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Chapter 1: Awakening

Leafstar blinked open her eyes to find herself lying on a rocky beach. The sun was warming her pelt and waves from a huge lake were lapping her tail gently. Ah, this is nice, she thought, and then with a jolt, she remembered the flood. She scrambled to a sitting position and gazed around.

A few fox-lengths away from Leafstar, a forest started. In the branches and the shady forest she could hear many bird calls, some of them unfamiliar. "Where am I?" she asked no one.

Then in the corner of her eye, Leafstar spotted a small gray lump further down the beach. Her breath caught in her throat and she staggered to the tiny kit. "Harrykit?" she whispered, licking his soaking wet pelt.

A little cough escaped Harrykit and he mewed, "I'm fine Leafstar. Why do you have to clean me?"

Leafstar yelped with joy and buried her nose in his scruff. "I'm fine," Harrykit repeated. "Where are we?"

"I don't know," Leafstar replied gravely.

"Where are Firekit and Stormkit?" Harrykit asked.

"I don't know," Leafstar said again.

"Where are we?" asked a voice from behind Leafstar.

Leafstar spun around to see a bedraggled brown tom standing behind her. "Sparrowpelt, you're alive!"

Sparrowpelt shrugged. "Somehow."

"Who is this cat?" squeaked Harrykit.

At that moment a snow white tom burst from the forest with a golden cat behind him. "Who are you and why are you here?" he snarled, his shoulder fur bristling.

"I am Leafstar," said the she-cat calmly.

That seemed to stop the cat in his tracks. His head tilted to the side and he looked at her curiously. "Star? Only leaders have the name star."

"And I'm a leader," Leafstar said slowly.

"Really?" asked the golden tom. Leafstar rolled her eyes.

The white tom turned to him. "She must be ShadowClan. Smell that scent."

"No," argued the huge golden tom. "She smells more like WindClan."

"We're from SkyClan," Harrykit squealed, jumping between the two arguing toms.

The toms were quiet for a moment, then the white tom spoke "Firestar said something about SkyClan once."

Leafstar's mouth dropped open. "Firestar?" she gasped.

"Yeah, why?" asked the gold cat.

"Wait, who are you anyway?" Sparrowpelt interrupted.

"I'm Lionblaze and this is Cloudtail," said the huge tom.

"Can we see Firestar?" asked Leafstar.

Cloudtail glanced at Lionblaze then nodded. "Okay, follow me."

Cloudtail started back to the forest, Harrykit at his paws. Leafstar cast a look over her shoulder. Across the lake she saw the outline of a cat, which she would recognise anywhere. Billystorm. It seemed he was talking to some other cats with someone at his side.

Leafstar tore her gaze away, for Billystorm would have to fend for himself. She followed Harrykit into the forest, leaving Sparrowpelt to talk to Lionblaze at the rear. Cloudtail lead them through trees and under bushes until Leafstar was sure he was lost.

Then he ducked under a bush and Harrykit followed, letting out a small squeal. Leafstar hurried under to make sure her kit was okay, and found herself in a stone hollow. The sandy walls reached high over her head, not as big as the gorge.

There were cats everywhere, going about their daily routine. They looked quite thin almost as though they hadn't gotten any water for a while. Leafstar pushed that observation away quickly; these cats had an entire lake to drink from.

A familiar pelt appeared on a ledge protruding from the walls of the hollow. Leafstar never thought she'd see that flame coloured pelt ever again. "Firestar!"

Firestar's emerald eyes widened. "Leafstar?"

All the cats looked up from what they were doing at Firestar's reply and looked at the newcomers. Firestar leaped off his ledge and ran to Leafstar. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, the gorge flooded, then Harrykit fell in and I tried to save him. The river washed me away and now I'm here," Leafstar said quickly, not wanting to go through details.

As Leafstar scanned the clearing she noticed a small gray cat with blue eyes looking guiltily at her. She mouthed something that looked like 'I'm sorry'. For a second Leafstar wondered why she was sorry.

"Would you like to stay here?" Firestar asked kindly.

Leafstar looked at Sparrowpelt. His yellow eyes seemed to be dimmer and his pelt was ragged. Leafstar's gaze travelled to Harrykit, who was huddled at her paws, staring at all the strange cats.

"If that is okay with you," Leafstar replied. It would be best for her tired friends.

"Who is this cat anyway?"

"How does Firestar know them?"

"Can we trust them?"

Firestar glared at the cats who argued. "Brambleclaw can you please organise hunting patrols."

A brown tabby nodded. "Whitewing, Birchfall, Thornclaw and Brackenfur you can go and hunt around the Twoleg den. Foxleap, Rosepetal, Squirrelflight and Sandstorm can hunt near the lake."

The cats began to gather around the entrance to camp. Leafstar's ears pricked. "Sandstorm?"

"Yes?" called a voice from a den. A sandy cat stepped out and her eyes lit up when she saw Leafstar. She ran over and stopped in front of Leafstar. She placed her muzzle on the top of Leafstar's head.

"I'll make you a nest in the warriors den," Sandstorm offered.

"Could I stay in the nursery?" Leafstar asked quietly.

Sandstorm's eyes flicked to Harrykit, still sitting on Leafstar's paws. "Sure." Sandstorm's whiskers twitched and she ran out of camp.

"Do you need something to eat?" Firestar inquired.

As to answer, Harry kit's belly rumbled. Firestar laughed and lead the visitors to the fresh kill pile. Leafstar chose a mouse and Sparrowpelt grabbed a small shrew, obviously not wanting to be a burden to the Clan.

Leafstar settled under the ledge began to eat. "How's life in SkyClan?" Firestar asked.

"Pretty normal," replied Sparrowpelt.

"Sharpclaw got a mate," Leafstar giggled.

"You?" Firestar asked.

Leafstar was shocked by his assumption. "No!"

"Then who is your mate?" said Firestar.

"Billystorm," Leafstar replied. She continued when she saw Firestar's confused look, "He's a daylight warrior. He spends the night with his Twolegs and lives with SkyClan in the day."

"Be careful Leafstar," Firestar warned. "The path you're travelling is a difficult one."

"Yes, but it is my path," Leafstar said, noticing Sandstorm walking over.

"I've finished your nest Leafstar," said Sandstorm.

"Thank you. May I go now Firestar?" she said.

"Yes," answered the orange tom.

Leafstar padded beside Sandstorm, watching Harrykit race ahead. "It's good to see you again," Sandstorm said.

"I thought I'd never see you again," Leafstar admitted.

"Me too," said Sandstorm. "How's SkyClan without us?"

"Good," replied Leafstar. "Our newest apprentice's name is Sol. He isn't good at much, but he's learning."

"Weren't we all like that?" Sandstorm laughed.

"I guess so," Leafstar said, reaching the nursery. Harrykit had already scampered inside.

"Who are you?" Leafstar heard a pale gray she cat ask.

"I am Harrykit," replied the small tom.

Leafstar wriggled through the entrance. The nursery was a warm den, interwoven with sticks and branches. "You must be Harrykit's mother," the cat said.

"I'm Leafstar," said the SkyClan leader as she lay down in her nest.

"I'm Ferncloud," said the cat.

"Hello," Leafstar mumbled as she got comfortable in her nest. She lay down and closed her eyes. One question rose in Leafstar's mind as she fell asleep. Where is the rest of my Clan?

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