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Isshin: Okay then! Taking attendance! (Starts calling out names and reaches Hasu's name) Hasu-chan!

Hasu: (Mutters) Yes...

Isshin: I can't hear you!

Hasu: (Louder) Yes!

Renji: (Turns back) See? Isshin-sensei favors you...

Isshin: (Tosses chalk at Renji) You! You got within 1 meter of Hasu-chan! Not allowed!

Everyone else: (Sweatdrop in unison) This teacher has Daughter complex after all.

Prologue: Yoruichi, Goddess of Flash, Dances!

Renji was handcuffed and his Zanpakutō, Zabimaru, taunting him about how he was slow in recovering. Zabimaru expressed interest in taking on Ichigo's Zangetsu once more, but Renji reminded him that Ichigo was no longer his enemy and that they were to guard Tula from now on. After asking Renji who he would fight now, and receiving no answer, Zabimaru vanished.

Back at the White Tower...

Ichigo and Byakuya's battle resumed as Byakuya began to release the power of his Zanpakutō, although Rukia warned Ichigo that he had to run away.

Just before Byakuya releases his Zanpakutō, Yoruichi stopped him.

The two conversed as if they knew each other, before it was revealed that Yoruichi was once a respected military leader in another part of Soul Society.

Ichigo thanked Yoruichi for coming to help him, but insisted that he needed to take Byakuya down on his own.

Yoruichi knocked Ichigo out by punching an anesthetic into the wounds on his stomach.

Byakuya claimed that there was no way that she could escape, and after playing cat-and-mouse with Shunpo, Yoruichi fled, promising to make Ichigo stronger than Byakuya in three days.

Byakuya decided to leave, claiming that he was bored, and Rukia passed out.

Ukitake called out his subordinates, Kotsubaki and Kotetsu. After they revealed themselves, they admitted that they had followed him and then started to insult each other.

Kotetsu was told to call the 4th Division to tend to Ganju, and Kotsubaki was told to put Rukia back in her cell.

Kotetsu and Kotsubaki promised Hanatarō that they would work with Ukitake to release Rukia from her cell.

Hanatarō saw Ukitake going to Ganju to tend to him, and Ukitake told Hanatarō that he could not kill him, on the grounds that Ganju might have information about Aizen's death, and also that he tried to rescue Rukia, as Rukia was Ukitake's subordinate.


Orihime and Uryū posed as Shinigami so as not to get caught. They passed Umesada Toshimori who was leading a team of Shinigami in a hunt for the ryoka. Although the man questioning them did not recognize them, he came on to Orihime due to her 'assets'.

Uryū stepped in to protect her, and the man was called away by other Shinigami before a confrontation ensued.

Orihime praised herself for her great idea, and it was revealed that she had knocked out the Shinigami they stole the robes from.

The two decided that they needed to hurry so as to catch up with Ichigo and the others, so that Ichigo did not get into trouble. As they left, Kurotsuchi appeared against a wall, showing that he had been following them.

In the cave...

Ichigo chewed Yoruichi out for not saving Rukia from the battle with Byakuya, and Yoruichi revealed her reasoning for saving only Ichigo, as he was the only one who had potential to defeat Byakuya.

She told him that she knew that everyone was safe, as Ukitake was very kind and was Rukia's Captain, but that he should heal himself and become stronger so as to defeat Byakuya. She took him to an area under Soul Society, which looked like the basement under Urahara Store.

Yoruichi then explained to Ichigo that Shikai was the first release of a Zanpakutō, and Bankai, the final release. She then mentioned that Zangetsu was constantly in Shikai, but Ichigo must work to achieve Bankai, which would give him a power boost of about ten times his current power. She then revealed that although it usually took ten years to achieve, she knew of a method that would require only three days, and that she would have him achieve Bankai with this method.


New Intros: Time Loop Version, Naruto Part Two

Naruto: My name's Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen, Hyuuga girls, and orgies at Kurenai-sensei's place as long as Gai-sensei or Lee aren't there. I hate fan girls, emos, and lazy people who don't do their job. My goals are to kill the other Bijuu and take their power for my own and to eat the bloodline parts of high-level ninjas to gain their powers. (Looks at Kakashi and licks his lips) That's a three-tomoe Sharingan eye ... right?

SailorStar9: Welcome to the insanity of time loops where anything under the sun is possible. In the next chapter, Uryū and Orihime continue towards Rukia's location, but are accosted by Aramaki Makizō, a Shinigami of the 11th Division. Some 12th Division members arrive to help, but Kurotsuchi, who has made them into human bombs, detonates them. Orihime uses her powers to protect Uryū and herself from the explosions, and Kurotsuchi expresses his wish to experiment on Orihime. Uryū begins to fight Kurotsuchi, but is quickly disabled by the paralyzing abilities of Kurotsuchi's Zanpakutō when his Lieutenant, Nemu , uses her body to hold down Uryū. Kurotsuchi then reveals that he has experimented on many other Quincys, including Uryū's grandfather, Ishida Sōken, and was responsible for his death. Now that's done, read and review.