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Where Loyalty Truly Lies- Prologue

A newly married Tiana was in the bathroom throwing up her breakfast for the fifth time this week. She moaned, leaning her head on the toilet bowl after she was done.

"I don't understand. I shouldn't have food poisoning, and Naveen and I haven't…" she cut off her sentence, thinking back.

"Oh no!" she stood up quickly, and her knees buckled causing her to fall back on her butt. She drew her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around them, and began to rock back and forth.

"This can't happen now! I'm nineteen years old, for goodness' sakes! Naveen and I are in the process of getting our restaurant. Having a baby will only slow us down! And then…" Tiana stopped whispering to herself as she thought of the conditions of the baby's conception. (A/N: I know this is not how frogs mate, but in order for the story to make sense, it had to be human mating instead of a frog's.)

The most devastating thought hit her like a speeding train. "This baby…For all I know…could not be human." she spoke aloud to herself.

"I can't believe Naveen and I were so stupid not to wait until we were human. Although considering that we thought we weren't going to be humans again, I can't really validate that argument." Tiana put on a look of sheer determination on her face.

"For the next few months, I am going to try to keep this a secret from everyone." Tiana then nodded quickly as if it was a done deal.

An abrupt knocking came from the door.

"Tiana, are you okay in there?" Naveen asked, sounding concerned.

Tiana stood quickly, this time holding the sick to keep her balance.

"Yes. Don't worry, I'm fine." she yelled. Before she flushed the toilet, she looked at contents that were in her stomach, and put a hand to her belly.

'It might be hard, but it's something I had to do.' she thought.

She left the bathroom, and told Naveen that it was something that she ate.


9 months later

Tiana and Naveen sat in the hospital room, marveling over their new baby girl.

Although they were wary, visitors flowed in and out of the room all day to see the new princess of Maldonia.

Some were known, while others were not.

The only people who stayed almost the whole day were Charlotte and Eudora who seemed to be the most fascinated with her. The king, queen, and Ralphie had not come over, but they promised that they would see her soon.

There were also some visitors who had put up a fight to see the new baby.

Louis, being an alligator, was turned away also immediately at the door. Somehow he had found a way into the room, and was able to hide until more visitors came. When the visitors had caught sight of him, the doctors had brought guns to turn him away.

Another visitor who had come was Mama Odie. She had thought of Naveen and Tiana as her unofficial grandchildren as she had helped them with a dilemma and became attached to them.

Mama Odie, however, wasn't the problem.

It was Juju, and the other animals from the bayou that had befriended them. They had caused such a ruckus that the doctors officially gave up trying to prevent animals from coming into the hospital to visit. "Only for today." they kept telling themselves every time they had seen an animal from coming in.

When everyone else left, and it was just Mama Odie, Naveen and Tiana began to tell about the conception.

"Mama Odie, we have something to tell you about our daughter. It's kind of important." Tiana said.

"What is it Miss Froggy?" Mama Odie asked.

"Well, when she was conceived, we were frogs. We turned human the day after. I—well, we—were wondering if there is any way she could be umm—" Tiana cut off, looking to Naveen for help.

"Frog-like?" Naveen filled in, and gripped Tiana's shoulders hard.

"Hmm. Voodoo magic is strong and vast. If she did come out a frog, I wouldn't be surprised. Though, it is very weird. She was supposed to be a frog. I suppose when your DNA changed, hers did as well. Does she look like a frog?" Mama Odie asked.

"No, but…" Tiana looked worried.

"Well then that's okay! If anything out of the ordinary happens, don't hesitate to visit us out in the bayou." Mama Odie left and took her entourage of animals with her.


The rest of the day passed without incident.

As nighttime hit, Tiana and Naveen took their baby over to the window to see the night sky. The stars and moon were all beautiful, and lit up the black night. However, the moon, and most of the stars were no match for the beauty of the two brightest stars in the sky.

Naveen pointed to them.

"Look," he said to his daughter. "Those two stars are called Ray and Evangeline. They are very special stars."

"That's right. Ray and Evangeline were the ones who brought Mommy and Daddy together as a couple." Tiana said.

Aside to Naveen she said, "Dr. Facilier could also get credit for bringing us together too, you know."

Naveen grimaced. He then continued to tell the story about Ray and Evangeline.

A content silence fell as the three looked at the stars.

"You know, she still needs a name." Tiana said, looking to Naveen. "I know this is cliché, but how about Evangeline? It's a beautiful name, and she is an important person in our history together."

"Evangeline." he said, turning the name around in his head. Finally, he smiled. "It's perfect."

He then gave Tiana and his new daughter a kiss on the forehead.

"This is really shaping out to be the perfect life."

Tiana nodded her agreement, and the three of them went to sleep.


3 months later

Evangeline was screeching, and Tiana was at her wit's end.

"Naveen! Can you please see what she wants!" she yelled. She was so close to finishing up the menu for Tiana's Place. Afterwards, she needed to go see how much construction was needed to finish the restaurant.

"Ahh! Tiana!" Naveen yelled.

Tiana jumped up so fast that she knocked her chair over, and ran to where Naveen and Evangeline were in another room.

Naveen pointed with a shaking hand to the luxurious crib that Charlotte had bought them. Tiana looked in the crib and put her hand to her mouth to stifle a scream.

There in the crib was a tiny green frog crying for all it was worth. Tiana and Naveen stood there in a shocked silence, while their frog daughter was screaming.

After a moment, Naveen gained control of his limbs and got a pacifier. After putting it in the frog's mouth, a green light surrounded the frog and subsided to reveal a naked human baby girl.

Tiana's eyes filled with tears, and she slid to the floor, crying. Naveen joined his wife on the floor, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her temple to comfort her.

"We have to talk to Mama Odie." he said.

Tiana looked up at him with a tear-streaked face and nodded.


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