It Was You

A/N: Hey guys! So, I'm obsessed with Bulma and Vegeta and I have a ton of stories I wanna write for them, but this one randomly popped into my head so I wanted to write this one first. I've always been intrigued about what happened to Bulma and Vegeta after the Cell Games, so I came up with this. This is my take on why Vegeta decided to stay on Earth and how overtime he began to really care for Bulma and Trunks. Also, if any of you have seen the DBZ movie Bojack Unbound, it's revealed that Vegeta decided to give up fighting after Goku died, so I wanted to include that in my story as well. Now, enough with my rambling, let's get to it!

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"You WHAT?" Bulma screeched at the top of her lungs, clasping onto the future version of her son standing in front of her.

Trunks winced, her squeal piercing his sensitive ears. "You heard right. I was killed by was Goku."

She felt a trail of tears stream down her cheeks, her vision becoming blurry. "Oh my gosh, that's a mother's worst nightmare! Plus, I can't believe Goku lost a fight…Cell really was a monster."

"Yeah, Goku made a noble decision to remain dead; he said this would insure that no new enemies would invade Earth again. It seems that this timeline will truly be one of peace…and, you won't believe this, I barely could, but Yamcha told me that dad went crazy when I died and he tried to avenge my death, attacking Cell with everything he had," Trunks said with a small smile, a sense of pride washing over him.

Bulma's tears halted, her eyes wide as she walked down the hall to check on her infant son. "V-Vegeta did that? That's got to be the first time he's ever done something like that. Wow, I'm shocked to say the least."

Trunks nodded briskly and followed her into the nursery. "I never thought dad would react that way, especially since I thought he didn't like me very much. But I think he's beginning to change for the better, even though he probably won't admit it."

Bulma sighed, picking little Trunks up out of his crib, cradling him against her chest. "I think you're right about Vegeta. It's amazing at how much he's changed since he first arrived on Earth...say, do you know where he is?"

He shrugged, looking out a nearby window. "I don't know. He flew off somewhere once the fight was finally over. But I sense his ki nearby. He should be here shortly."

"Good, I haven't seen him in quite a while, since training is his number one priority...actually, it's pretty much his only priority. It seems like sometimes he even forgets I exist," she said with mild annoyance, glaring up at the ceiling.

Trunks turned back to her and grinned, eyeing the younger version of himself that she was jiggling in her arms. "Maybe that'll change soon, just give it time. You know how stubborn he is."

Bulma snorted lightly. "Oh, I do. He can be a thick-headed ape the majority of the time...but overall he's not that bad."

Trunks chuckled. Though the fight with Cell had been a grueling one, he felt confident that this timeline would never have to deal with another enemy as vicious as Cell ever again. He also believed that this version of his parents had a bright future; unlike with his timeline, they were blessed with the gift of living in peace and being able to form a deep bond in the coming years. Everything seemed to be in their favor. He only hoped Vegeta would see that.

Vegeta flew high up in the clouds above West City, his thick hair blowing back harshly into the wind as he increased his speed. Staring down blankly at the scenery below him, he became lost in deep thought. His mind wandered back to the fight with Cell a couple of hours ago. It was a battle he wished to forget; nothing good had come from it. Kakarot had been killed and chose to stay dead, shutting out of his chance of ever beating him in battle. That had been Vegeta's one and only goal since the first day he stepped foot on this miserable planet, to put the low-level piece of trash in his place and proclaim his destiny as the strongest Saiyan of them all. But he knew that would now be impossible.

If anything, Gohan was now the strongest of them all. Vegeta shook his head in disgust. Although Kakarot had lost the fight, his half-breed son had been the one to finish the job. After the battle was done, when they were all certain that Cell had no way of reviving, Vegeta flew off by himself and became deeply introspective, which was quite rare for him. He decided that it would be best if never fought again; he felt he had made a fool of himself earlier, lacking the strength that he once believed he possessed. He never liked to admit defeat, or that he was not the strongest of them all. However, the fight with Cell made it painfully obvious that he was not the warrior he thought he was. He seriously had to reevaluate every aspect of his life.

Capsule Corp. came into view beneath him a few seconds later, making him drop altitude. He landed softly on the front lawn, just a few inches from the house. This building had been his home for a few years now, but he never liked the idea of permanently settling down on Earth. For the past few days, he had been internally debating about whether he should live the remainder of his life on this worthless planet, wondering if there was any point in staying. He let out a deep breath as he went in through the front door. He picked up on Bulma's ki, locating her upstairs. Maybe if he spoke with her he would have his answers about what to do.

Vegeta made his way up to the bedroom that he shared with Bulma, freezing in the doorframe when he saw her hunched over their bed as she changed the sheets. This was the first time he had seen her in quite a while, since he had devoted all of his time to training for the Cell Games. It wasn't that he intentionally went out of his way to ignore her; his quest for becoming the strongest in the universe was his top priority and he didn't let anything distract him from that goal, including her. When they were alone he was liable to forget what time or day it was, getting lost in her, surrendering to her gentle touch. He had to keep his distance when he was training, for fear that he would succumb to his desire for her, not that he would ever tell her that.

Bulma eventually spotted him, her eyes brightening instantly. "Vegeta," she murmured, taking a small step to him. "I thought Cell was about to win there for a minute...I was afraid I'd never see you or Trunks again. I'm so glad you're finally home."

He walked up to her, stopping when his chest brushed against hers, provoking a small shiver from her. He stared at her intensely, seeming to become lost in his own thoughts. Without giving her any warning, he smashed his lips to hers, leaving her completely breathless. He slithered his hands down her body, stopping at her hips and giving them a gentle squeeze. In return, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her until she was completely pressed up against him, allowing herself to soak up the heat that his body produced. He felt himself become drowsy as his lips moved over hers hungrily, his tongue exploring the inside of her partially opened mouth. Her delicate hands moved to up to comb through his thick hair, deepening the kiss before moving her lips away from his, attempting to regain her regular breathing pattern.

"Trunks told me about all that happened when he got back earlier today, that Cell killed him and Goku. I hate that bastard for doing that to my...our son. I'm just so thankful he was able to be wished back, but Goku wants to remain dead. I just think it's sad he would leave Chi-Chi and Gohan alone like that, but he decided if he stayed dead no new villains would show up so I guess I can see why he made that decision," she pondered, biting down on her thumb.

He shrugged wordlessly, slightly moving away from her. He really was not in the mood to talk about his rival. A troubled look appeared on her face suddenly, and she crossed her arms over her chest, staring down at the floor. "I just can't believe he's gone. It won't be the same without him."

Her words irked him, feeling as though he had just been punched in the stomach. He didn't like the idea of his mate being distraught over Kakarot's demise. It did not sit well with him, despite knowing that the two had been friends for a long while. "Get it together, woman," he said bitterly, turning his nose up at her.

Bulma's eyes narrowed, placing her hands on her hips. "Look, I know you hate him and all, but he was my friend. Anyway, it's not like I'm having an emotional breakdown or anything. I've known him since I was a teenager and now all of a sudden he's not here. It's just a weird feeling. You wouldn't understand."

Vegeta crossed his arms, his mouth twitching into a firm line. "I understand, woman, but you belong to me now and I don't want you to give that brain-dead idiot another thought. He's gone and he's never coming back. Get over it."

Her expression darkened, and she poked him in the chest as hard as she could, resulting in a muffled growl from him. "You don't have to be such an ass all the time. Sometimes I really wonder why I 'belong to you'. If you're going to act like this right now just go and train or something," she spun around on her heels, walking towards Trunks' nursery to check on him.

"I'm not going to train anymore. I'm giving up fighting for good," he said hoarsely, clenching his fist at his side.

She stopped dead in her tracks, whipping her head around to look at him with a completely shocked expression, her sapphire eyes wide.

"W-what did you say?" she stammered.

"You heard me. Don't make me repeat myself," he glowered, his voice full of ice.

"But why? Fighting is your life...I can't imagine you doing anything else," she quizzed, searching his eyes for an answer.

He turned his back on her, focusing his attention on the wall in front of him. "With Kakarot gone, I have no one to surpass, I have nothing to work towards. It was my goal to defeat him, to become the strongest Saiyan of them all, but now all my ambitions have been shattered, especially now that Gohan was the one to beat Cell. That should have been me, it was my destiny, I thought. But obviously...I was wrong. I've been wrong about everything. My life is a wasted one."

Bulma didn't know what to say. She knew how hard it must have been for him to spill his guts just then. He usually had a problem opening up to her, choosing to keep to himself most of the time. He was so closed off, and no matter how hard she tried to get him to let his guard down, he always ended up pushing her away, telling her he didn't need anyone. She knew that was a lie. Whether he realized it or not, he was a pretty lonely guy, and she wanted to help him open up, letting him know that he could trust her with anything. It seemed like he especially needed her now; she had never heard Vegeta be so down on himself. She thought nothing could break his ego.

She pulled at his wrist, tugging on it lightly. "I'm at a loss for words. I-I can't imagine you not fighting or's a part of who you are. But if that's your decision, then I respect it."

Vegeta easily jerked his wrist out of her grasp, turning around slowly to face her, his eyes battling with emotion he was desperately trying to hide. "To be honest, I don't even know why I'm bothering to stay on this damn planet. There's nothing here for me."

Bulma raised an eyebrow. "Nothing, Vegeta?"

He shrugged, avoiding eye contact with her.

"You know fucking well you have a reason to stay here, two actually. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I need you, and little Trunks needs you, too. I don't want to have to raise him alone like my future counterpart did. I've been given a gift to be able to live in a now peaceful world. You've been given a gift, too. You died in the future, but in this timeline you thankfully lived. It's up to you to make the decision about what you wanna do with your life. And whatever you decide to do, I'll be here for you...always," she said huskily, her heart beating rapidly in anticipation of what he would say.

Vegeta's eyes widened at her words, silently acknowledging that she had a point. Unlike his future self, he was given the blessing of coming out of the battle alive, and now he had Bulma offering to share her life with him, to raise their son together. She looked at him with complete devotion, ready and willing to give him everything he would ever need. He never thought in a million years he would care for someone, especially a brassy human, but there was just something about her that intrigued him. She had been brave enough to get to know him, not caring about what others would think. She saw him for who he really was and pledged her loyalty to him, even after all he the horrible things he had done in his lifetime. He wondered if he even deserved her.

Bulma kissed him quickly on the lips when he didn't answer, stroking his cheek gently. He could see the uncertainty flashing in her eyes. "You just think about it, alright? If you want to leave, I can't stop you. I really hope you just give yourself some time to weigh your options."

He blinked as she walked out of the room. Perhaps the woman was right, he thought. Maybe if he allowed himself some internal reflection during the next few days he would find his answers. But for now, he wasn't sure of anything. He sighed heavily. It would be a long while before he came to a conclusion.

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