Sorry, should have put this put ages ago... But for those that don't know, the sequel to 'The difference one more makes' is up! (YAY!). It is called 'the difference working together makes', and it focuses on how the now formed team learn more about each other, and use their new found bonds to go up against one of their greatest foes ever.

How will Harry react to Tony being alive? How will the world react to a team of superheros? How will Pepper react when she gets back? All these questions and more will be answered!

Thanks once again for reading, and I hope that you all continue with the sequel :) (double choc chip cookies if you do ;) ).

Your exahusted writer,



Here's a sneek peek at some of the first chapter...

The day was starting out the same way as any other.

Waking to the alarm clock beeping away, a stripe pyjama clad arm snaked its way out from under the feather down doona, and gently clicked the aging machine off. Stretching, dark blue eyes stared up at the dull grey ceiling for a moment and reflected over the last couple of days.

The Chitari incident had been blown all over the social media, making it impossible for the Council to sweep it under a government cover-up and wrap it up with a bogus lie. Instead the group of leaders had left it to Director Fury to sort out. A decision that they had later come to regret.

Fury had given the group of assassins and superheros free reign over what they wanted to reveal, and in true Stark fashion, Tony had called a press meeting without notifying anyone else, and revealed not only his part in the whole debacle to the world, but the presence of the others that fought with him, and how they were there to save the day.

"-we're called the Avengers. Why? Because if we can't save the world; then we'll damn sure avenge it!"

Fury and Steve had torn into the child prodigy for that stint, but like usual, Tony had flicked them off and poured himself another drink.

Deciding that it was time get up and ready for the day, the man pushed back the covers and made his way to the bathroom.

The cleanup of the city had not taken long, considering the resources SHIELD had at their disposal. It had been just over a week since the battle for New York had taken place, and the city was back to moving to its own beat again. There were the believers, the sceptics, and the non-carers, but they all still moved on, just like they always had been.

Sneering at the mirror, deep blue eyes watched meticulously as the toothbrush made its way through his mouth, foaming up the teeth with each motion. Spitting out the nasty tasting necessity, the man slapped his recently shaved face, before making his way back into the bedroom and quickly changing.

The most recent work related injury to his body had finally healed to the point that he could return to his job, and he was not going to waste any time. Picking up the duffle bag he had packed the night before, steady feet made their way down the hall and into the study. Pulling out the set of keys he kept on him at all times, calloused hands clicked open the hidden safe, and pulled out the top secret files from within.

This was the last time he would be in his house for awhile, and the last thing he needed, was for someone to break in and find information that could bring down the government, or implode the national security.

Taking one last glance at the empty house he barely spent time in, Phil Coulson switched the alarm system on and walked out of the unassuming front door. Nodding politely to the driver waiting for him, Phil jumped into the simple black SUV, and put his seatbelt on.

He had some children to take care of.