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I turned the combo lock on my locker to the right digits just as a voice called, "Hey Stevie!"

I looked to my right and saw Justin Cole stopping beside me. I greeted, "Oh hey, no mythical creature to greet me this time?"

He laughed and responded, "Um, no, not this time. So, how's the band?"

I opened my locker saying, "Gravity 5, going good. I haven't actually talked to you since..."

He finished, "The night you and your friends left my party."

I apologized while taking books out of my backpack, "Sorry about that. We're kind of a one for all and all for one thing."

He chuckled and said, "Yeah, I heard you guys hold it down."

I smiled at the band's catch phrase that apparently got around. Justin shook his head and asked, "So, if you're not busy Saturday, wanna go the movies, you know, with me?"

I opened my mouth to reply but a voice on the other side of me interrupted, "She's got a boyfriend."

I turned to my left with wide eyes to see Zander leaning against the lockers beside her's. I turned back to Justin and opened my mouth to correct my arrogant band mate but Justin replied, "Oh, wow. I'm sorry. I had no clue you two were...Um, I'll see you guys around."

He awkwardly walked past Zander and me then down the hall. I turned with an angry expression to a smirking Zander. He innocently questioned, "What?"

I angrily slammed my Spanish textbook onto the top shelf of my locker and looked for my Chemistry book while stammering, "Why? Why would you tell Justin Cole that I have a boyfriend? Why? Why? I just don't understand why."

Zander replied, "Stevie! Calm down. Sorry, I didn't think a date with Justin Cole meant that much to you. I just think you could do better than Justin Cole."

I was about to question why my personal life was any of his business but before I could, Kacey walked up behind me saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Nothing is better than Justin Cole and no one can do better than Justin Cole. Why am I even hearing better, than, and Justin Cole in the same sentence?"

I explained, "Justin asked me to the movies Saturday, but before I could say no Zander swooped in and said I had a boyfriend, which Justin took as the conceited ukelele player I call my best friend."

I shut my locker after putting my Chem. book in my backpack. Zander scooted more behind me, afraid of the wrath Kacey Simon could only bring. Instead, Kacey focused her attention on me.

She yelled, "Wait, you would turn down Justin Cole? Why?"

I could feel Zander grin behind me. I simply answered, "We have band practice Saturday."

Kacey shouted, "Band practice, shmand practice! Why would you turn him down?"

Zander walked up beside me smiling and said, "Well as much as I'd like to watch this little Q&A conversation, I have to get to Bio."

I sat on my stool next to Kasey in Chem. class, waiting for the bell to ring and the rest of the class to show up. Kacey was rambling, as always.

"Why do you think Zander told Justin that? Even he knows guys can't get better than Justin Cole. Unless..."

I put down my pen, stopped writing notes to play on my bass, and questioned, "Unless what?"

Kacey finished smiling, "He's jealous."

I widened my eyes. "Gross! Ew, no! Gross! No!"

"Alright Stevie you're going to have to give me more words."

"It's Zander!"

She repeated, "Exactly! It's Zander."

"Alright, I'm officially lost."

"Stevie, think about it like this. How long have you been friends with Zander?"

"Since the day he got here, just like Kevin and Nelson."

She kept her devious smile as she interrogated, "Right, but how many times has Zander put his arm around Kevin or Nelson? How many times has Zander stare at Kevin or Nelson when they aren't looking? How many times has Zander written a song inspired by Kevin or Nelson? How many times..."

I interrupted, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Zander has never written a song because of me."

Kacey just smiled and put a hand on my shoulder. "Ask him why he wrote his song Someday."

The bell rang and the teacher started talking about today's lesson. All I could think about was Someday.

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