when kyle goes in to sabotage the pods he misses it latnok has allready grown a healthy baby boy from genetic material harvested from both kyle and unknown to them latnok had grown a second xy subject years than kyle and as ruthless as jessie latnok sends him in to destroy them and retrieve the baby.

I couldn't believe it. if it had been anyone else id have asumed this was some plan fabricated by Foss wasn't just anybody.

"I did a blood test that it was needed i mean the resemblence is...over whelming." Foss mummbled more for the the Tragers sake than mine.

"Oh my god" Nicole gasped .

"C-can i hold him?" Jessie said surprising us all.

"uh sure ...i mean he shares 50% of your DNA as well ...so why not?" Foss handed the baby over to Jessie.
watching jessie hold the baby i found myself looking at an entirerly different was the constant pain and longing to fit in .i had never seen jessie so happy as she did now holding the baby...our god!

"H-How? how is this possible Jessie and i have never..." i trailed off to embarassed to say it.

"I've been wondering that to and all i can come up with is they must've obtained genetic material from the both of you some how,probably while you were both still in the pod." Foss stated.

"where did you find him?" Nicole asked .

"before Adam died he was keeping an eye on latnok and we discovered they were up to something so i've been spying on them for months now when i learned about the baby i knew i had to get it out."
jessie had her back to us ,she was bouncing the baby up and down in her made little cooing noises that almost broke my heart.

"oh kyle come look! hes so beautiful!" not waiting for me to even get up jessie hurried over and thrusted the baby into my arms.
i had been right there had been no need for a blood resemblence really was overwhelming . he was the perfect blend between me and had my face but her nose and lips and our grey eyes and black hair. i dont remember ever seeing something so beautiful in my entire life and found tears in my eyes.

"He's-He's beautiful!" i managed to spit out still at a loss for i handed him back to feeling overwhelmed i was shocked by jessie's next words,

"We should think of a name for him...i like Adam you know because he looks so much like you and you look just like Adam."
i realized everyone was waiting for me to respond.
"uh-yeah! Adam! Adams a great name." jessie nodded excitedly then went back to playing with the baby-er Adam.

"god would you just look at him handsome just like his father." jessie cooed as Adam reached out with his tiny hand grasping her nose smiling.

jessie's words hit me like a ton of .i was a Father. i had always imagined that Amanda and i would some day get married and have children of our own .but right now it was all too much.

"I-I need some air." i rushed out've the house not careing that i wore no shoes or jacket and it was well below 30 degrees right now .i heard some one follow me out the house but i just kept walking.

"Kyle! Kyle wait up!" it was managed to catch up with me and now stood infront of me forcing me to stop.

"Kyle what are you doing? it freezing out here and Jessie and the baby need you!" jessie and the baby!
i spun back twords the house .how could i have been so stupid! what jessie must think of me running out of the house like that.

"I dont-god i dont know Nicole! what am i gonna do? im not ready to be a father! i-" a sudden stinging across my cheek silenced me.i held a hand to my stinging cheek and turned back to Nicole.

"Nicole you slap-"

"im sorry Kyle i really am but-god! what is wrong with you? running away like that leaving jessie alone with the baby! how could you kyle!" we both had tears in our eyes now.

"im scared Nicole.i dont know what to do .i cant become a father im not ready!" she gripped both my shoulders tightly and looked me dead in the eye.

"I know Kyle.i know your scared but jessie and Adam need you SON needs you Kyle!" my god how could i have just walked out like that! we turned and rushed back into the was at the foot of the stairs.

"Shes in her room." he past him i barged into Jessie's and Adam were on her bed held her rubbing soothing circles into her me she pryed her self out've jessie's arms and to my knees before the bed i took jessie's hand in mine ,now crying myself.

"oh jessie please forgive me!"she squuezed her eyes shut.

"im so sorry! i know what you must think of me running out like that but its not what you think! i was-am just scared!"

"im sorry! i know this isnt what you wanted...i know im not your precious amanda."Amanda ,once she had learned the truth about mine and jessie's origins and we'd sat down and talked we had both left agreeing it was best to just be friends.i wish i could say something now to make jessie stop my ability to speak had abandoned me so i just crawled into bed with her and wrapped my arms around her and Adam and pulled them as close to me as this jessie and i shared so much more than we could ever by fell asleep in each others arms.(yeah i rushed to finish this chapter sorry!)

Latnok meeting room

12 serious looking figures all sat around a large round table gazing up at various screens posted through out the depicting an image of Kyle,Jessie and the baby asleep in each others arms.

"they have the subject." a women stated.

"this complicates things." another man added.

"should we retrieve the baby?" a man asked.

"No,XX and XY would never let us near the subject now just look at them." a women said in a monotone.

"For now we wait and Watch?" a man one by one around the rooma series of 'Ayes" could be heard.

"Very well." a man conclused switching off the screen.

I know this chapter wasnt that great this is only my second story so im still learning please forgive you dont like my writing then i encourage you to take my idea and do a better job.