Charlie didn't really react much when the nurse told her. It was almost like she still hadn't clicked to how real it was. I turned around and saw that Lucas was now over at a bed covered with a plastic sheet. He saw me walking towards him and stepped back and let me forward, toward the bed. "Go on, have a look, you know you want to." Said Lucas, as he placed his pale skinned hand on my shoulder to comfort me. I looked under the cover at my blood covered body. It didn't look like me. I decided that all this moping around wasn't going to do any good. "So what do you ghosts do around here for fun while you wait for your loved ones to recover?" I asked him. It was quiet for a minute, then he said, "right this way, I'll show where we all 'chill.'" Emphasis to the word 'chill.' He led me down two flights of narrow stairs. We passed a few doctors flying through on the way. Once we turned at the third flight, we walked through a corridor and passed a couple of groups of sad looking people and some patients moving through in their wheelchairs. One of them looking relatively happy and smiling at us as we walked passed. Once we were at the end of the corridor, I followed him to the left and we arrived at the cafeteria. There were people everywhere. Sad people, happy people, the works. I even saw a few crying of pure happiness. 'Some of us aren't so lucky.' There was something not right about some of these people, then I saw someone go through a shining archway and then both the person and the archway disappearing before anyone else had the chance to get through. 'That is not normal.' Lucas looked at me, "I suppose you're wondering what that was?" he pointed towards where the elderly women had gone through the archway. It was like he read my mind but. I nodded slowly, still not quite knowing what was going on. "I guess you have heard all that stuff about ghosts going into the light? Well, that's what she was doing."
"But, what are the rest of you doing here?"
"Some of us have done bad things and don't deserve that kind of 5 star treatment. As for others, like me, we just have unfinished business down here on earth. My wife has been on life support in this hospital for five years." He seemed a little upset about that and quickly changed subjects. "Oh, you must meet Tyler, he's been here for as long as I can remember."
"Not that that's much anymore." He said with a cheeky grin. "Lovely to meet you madam." He held his hand out to shake, "I'm Susan" I shook his hand. He seemed to be quite a gentleman. He was wearing a dark grey suit and bow tie, and had blond curls. He looked to be about in his thirties. 'So this is where they all 'chill.'' I was in my own little world and looking around when Lucas suddenly tapped me on the shoulder. "Listen, someone else is about to be one of us, I can feel it." He whispered. The whole room seemed to go eerily silent, except for the cafeteria lady and a couple of drowsy customers that had clearly been up all night. I looked around and then noticed a young women and her baby walking out of the corridor. She looked pale, sick and lost. About how I felt. She looked around and looked generally afraid to see so many people (ghosts) looking at her. "I felt bad for the girl and rushed over." 'Wow, I didn't know I could go that fast. I think I'm going to get used to this ghost thing.'
"Ah, hi. I'm Susan. Trust me, they aren't as scary as they look, and I've only been here a few hours. It gets better." I tried to comfort her. She tried for a smile but it only half came out. After a few seconds, everyone had gotten back to their conversations and a few other people had introduced themselves to the young girl. She was looking a bit more comfortable now. It was at that moment that I felt someone coming towards the room. 'Now I know what he means about feeling things coming.' It's a weird feeling, unexplainable.I looked towards the door and saw a group of people who looked extremely distraught, I could feel their pain. I watched them as they walked in and realised how the young newcomer was looking at them. 'That's her family.' It just made me think about how my girls were and how much I missed them. I can't believe I forgot about them. I rushed back through the corridor, back up the two flights of stairs, I wouldn't know what I had passed, I was practically flying. I don't know how I did it. It kind of just happened. I arrived at the girls' room in around 5 seconds. I looked in and saw that they both had tear streaks dried up on their scratched faces, but were both resting peacefully. 'The hospital is peaceful, just like death.'