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The Magpie

Chapter One






Agent Barton gritted his teeth; it went on and on and on, the infernal sound of her shuffling that deck of cards. He did not need to look at her to know exactly what was going on. Her thin fingers would quickly and swiftly throw the cards here and there. Quickly she would maneuver her fingers through a complex shuffling of her cards; so quick that the naked human eyes would even miss seeing anything. She would do a different kind of shuffling every time and there would always be a tap-tap-tap of her shuffled deck in between each of the methods. Some shuffling methods were done with one hand and some with both of her hands.

She loved showing off, it was in her nature and Clint Barton hated it. But at the same time he knew, what she was doing now was simply out of boredom and quite possibly to drive him insane. With her one never knew her true intentions. Then again with her kind who knew anything? Regardless, she had been shuffling and reshuffling her deck of cards for over an hour. How he knew she was doing it as a nasty habit and out of boredom? Well the answer was simple, Clint had been studying her for a long, long time, and as much as he knew about her and her habits, which was a lot, he still was nowhere near figuring her out. Clint cracked his knuckles, as the cards in her hand were starting another complex shuffle. He would not look and he sure as hell would not stare at the cards going through another impressive and kind of fascinating to watch shuffle.

The sounds were grating on his nerves and he kind of wanted very desperately to set the deck on fire. He couldn't even call her on it yet, she was after all not showing off. If she wanted to show off she would be performing one of her many magic tricks. Well, she called them her magic tricks; truthfully they were nothing but a trick of her fast hands. That was the reason why she was that great at shuffling cards. She was a good enough 'magician', Clint supposed. Then again, her kind of people always were great with such tricks. She was all about illusions, tricks and lies.

There was not a single thing about her that Clint could stomach. Her very presence irritated him. Natasha always found it hilarious for some reason. Then again, she did too.

Agent Romanov or better known as Natasha actually liked her very much, which was saying something since Natasha did not like anyone. Clint had his own history with Natasha and she had been his partner in many missions. Clint and Natasha had a bond, best friends even. But what baffled him and infuriated him to no ends was the fact that she had a history with Natasha as well. One that Natasha kept a closed lid on. Natasha from the first moment that she had arrived showed great affection towards her, and she seemed to have a relationship with the cold and manipulative red-headed spy that could only be best described as best friends, which of course told Clint that what he had with Natasha was nowhere near close enough. Natasha had a very strong bond of loyalty, affection and friendship with her. Natasha actually visibly worried for her sometimes, which looked downright freaky sometimes on the cool and forever composed spy, Clint shuddered.

Natasha and she would share jokes, laugh, taunt others, spar together and even spend a lot of time together after work. Natasha had special smiles and affectionate names for her even. Clint glared every time he saw Natasha chuckle and be all smiley whenever she would do those stupid 'magic' tricks for her. How she oh-so-magically grabbed a flower out of thin air for Natasha or how she would create Natasha's favorite little chocolates from coins. She always did stupid tricks like that.

Clint had pried many times, and tried his best to coax out the details of Natasha's relationship with her, but he failed spectacularly. Every time Natasha would shut up tight and divert the topic, but there would always be a smug and laughing look in her green eyes. Natasha wouldn't spill a single detail, then again what did he expect from an interrogation specialist? Natasha was the best in that field.

All Clint knew about her was from her files and even those were restricted. He had tried Agent Coulson once, but even Coulson did not know all the details about her. She liked Coulson though, everyone knew that. Coulson and she had this weird as hell obsession with all things nerdy. Of course, no one could openly mock them about it. No one was stupid enough to challenge two of Fury's favorite agents. Sometimes Coulson and she would talk about some nerdy computer game, or some comic book, even trading cards. They were that nerdy. Clint sneered internally, she did not look like a nerd, but she was a big nerd. Coulson especially loved her card tricks. Nerd.

Everyone knew she was one of the Nick Fury's favorites. Which was stupid because she was nothing special to be his favorite. Clint knew the only reason she got away with all the shit that she pulled and all the agents she ticked off was simply because she had Fury's favor. How she managed that Clint hadn't the faintest idea about. Fury had simply brought her along one day and explained what she had to do. No training or any kind of briefing whatsoever. She was given one mission after another and with her impish smile she did it all. She annoyed everyone and was especially cheeky with Fury. While everyone, Clint included would be tensed in the presence of the Director, she would get away with the most outrageous comments and actions.

Clint had watched her for so long and as closely as he could, waiting for her to fail or make a mistake. Something to turn disastrous, but she somehow always made even the worst of situations to turn around for her. She always perked up at even the slightest implication of a new mission and from what Fury said; she was the fastest at completing her missions. Then again her missions were of those kinds and were essentially nothing special, anyone could do them. Fury himself had recruited her and all her past and files were information only Fury knew. Fury always had a smirk for her and a sassy answer in return for each of her cheeky comments. She and Fury had some strange bond. She was one of his soldiers who followed orders, but at the same time, she was treated just a bit differently than others. Clint scowled, apparently sass and bantering with her encouraged her to continue her good work. Also, it inspired her innovative streak. That was just a nice way of saying she could lie, deceive and fool people better, Clint snorted.




Why wouldn't she just stop doing that? Clint grunted. If he could just tie her up to a chair and proceed to rip apart each of her precious playing cards one by freaking one into tiny pieces right before her eyes, now that would be justice.

Then there was Agent Maria Hill. She was the only one who understood him when it came to her. Hill disliked dealing with her very much. Hill tolerated very little when it came to her, but of course complaining or writing a negative report on her never worked. Her success rates with her missions made up for all her flaws and eccentricities, as Fury always said and Agent Hill always followed Fury's words to the dot. Hill was always cold to her and kept her professionalism. But she tried her best to annoy the more serious agent. Agent Hill treated her like a disobedient child, which Clint agreed with that she was.

She did the oddest things for Hill though and Clint always noticed. From every place her mission would take her, she would bring the strangest little souvenirs for Hill and leave them in her office. She brought her a tiny figurine of an elephant ballerina in a pink tutu from France once. Agent Coulson barely held in his chuckle at the look Hill got on her face after she saw that, Clint himself had laughed a little. No credit to her of course, Hill just looked funny with that look on her face. Coulson once said that she liked being scolded by Agent Hill and brought those silly figurines for her to see her expression. She thought of Hill as a disapproving aunt. She was clearly delusional, thought Clint.

Clint kept his eyes on everything else around him except the annoying woman still shuffling her deck of cards. He did not like her at all. She was one of those very few people who could always evade his line of sight. If she wanted it so, Clint or anyone of SHIELD would never be able to find her. Stealth was one of best traits. Then again, any good thief was good at being stealthy and she prided on herself to be the best thief there was.

Fury hired her to be the agent who would do certain kinds of missions. But before all of that she was a thief, the best thief out there. She was famous for her jobs. There was not one security system which could keep her out and keep her from getting what she wanted. She had the most impressive sets of skills and the most outrageous and unbelievable plans to steal what she wanted to steal. She did it all for the thrill and the challenge of it. There was not one law agency out there that could apprehend her or even know who she was. Hell, they thought it was a 'him' and actually a group of thieves working together and not one person. SHIELD did not even have a good pin point on this infamous thief.

That was until she contacted certain law agencies and submitted many concrete evidences anonymously against a terrorist cell group. She even had lots of detailed plans to launch stealth attacks on the terrorist group's head-quarters. She basically handed SHIELD the leader and his head henchmen gift wrapped. Of course after the leader was apprehended, SHIELD learned that a very expensive painting that the leader especially liked and all of his other art collection was stolen. That was the smallest and most important lead anyone had ever gotten when it came to this thief. That was also when Nick Fury himself started taking great interest in this thief and started tracking her himself.

Clint wasn't even in on recruiting her, but from what he heard from Coulson and Hill, it took a very long time for Fury to even find her. Hell, she led him on a very great big merry chase for a year, leaving him all kinds of clues. Finally, when he did find her, it was her who apparently had set herself a date up with Fury. She wanted to talk and listen what he wanted.

Fury appeared with all his back up and on the intent to arrest her and later offer her a way out of prison if she worked for SHIELD. Apparently, she had a way out of the very public restaurant and told him if he asked her nicely she would very happily join in. Threats of prison did not intimidate her in the least. That evening Fury and she had a nice dinner and a very long conversation. Something that was horrifyingly enough something like a date, only not romantic but bizarrely filled with conversations about past missions of Fury's and her jobs and both of their strange skill sets, also of the perks SHIELD offered. Coulson who was there that evening on watch said that in the end she wanted to readily join SHIELD, because she wanted all the challenging missions SHIELD could throw her way and because she wanted to do something good for a change.

It was Natasha who had approached her before Fury did in secret and convinced her to join and it was Natasha who handled her initial training. She had broken everyone's expectations when it came to her training. She was already trained, but of course Natasha knew that, just not how well she was trained. A few weeks later, she became one of SHIELD's strongest agents. If Clint was the master assassin and Natasha the master spy, then she was the best damned retrieval specialist SHILED had. Clint gritted his teeth, just a fancy name for what she did. Steal, that is. She was nothing but an overly glorified thief, a cat burglar.

Clint hated working with her and more than anything else hated working for her. For many missions, if she needed back up, Clint would be sent to her, sometimes Natasha too. But mostly it was Clint who was sent to follow through her plans and he hated it. It was just that his skills worked brilliantly with her's, Clint was man enough to admit that, but that did not mean he liked it in the slightest of bits. She was far too arrogant and unpredictable. He could trust her to have his back and she would gladly be there for him, but that was just a part of their team skills. He just could not stand her and from how she infuriated him at all ends, the sentiment was returned. She took it as her personal mission to tick him off every chance she got and she wasn't even the least bit scared of the master assassin. That both bruised Clint's ego and made him feel a little bit better about himself.

Clint grumbled, she and he had nothing in common except one thing, their love for high places. Standing on the very edge of the highest of sky-scrappers did not bother her in the least bit. She walked on the thinnest of cables with utter confidence, jumped off buildings with a happy smile, breezed through security systems, was invisible to security cameras and people like Clint whose job it was to see everything, there was no building she couldn't get in and out of, there was simply nothing to hold her and no obstacle in her way when she wanted to retrieve something. Those were the very reasons Fury wanted her on his payroll.

She never left an opportunity to rub the fact in Clint's face that he might be the man who never missed a shot, but she was the one target he could never hit. After all, he could never get her in his hit zone; she was always invisible to his sight. Every time she said that, he swore he would hit her, with one of his tranquilizer shots that is, but he knew she was very capable of dodging his shots.

She was disturbingly civilian sometimes and had not a shred of professionalism when it came to the job. She wasn't a soldier at all. She just was extremely good at what she did and that was that. Her background was very vague to almost everyone. Not even Hill had any information on her. Coulson knew many of her interests and they were friends, but not even he knew everything about her. Fury knew many things about her, but it was Natasha who knew her truly. There was a time when Clint had heard her call Natasha her best friend and a part of the family. He had watched in awe as Natasha did not scowl or roll her eyes or even have her blank face on, she had smiled softly and blushed. Natasha who guarded herself fiercely and did not let anyone in, she let her in so easily. That was a thing of miracles, Clint noted.

Clint never openly voiced his disliking for her, why should he? It wasn't needed and she did her job right. Even though she made him want to strangle her with her annoying personality. He might not voice it openly or complain about her, but her disliking was pretty clear. He looked at her now, he really did not see what Natasha, Coulson and Fury saw in her.

She sat there lazily, shuffling the cards in her hands still and tapping them obnoxiously on the table before her. He knew she was waiting on Coulson. They were going to clock off together, that he had heard from Coulson. They were going to some comic book convention or something. Again, nerds.

She was out of her usual suit given to her by SHIELD; she was in her civilian clothes. With her, he could never tell which kind of clothes she actually wore when she was on her own time. He had seen her in many kinds of clothes and all needed for her job. This time she was dressed in a pair of black jeans which was obscenely tight, a little too tight bright red short-sleeve t-shirt on with a bright yellow lightning-bolt on it which Clint vaguely related to some comic book super-hero and a pair of too clean and neat sneakers. She looked like the girl-next-door. Who could even possibly think she was one of the world's best thieves? The best damned cat burglar you could come across? She looked like a nice young college student. Only that she was not.

He watched her, he always watched her and she knew that very well. Clint knew that she knew that he did not trust her at all. She was a thief, who ever trusted a thief? Even though she had proved her worth to SHIELD numerous times over the years. She stared right back at him, her usual impish smile on her lips. Clint's eyes raked over her, her too pale skin, most of her missions were conducted in the dark of the night after all and she saw very little of the day, her figure, well she was tall and very flexible and fast, she was just an inch or two shorter than him. Whenever she was in her uniform, there was not one male agent who did not give her a second look. Clint grunted, so she had a killer rack and he loved to watch her leave a room, both because her annoying presence would leave him be and he got to take a very good look at her perfect behind, he was a hot-blooded man as any other and he noticed that, big freaking deal.

She always painted her nails with the most obnoxious of colors, this time it was bright red with little yellow lightning bolts. The day before Clint remembered it was light green and purple stripes. Her mouth, well she was a smart-ass, everyone knew that and it was one of her attractive features as well. Bright smile and full pink lips, although she spent most of her time insulting and driving everyone crazy with that same mouth and mostly her bright smiles were reserved and the impish smiles and grating smirks were freely distributed amongst everyone around her. Her voice was very musical, soft and alluring, and because of her personality it made her presence all the more annoying. Her eyes, they were a mix between brown, gold and green. Her eyes were big and hazel, also very observant those eyes were. There was not a single detail that go amiss by those hazel eyes. Another thing everyone said that was common between him and her and he hated it when someone pointed that out.

It was very hard to keep an eye on her from a vantage point, Clint knew that from experience. But if he had to look for her, he always looked for this one thing that made it easy for him to spot her. Her hair, it wasn't the usual brunette like Maria's, or Natasha's bright red curls or even the sunny blondes that came out of a bottle these days. Her hair was long, very long and always in a tight and fairly complicated looking hair-do, always kept up and out of the way. Her hair was something which held a morbid fascination for Clint. He could never decide which color it was, pitch black or dark maroon. It was so dark, it looked black, but when the light hit her hair in a certain way, there was a lot of red in it. This time she sat there with her stupid black-red shiny thick hair in a thick pony-tail; the end of said tail swishing wildly behind her. Clint found the bouncy strands of spirally dark curls very distracting. This was not her usual official hair-do, she was in civilian mode, there were short loose dark hair framing her face. She hadn't pinned them back like she usually did. Clint grunted, she looked so much younger, and so much more annoying, especially with that impish smile on her glossy dark pink lips. So she even had put on make-up this time. Her eyes did look more pronounced, he noted.

Her soft voice asked confidently, "Have something to say to me, Agent Barton?"

He blinked and returned lazily, his expression he knew showed at least a slight sneer, "Not a thing, Agent Meyer."

She chuckled lowly, "I do wonder what I have done to warrant the oh-so-observant watch of the Hawk to be placed on me! I am flattered, really."

Clint stared right back at her coolly; he would not take the bait. She was mocking him and as much as he hated it, it was childish of her and it would be even more childish of him if he retorted back. She stared at him with amused eyes, and somehow it became a competition of who would blink first. She might avoid his eyes whenever she wanted to, but she did not have his eye-sight, sneered Clint in his mind. He had so much more experience of keeping his sight fixed on the target than she did.

Suddenly, there was a loud meow that rang throughout the room. Clint wasn't surprised, but she was and she blinked and forgot all about him. Clint observed her and she might take off her eyes off him, but he never stopped watching her. That was her ringtone for messages and he knew that. She had quickly thrown her cards in her bag and checked her phone. He was still watching her, even thought she had lost her interest in him. He caught her soft and nearly inaudible murmur of, Phil and waiting.

She stood up smoothly and gracefully, took her bag and slung it over her shoulder and did a quick flick of her head to move her hair out of her eyes and then stalked out. She didn't even spare him a second glance, but he did not stop watching. He watched her long legs in those tight black jeans, the way her hips moved, and that logo of that ugly yellow lightning bolt stretching across her chest. He then watched her pass him and then stared at her jeans covering that ass tightly. Even though he disliked her immensely, he had to admit, her ass was a full ten on ten.

The way she disregarded him infuriated him all the more. But just as she reached the door, she called out, "See you later, Francis."

He gritted his teeth as she left. He still did not move his eyes from the doorway. She loved taunting him with his middle name and he wasn't sure who told her, Natasha or Coulson. Then again she was a great hacker she might as well have hacked into his files.

Nothing was off-limits for the girl. She was far too impudent for such restrictions. Too arrogant in her actions, took too much liberty, spoke too freely, and far too secretive with her own life. Someone just had to keep an eye on her at all times, She would bring a lot of trouble one day and SHIELD needed to be prepared for that. Fury might not keep an eye on her and trust her explicitly, but Clint found that he just had to keep an eye on her. So even when she forgot all about him and spared him not even the slightest of glances, he kept his sight firmly on her, focusing on her, Estella Meyer, Agent Meyer, Code name: Magpie. Clint snorted the bird who stole shiny things, perfect name for a thief, but not nearly as vicious as she was in real life. So the Hawk kept his sight locked on the Magpie, waiting for a disaster.