

"So the two of you became friends." Momo asked rather suddenly.

The small taicho remained silent for a few minutes before speaking up again. "No. I wouldn't call our relationship really friendship. Kurosaki is like an older brother. Except the funny thing is he is younger then me."

It was then that the rain suddenly turned from a light drizzle to a down pour, soaking the three to the bone. Izuru watched as Momo's head suddenly hung and she brushed by him and walked away. He glanced over his shoulder. He then glanced at Toshiro. "Shouldn't you go after her."

Two teal eyes looked him straight in the eye. "Shouldn't you be the one going after her?"

"What do you mean?" The remaining fukutaicho shook his head.

Toshiro glanced away. "When will one of you two just admit it?" Letting out a deep sigh he turned to follow after the female. However, he had some words for Kira. "Momo is still family to me. One of the hard lessons I learned during the Winter War is that I can't protect her anymore. She doesn't listen to me anymore."

The small taicho then flashstepped to catch up to Momo. Izuru turned around and saw the small taicho following right at her heals. Confusion spread across his face. He hurried to catch up and grabbed the small taicho by the sleeve. "What do you mean by one of us two needing to just admit it?"

"Never mind." Toshiro carefully removed Izuru's hand from his sleeve. "I'll just say I trust you a lot more then I ever trusted someone else. Hinamori are heading back now to my division or the fifth. I'll see you later Kira."

Izuru found himself freezing in place as he confirmed that the small taicho had indeed said what he had. Of course, letting it fully sink in would take some time. His eyes darted to the ground. "So the rumor that Hitsugaya Taicho has a crush on her is just a rumor."