Hello Readers,

I have never had to write something like this ever before so bear with me and please do excuse my odd behavior.

My mother whom I have spoken of before, she passed away on the 19th of this month. She had suffered a lot and although I know she is in peace now, I still miss her terribly and find it nearly impossible to accept her absence in my life. She had Parkinson's and was in the last stage of it, GBS, dementia and epilepsy.

I feel incredibly depressed and feel like mourning all the time, but there is a lot to be sorted through, a lot to be done and handled. I am an only child so it falls all on me as well as handling my father who is significantly older than my mother. My mother was 45 when she passed away, too young.

I don't exactly know how to handle myself. All I have been doing till now is just distracting myself with work, people, cousins and all the things I need to sort out or fix.

I don't know exactly when I can get back to writing, it maybe months from now or it maybe tomorrow. So please excuse me.

Please pray for my mother.

Thank you.