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Adam had been with us for a week now .We moved back into Jessie's apartment despite Nicole's still saw Jessie and I as one of her kids and every mother mourned the day her kids left the the short time we had known Adam Jessie had hardly ever left sudden devotion and unconditional love for him had taken us all by is the cold,socialy awkward and manipulative girl we once has changed Jessie so much in such a short amount of smiles more now,and is more careing twords others.I cant ever remember her being so happy .Watching her now as she rocks back and forwarth in Nicole's old rocking chair ,Adam in her arms as she feeds him a bottle of formula I cant help but remember Foss's had aproached me the day after dropping Adam off,

-Flash back-

"Kyle theres something you should know,its about Adam"

"What what is it? " i had immediatly turned to see Jessie and Lori playing with grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to look at him.

"When i ran the blood test i discovered something...something i didnt want to say infront of the others,exspecialy Jessie."

"What what is it? spit it out !" i was son was in danger and Foss wouldnt stop babbling and tell me handed me a small packet of official looking documents.i recognized it immediatly.

"These are the test results for the blood test." i stated flipping through the papers.

"They dont say anything we dont know allready,that Jessie and I are the parents,he spent 5 years in the pod-"wait what? 5 years? no that wasnt possible .

"Adams barely a year old..." i mummbled.

"Exactly !" Foss took the papers back and flipped all the way to the back.

"My only guess is that the pod wasnt ready or mayby it was the fluid -but either way it caused says here that it took him longer than even a normal human baby to form-a total of 15 months ,2 he almost went into cardiac were gonna terminate him but then you escaped." he began flipping pages again when i noticed something.

"wait whats that!" taking the packet back i began reading over the page.

"Thats what i wanted to talk to you about." Foss eyes widened when i realized what was on the page.

"No this-this cant be right !"

"Im sorry Kyle but it is.i ran the test a dozen times-Baylin even went over it before he died." the mention of my biological father did little phase me at the moment.

"But then Adam-"

"Has about a month to live."


"Kyle is something wrong?" i jumped and glanced back at had Adam on her hip and was looking up at me with concern.i i was ever gonna tell her now would be the sneezed distracting she was with him she was so seen how she'd reacted when she lost Adam would destroy looked back at me still smiling.i forced a smile of my own.

"No nothing is wrong,and how could it with you to right here with me" i wrapped my arms around her pulling her tight against my chest before pecking them both on the melted in my grip resting her head against my drooled on my chest looking up at me he gave me a toothless smile . Pushing Dark thoughts aside i decided to enjoy this moment here with my family...while i still can.

We drove over to the Trager's for Adam's birthday we didnt know his exact date of birthy we decided it would be today and throw him a party.I drove with Jessie in the passenger seat twisted around so she could entertain a rather grumpy was usualy the time he settled down for his nap.
Nicole answered the door in an apron excited to see teased me as she often did now for making her a grandmother so soon.I had missed living with the Tragers but Adam and Jessie made it and i still went to school while Nicole watched kept him a secret from the rest of the only ousiders that knew were Declan,Mark and now had settled down between Amanda,Jessie and and I no longer had feelings for each other and thus Jessie and her were able to become friends,or at least no longer enemies.
We followed Nicole out back where the rest of the family and all our friends waved at us from over by the grill where he stood talking to stripped down to our bathring suits and joined the others in the pool,it was new and this was it's maiden than the Family Jackie, Declan's date as well as Mark,Lori's date plus Amanda and Hilary were soon as i entered the pool with Adam the girls were quick to swarm how cute he looked in his little onesie(pronounced wun-zee).Enjoying the attention Adam eagerly entertained his audience by slapping the water in glee making the girls cries and praises all the louder.

"oh he's so cute!" that was Jackie.

"He looks just like his daddy!" Hilary.

"looks at those chubby little cheeks!" and Amanda.

"Oh Kyle can i hold him please!" Lori i handed him to her,eager to escape the mob if girls.

"Come to Titi Lori" ( its pronounced Thee-Thee not titty) the mob of girls followed her to the steps where she could sit down .Jessie swam up to me resting her head on my should and her hand on my chest.

"If she drops him-" Jessie threatened her eyes fixed on Adam.

"She wont drop perfectly safe." i pulled us into deeper water,my back against the pool's edge and her back against my chest.

" calm down." i wrapped my arms around her and barried my face in the crook of her neck.i felt her loosen up as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.i could how exsaughsted she .since we got Adam she had spent every waking moment with leaving his Lori and the girls take him had been hard for though we'd bought him a crib and he had his own room he never actualy slept in he slept in our bed with up in Jessie's rarely let me hold him and after today i dout she would again for a long was so in love with him and the idea of being a was exactly why i couldnt tell her.

"whats wrong?" she asked suddently tense again.i pecked her on the cheek before answering.

"Nothing go back to relaxing." she did the exact opposite and turned to face my face between her hands she forced me to look at her.

"your telling me to relax when for the past week you've done nothing but me whats wrong." had i been that obvious?

"Nothing I was just thinking."

"About?" i sighed loudly .she wasnt gonna drop it.i needed to throw her off .

"About 've been with him for such a short amount of time and I've noticed how attatched your are to him but i cant help but think...its been over a month since we've heard anything from Latnok.i mean we destroyed the Fluid and rendered the pods useless and they must know about Adam and i...i just couldnt take it if anything happened to they used him against us " i wasnt lying,i really felt this way and actualy feared a Latnok even managed to bring tears to my brushed the tears away from my eyes before leaning forward to kiss me.

"i know your am i." as much as she'd changed Jessie still wasnt good with words but i was grateful she dropped the subject.

we joined the others in a game of volleyball using two chairs and a rope as a was decided that Jessie and i should be on opposing teams to make it words we dug into the amazing feast Steven and Nicole had prepaired for Nicole brought out a large cake she'd made for Adam,half chocolate and half was one large candle in the surprised us by catching the fire in his hands adn holding up the others could notice joss pushed Lori into the pool as a distraction while Jessie returned the flame back to the Candel and held Adam's hands down beneath the table.i nodded my thanks to Joss as a Vengful Lori dragged Joss in after laughed and helped them out of the pool so we could sing Adam happy came present time.I hadnt exspected this and Steven surprised us by buying a rather exspensive playset for Adam,it came with a slide and a swing as well as a small and Mark bought him a set of Mozart and Beethoven.

"He's one not 60 ! " Joss said.

"its to help stimulate mental development."Lori argued.

"what ever its still a lame present." joss nodded.

"Thank you Lori .thats very thoughtful of you." she smiled then stuck her tounge out at the two could argue further Hilary brought her present was a large box of clothes and to !

"Hilary this is-thank you!" she smiles and does a mock rest of the presents are all equally bought him a little drum set,Declan and Jackie a bike and Foss a teddy seized the Teddy bear hugging it close to his chest.

"Where's your present Joss?" Lori demanded.

"Joss" Nicole shook his head.

"What! i didnt forget i got it right here sheesh!" he pulled out a card with $20 in it."

"he's only one not 60 whats he gonna do with that !" Lori mocked.

"its ok Joss thank you really." i said.

"uh uh uh open the card." opening the card i was surprised when a big cartoon rats head popped up and a nazaly laugh sounded from the mouse was holding out a thick golden card read season pass to chucky nodded in triumph .Lori just rolled her eyes.

"Thank you sure he'll love it." after cake and icecream Steven and Declan helped me load all the gifts into our insisted we take as much food home as we wishes Adam a happy birthday as they i tryed to help clean up Nicole rushed me out saying there was no need when she still had Lori and Joss two groaned loudly making me said our good byes promising to visit again later before school started up again in a few weeks.
I carried an exsaughsted Adam inside deciding to deal with the presents later when a familiar feeling made me freeze.i felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and a pulling sensation .all signs of my body telling i was being watched.i glanced around enhancing my vision to see better in the dark while also listening with supierior .i frowned as the feeling went away.

"Kyle?" Jessie had noticed i wasnt following and stopped.

"is something wrong?" she was glancing around her eyes wanting to worry her i forced a smile.

"no im just tired thats playing tricks on me."her frown deepened but she gave up and followed me inside.

Latnok Spy's P.o.V

I breathed a sigh of subjects enhanced senses had almost given my location away.i thanked the lab techs for this amazing stealth it was powerful enough to hide me from those two god knows what else it would enable me to happiness was short lived when i felt a buzz in my pocket.

"Yes?" i answered.

"Report !" i gulped,my mouth suddently feeling dry.

"The suit appears to be opperating as subjects senses me but did not spot me."

"and the child?"

"has yet to show any signs ."

" to watch the hidden..." i rolled my eyes as the voice droned hidden-pfftt! no freaking duh! stupid higher ups.