Baby Mine
by Sakata Ri Houjun
Chapter 1

AN: Yet another idea that was created from RPing online late one night. And yes, I know this idea has been done before, but Jamie and myself are going more for a dramatic feel for this version, not comedic, and neither are we expounding on a bigger storyline. This is just a simple story of two men who are in love and create a family together from that love.
So, if the thought of this type of storyline disgusts you in anyway, please feel free to hit the back button and go on to some other fic that would be more enriching for your mind.

Warning: Mpreg. WAFF, sap, angst.

Dusk had settled in around the majesty that was Mount Leikaku, haven for a notorious band of bandits and rouges. Of course, looking at that mountain right now, one wouldn't think so. However, appearances were never meant to be taken seriously.

That was a lesson that the very leader of the Leikaku bandits learned early on in life. When he was but a simple teenager with extreme notions about his life, he placed too much stock upon appearances. But that was before he followed his true destiny as a Suzaku Shichiseishi and found out the truth.

His view on life had changed the day he first came to the Konan-koku palace, the day he met his soul mate, Chichiri. At first the overly energetic monk had scared him out of his wits. Him, a feared bandit leader with a reputation that gave the rich nightmares, scared shitless of a blue-haired blur of boundless energy.

But that was before he saw the true Chichiri who was serene, collected, and gave off an aura of tranquility that calmed even his biggest of tantrums; the beautiful man behind the mask as it were. It was during that night in Kutou that Tasuki realized he had been mistaken about the older seishi, and about himself, for he had fallen in love with Chichiri that night.

And at first, he tried to hide it, tried to conceal it from his friend and fellow seishi. After all, Chichiri was a monk, a clergy who had dedicated himself to Suzaku. But when all was said and done and they were the last, Chichiri revealed how lonely he was, opening the door to his heart to which Tasuki was only honored to enter.

And ever since then, as their relationship deepened and their mutual love grew, Tasuki learned so much about his lover, all the facets to his pan and just how deep his fellow seishi's scars ran. And the bandit could only love him more, though not able to erase those old wounds but at least bandaging them and slowly helping him to heal.

And the monk, so eternally grateful to both Tasuki and Suzaku for granting him such a chance again rarely left the redhead's side, even when Tasuki opted to return to his life as the leader of the Leikaku bandits. And so they had remained on the holy mountain where Tasuki had spent most of his life for almost a year, Chichiri fitting in almost instantly with Tasuki's men.

The bandit leader had never seen his love so overjoyed, so content with life before, actually settling down, even though it was among brigands and the like. Every morning, the monk would wake with a smile, maskless, open, and enchantingly beautiful. Suzaku had granted them happiness. What more could they ask for?

The redhead looked up at the sound of his chamber door creaking open, a warm, welcoming smile crossing over his features as Chichiri slowly entered, binding back his wet hair, bangs plastered to his face. The older seishi was carrying his clothes as he had just returned from the bathing house and was only dressed in his pants.

"Enjoy yourself, love?" Tasuki murmured, his eyes appraising the sight of his wet lover appreciatively.

Chichiri smiled and nodded before closing the door behind him. "Yes, no da." Quickly he set aside his clothing before moving over to where Tasuki was sitting on their bed, his bare feet padding silently across the wooden floor.

It was nighttime, and the bandit leader was ready for bed, his boots tossed haphazardly around the room, his shirt undone and hanging open, baring his tanned and muscled chest. Chichiri couldn't help but feel enticed by that sight and immediately bent down to gently kiss his love's lips.

Tasuki fairly purred as he moved both hands up to pull his soul mate into his lap as he returned the kiss. The older man nearly squeaked into the kiss as he settled into the bandit's lap easily. He pulled away with an accusing smile. "You are bad, no da. Pulling people off their feet like that. Tsk, tsk." The cerulean-haired seishi leaned over and placed a playful kiss on Tasuki's nose.

The redhead merely tangled one hand in the monk's wet locks, a finger idly twirling one damp strand and tugging gently. "You smell nice. All fresh and clean."

"Yes, hay, no da. Its called soap," Chichiri laughed as he wiggled somewhat in Tasuki's lap to get more comfy.

The bandit chuckled softly. "I know that... But I like the clean smell of your skin all freshly scrubbed." He made a big show of inhaling Chichiri's damp hair, a gentle smile plastered all over his face. "Your scent..."

The monk shivered slightly in response. "Tasuki, I've been meaning to talk to you about something..."

The younger seishi pulled back a bit, his eyes searching worriedly at the sudden serious tone apparent in his love's voice. "Something...?"

Chichiri quickly looked away, blushing slightly. "I was...wondering about something... We've been together for a while, you and I, and..."

Curious, Tasuki reached up to cup Chichiri's chin, tilting his lover's face to search his expression. "Hay?"

The monk fell silent then, his face turning beet red as his single mahogany eye locked with Tasuki's. Then before he could stop himself, he blurted out, "IcouldchangeintoafemaleandifIkeeptheformforninemonthsthenwecouldhaveababy."

Tasuki blinked slowly, his expression blank. "E-excuse me? Did you just say what I thought you did?"

Chichiri closed his eye. "Hay..."

The redhead bit his lip as he contemplated what his lover just said. "What brought this on?"

Feeling Tasuki's golden eyes on him, Chichiri fidgeted. "Nothing really... I was just thinking..."

Tasuki quickly took the older man's hand, squeezing gently. "And what were you thinking about, love?"

"I-I was watching the villagers in Souun City the other day, people with their children. And...I...felt sort of sad knowing that we'd never have any of our own, so I did some research and found out that if I transmogrified myself into a woman..." Chichiri trailed off as he hung his head, feeling ashamed.

However, Tasuki merely leaned over and brushed his lips against his mate's cheek, hating it whenever Chichiri got sad. "Is that it, then? Do you want that family you would have had if the flood never happened?"

The monk stiffened suddenly, his whole body going ridged with Tasuki's words. "Y-yes, I guess I am..."

"And you want that family with me?" Tasuki continued to question, keeping an unwavering gaze locked onto his love's expressions.

Chichiri bit his lip and nodded slowly. "Yes... I do..."

A warm smile spread over the redhead's lips as he wrapped his arms around Chichiri's slender frame, clinging to him tightly. "Chichiri, I... I don't know what to say..."

Chewing on his lower lip, Chichiri sighed. "It's okay if you don't want to... It was just an idea. It's not important..."

"I'm honored," Tasuki whispered softly.

Chichiri's eye widened. "W-what?"

Pulling away, the bandit locked eyes once again, his golden orbs shinning with unshed tears. "To say honestly, it's been something I've been thinking about as well." He chuckled softly as he scrubbed at his eyes. "But can you imagine me as a father? I mean, a lousy bandit who hates women?"

Chichiri smiled then, warm and lovingly. "You'd better not hate me if I'm going to be a woman, no da."

Tasuki merely laughed again. "As long as you don't lob fucking logs at me or smother me with your breasts, I think I'll survive."

Chichiri joined in on his love's laughter. "I'll try not to, no da."

The redhead smoothed his hands down Chichiri's shoulders, his arms and a sad smile on his face. "Are you sure this is something you want to do, us having a kid and raising it here among the bandits?"

Confused, the monk raised a brow. "Despite what you might think, none of your men have bad morals, no da. The only thing I would worry about is having to explain to him or her why we're both male, na no da."

"Well, as long as the kid don't call me 'Mama'."

Chichiri laughed again. "But 'Mama Tasuki' sounds so cute, no da!"

Even though he loved the sound of his soul mate's laugh, Tasuki felt perturbed at that crack and retaliated by pinching at the monk's side playfully. "Don't push it, Chiri."

The older man suddenly yelped and tried to wriggle away without much success as he was still seated firmly in Tasuki's lap. "Yes, no da!"

"So..." Tasuki spread his hands. "How are we going to do this?"

"I change to female form and keep it, no da. I'd have to stay that way until the child is weaned, na no da."

Tasuki furrowed his brow in confusion. He had been born the youngest, and even though women had raised him, he knew next to nothing about babies. "Weaned? What the fuck is that?"

"Breast-feeding, no da," Chichiri explained in the simplest terms he could think of. Tasuki made the most horrified face at that phrase. "What is it, no da?"

"Bad memories..." Chichiri had to laugh at that, to which Tasuki joined in on, albeit rather uneasily as he eyed his soul mate's bare chest. He was having a difficult time imagining his lover as a woman, with breasts. "So..." He traced a finger shakily along Chichiri's cheek. "You might want to put on a shirt first."

The bandit couldn't help but feel extremely nervous if only because he hadn't been with a woman since his initiation, back when he had been 15. He couldn't help but blush madly and look away suddenly, as though his long-time friend and lover were about to do something indecent and embarrassing.

Chichiri kissed the younger man's cheek once he noticed the blush. "Tasuki," he murmured softly before getting up out of his love's lap and moving to pick his shirt up off of the floor to put on. The bandit only continued to look down at his empty hands, feeling so nervous, afraid almost, but why he couldn't understand.

Meanwhile, the monk silently untied his damp hair, shaking the fine strands loose as he began the cantrip that would transform him. Slowly, his hair grew to one long, even length, falling to midway down his back in a waterfall of blue silk. He could feel the bones in his body shift, his hips widening slightly, his shoulders shrinking in. Even the bones of his face shifted, taking on a more delicate appearance. The skin on his body pulled taunt as his form rounded out, curving in all the right places.

Unable to stand the silence any longer, Tasuki managed to peek out of the corner of his eye, blushing once he realized that his Chichiri made for an extremely gorgeous woman. He'd always hated women for their bossy and pushy personalities, but that never meant he hadn't ogled a few females in his day before meeting Chichiri and falling in love with the monk.

Slowly, Chichiri opened up her remaining eye, noticing her love's unwavering stare. "Is this all right, no da?" she asked, nearly flinching at the high octave she now spoke in.

Tasuki, unfortunately, found himself at a loss for words if perhaps for the first time in his life. He was facing his love fully now, mouth agape like a fish and golden eyes wide. He could only numbly nod in response, clearly enthralled by Chichiri's beauty.

Blushing in reaction to Tasuki's reply, the cerulean-haired woman moved closer to the bed where he sat. "I feel a bit awkward, no da. But I suppose that will go away in time once I get used to this new form, na no da."

The bandit reached one hand out to Chichiri's form, slightly shaking as he slid fingers over the curve of her hips. The monk watched carefully, wondering if she should change back, afraid this would not work for the younger man at all.

However, Tasuki moved his other hand to rest opposite the first, encircling the slender waist and pulling his soul mate closer to him until he could bury his face against her flat stomach. After a brief pause, Tasuki murmured, "You still smell the same, Chiri..." He tilted his head back, looking up to meet Chichiri's searching gaze. "I love you..."

Smiling in relief, she responded, "And I love you too..."

Weakly, Chichiri moved her hands to idly play with a few damp strands of her beloved's hair, sighing softly. "I wonder...if I'm pregnant now..."

Tasuki laughed softly, burying his face deeper into her softness. "If ya ain't, we're just going to have to do this again tomorrow night..."

Gently she smiled. "That sounds nice, no da..."

The bandit pushed himself up from Chichiri's embrace, withdrawing from her body and moving around to curl behind her, spooning the older seishi's body against his own. His hands strayed to rest over her abdomen, caressing lightly. "How can you tell if you're pregnant?"

Quietly she shook her head. "Unfortunately, I don't know. It'll be at least a few days before I can tell, no da. By then, it'll have a ki of it own that I can sense, na no da."

Tasuki gently kissed at her smooth shoulder. "Then we really have no choice but to do this again and again, until you can feel our child's ki, just to be sure..."

She blushed hotly at that comment. "Y-yes, no da..."

The redhead continued to caress Chichiri abdomen until she stilled his hands by placing her own over them. "I can't believe we are actually doing this... That we're going to create a life together..." he murmured in awe.

"Yes... I hope Suzaku blesses our child, no da..."

"And why not?" Tasuki questioned, lifting one hand to turn Chichiri's face towards him. "He's already blessed us..." With that, he claimed her soft lips in a soft kiss.

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