She woke up to the sound of cheering and happiness. Too much happiness. It wasn't right. As Summer entered the room, she felt as though the whole world around her just stopped. Everyone looking at her like they'd seen a ghost. She gave an awkward smile, hoping it would get people back to how they were. It didn't. Before she could even blink, she had people rushing at her saying things like "are you sure you shouldn't be resting?" and "here, I'll get you a drink, sit down". All the attention and being looked after like she was 5, just made her feel even worse. Oh, I suppose I should probably tell you what's going on. I'm Susan, Summer's mother. I'm here because, well, why don't I just tell you the whole story, right from the start?

Well, it had been a long week, school was finishing for the summer holidays and we were all stuffed and just ready to flake out. Summer had just turned 18 and got her licence, and she decided to take the whole family on a trip for the summer, to celebrate her adulthood and to get us away from it all. It was fantastic to spend the whole summer away from school and work and just be together with my two wonderful daughters. The girls had never really had much to do with their father, since they were both only young when we split up, and he moved away to New York and we never really heard from him since. We lived in a small Town called Painswick, in England. The girls grew up there but John decided to go back to where he came from when we split.

It was around a two hour drive between the beach and Painswick so we ended up leaving the beach and heading for home at around 7pm, after dinner. It was almost dark by then so I had to remind Summer to put the headlights on. About half an hour down the road, she decided she would let me drive. We pulled over on the side of the road and switched sides. "We all clear on your side?" I asked Summer. "Yep, all good mum." She sounded pretty confident so I pulled out. Little did we know there was a log truck coming right towards us. Charlie was sitting on the passenger side behind Summer. "MUUUM TRUCK! TRUCK! MUM!" my first instinct was to slam on the brakes, but the truck did the same and rolled straight over the top of us. 'my girls' I did think it was odd to have woken up in no pain. All I could hear was screaming and sirens. All I could see was smashed glass, pieces of car, and blood surrounding me. Charlie was awake but Summer had her eyes closed. I was scared. Then I realised, Charlie was saying something. "Mum. Mum." She muttered under her bloody mouth. I couldn't bear to see my girls in pain and looking like that. "It's ok I'm here, you're going to be ok" "mum, answer me mum" said worried Charlie. I leaned down to undo my seatbelt and I had this weird sensation as my hand went straight through the belt. Then it hit me. I wasn't alive anymore.