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The bright sunlight shining through the window burns my eyelids. I quietly groan and flutter my eyes open. The first thing I notice when I try to sit up is a firm grip around my waist. I turn my head around and see Zander sleeping behind me, his arms around my hips and his chest pressed against my back. I lay my head back down on the seat of the recliner, grab his left hand –which was resting on my stomach- with mine, and snuggle both hands under my cheek.

Zander must've noticed the movement because he shifts and mutters, "Good morning, baby," in a sleepy and gruff voice, which I find the cutest thing ever.

I close my eyes and order, "Zander, go make me breakfast."

A groan escapes his mouth, which is right behind my ear. Next thing I know, a weight lifts off the recliner. I turn my head to see that Zander has hopped off and is now walking towards his kitchen.

I raise my eyebrows and question, "You're actually going to do it?"

Scratching the back of his neck, he sarcastically states, "I love you that much, Steviekins."

I laugh and get off the recliner since I'm already wide awake. On the floor, Kevin and Nelson are sprawled out all over the place. Nelson's foot was near Kevin's mouth, and Kevin's shin was on top of Nelson's chest. I chuckle and look over to the couch. The girls were lying on each side, their feet curled up beside them. I pick up Zander's navy blue and maroon flannel shirt from the floor and slip it on. Considering I'm only wearing a grey V-neck and plaid shorts, it's freezing.

I walk out of the living room and jog up the stairs. Once I hop off the very top step, I put my hair behind my right ear and head towards Zander's bathroom that he shares with his sister. I step inside the blue painted room and shut the green painted door behind me, locking it after. My toothbrush is already here since I sleep over all the time, so I pick it up from the sink and squirt some of Zander's toothpaste onto it. After the whole wash, rinse, and spit process, I walk out of the bathroom.

Instead of walking into a vacant hallway, I see the devil herself.

I cross my arms over my chest and coldly greet, "Morning, Melody."

With an evil glare in her eyes, Zander's sister responds, "Hello, Stevie. So, are you and my brother dating yet?"

I scoff and ask, "Why would we be dating, twerp?"

She rolls her eyes. "Listen here, sweetie." I raise my eyebrows as she continues, "I know love, and it's obvious that you and Zander are in love with each other. Just do us all a favor, stop with the friendly flirting, and seal the real deal."

I smirk at her mini-Kacey tone, hunch over, and say, "Darling, you wouldn't know love if it smacked you straight in the face."

Not wanting to hear another word from the mutant's mouth, I walk past her and jog back down the stairs. By the time I reach the first floor, I can hear a sizzling sound coming from the kitchen. I run my hand through my hair as I walk into the kitchen, only to see Zander standing behind the stove. Since I took his flannel shirt, he's just wearing his grey tank top and Batman pajama pants.

After he flips a pancake in the pan he's holding, I walk in teasing, "Impressive."

As I hop onto the counter beside him, he laughs and jokes, "I'm always impressive, baby."

I cross my legs onto the counter while saying, "So, I ran into Melody upstairs. She just gets more darling by the minute, huh?"

Hearing my sarcasm, Zander plays along, "Oh yeah, she's the sweetest."

We laugh and he asks, "What did she say to you?"

I shrug and answer, "Just the usual, how we should date and all."

He nods, puts the pancakes on a plate, mumbles something about waking the others, and walks out. When he's gone, I hop off the counter and prepare to walk out, but the sound of someone else coming in stops me.

Ms. Robbins smiles when she sees me and greets, "Hey, Stevie."

I grin back and respond, "Hi, Ms. Robbins."

She walks over to the kitchen while questioning, "Who's the blonde sleeping on the couch with Kacey?"

I stuff my hands in the pockets of my shorts and state, "That's Grace, Nelson's girlfriend."

Ms. Robbins pulls out a carton of apple juice, shuts the fridge, and raises her eyebrows. "Is this the same Grace that is a slave/best friend to the girl you and the band hate so much?"

I nod and explain, "Ex-slave and ex-best friend, actually. Molly kicked Grace out of the Perfs 'cause of Nelson. She's okay with it, though. She's going to help Gravity 5 with the Riff Off."

Pouring the juice into a glass she pulled out of the cabinets, Ms. Robbins asks, "Are you sure you can trust her?"

I shrug and reply, "I'm not 100% positive, but I know Grace isn't as bad as the other Perfs. Plus, she makes Nelson really happy."

Ms. Robbins nods, takes a sip out of the cup, and states, "So, when I got home from work last night, I saw you and Zander looking comfortable on the recliner."

I sigh and respond, "Ms. Robbins, I love your son. Really, I do. It's just….I don't love him in that way."

Ms. Robbins just puts her empty glass in the sink while saying, "Honey, you tell yourself that you don't have feelings for Zander, but you're not fooling anyone. Just know that he's a good kid, and any girl would be lucky to have him."

With the last word, she walks out of the kitchen.

I sigh and head out as well, mumbling, "Yeah, I know."

When I reach the living room, I see that everyone is awake and looking at Grace, who is sitting next to Kacey on the couch.

When he sees me come in, Zander states, "We're talking strategy for the Riff Off."

Kevin pumps his fist in the air and exclaims, "We are so going to be the Perfs!"

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