"I'm not the one behind this," declared Lex.

Clark looked up at him, amused. "I know you aren't."

"Did you already catch the person responsible?" Lex enquired, brow furrowed in confusion.

"Nope," Clark replied.

"Then have you been looking at my files again?" asked Lex, affronted. Even the way things were, a situation that Lex had, in all honesty, gotten himself into, he still should be afforded some privacy.

"Of course not," Clark said.

"Then how do you know?" Lex pressed.

"I just do," Clark answered with a shrug and Lex stared at him in shock. "It's not like I need a reason to think you wouldn't do something like this. I trust you."

"You trust me," Lex repeated numbly.

Clark smiled, and suddenly it was like the whole world had been opened up and laid at Lex's feet. "Yeah Lex, I trust you."

AN: This story has a sequel "Amends" (Story ID: 8200493). But if you don't like Clex, then I suggest you stop here as this is the last good stopping point before this series turned unexpectedly slashy.