and she cries, to the clicking of time, of time...

- Grace, by Jeff Buckley

She cries at night...

She's not sure why though. Looking out her window into the black sky, she still cries and wonders, why am I doing this? Why do I do this every night? She's happy, so why?

She looks onto the past. She thinks of the old and the raggedy, and she just can't forget. She tries to, but she just can't.

Because Amelia Pond can never stop thinking about him.

And she never will be able to stop. He's become something of an addiction, even someone like Rory can't fix that. And why would he? He loves the Doctor as much as Amy did. He didn't show it, but he was as devastated that he left as Amy was. They both knew that.

But we have each other, is what flutters into Amy's head after a while, and she nods her head and agrees with that beautiful voice in her head. She moves away from the window, shutting the curtains behind her, letting some light from the full moon come through the window and into the room. She moves over to the bed, and lightly pushes her husband to get some room. Folding the blankets and quilts over herself (TARDIS blue, she notices), she hugs up to her husband, finding warm and comfort in his frame, sighing quietly.

"What's wrong?" he mutters quietly, woken up by Amy. She shakes her head and puts her head in his chest. He hugs her close to him, broken as much as her, if not more. They let their tears fly, knowing that at the end of the night, they'll have someone to hold, if not someone to love. They refuse to think their life is perfect without him, because it really isn't. Even if they have a brilliant future in front of them, with children, love and death, does it mean that they're not allowed to witness the past? Of course not, Amy thinks. She will always be the girl who waited twelve years for her raggedy Doctor. And Rory will always be the boy who waited a thousand years for his love to come back to him, guarding a dead body that is his fiancee. They will always be that, and nothing else.

It always comes down to the fact that, really, they love each other. They can never leave each other, never. The Doctor will always be in their hearts, but at the time that they are at in their lives, it's time to be thinking about the future.