Just a oneshot…! TO GET MY MIND OFF OF THINGS…

Today's the worst day of my life QQ.. Okay , First of all, I went to school to buy my new uniform. I was disguised so that no one would recognize me… but one did! Second, I thought it was July… weird enough, and I thought today was 7/7 which was a friend's bday! I greeted her…. And she's like, my bday's still in July… O.O GOD! I lost track of dates… There's seriously something wrong with me today… And I went to our grandma's house… I opened one random door to find one person dressing up inside it…


So, I'm writing a fic to forget about all these things, will that be okay? So if this fic is suckish.. I'm sorry o.o really, realllly, sorry ;o;

Hehe :3 Obviously, USUK 3 Oh and the girl's name is… Allyson. O.o I just made up the girl's name, alright? CUz… well, I needed a girl character for Alfred..o.o

DISCLAIMER: I don't own HETALIA! ;o;

Alfred's POV

"I like you a lot. Would you like to go out with me?"

Sending that text was harder than I thought. My heart was beating rapidly and I started to feel uneasy. What if I get rejected? What if she doesn't like me back? This just scared the crap outta me!

Waiting for the reply was even harder than I thought. It felt like a million years later, when my phone finally buzzed. The fact that she replied made me want to cheer and tell the whole world that she ACTUALLY replied!

But suddenly, the thought that she might reject me filled my brain and I started to feel uneasy again. This was like getting my report card! That's right! That kinda feeling! Urghhh… I hate that feeling! I mean, I'm Alfred F. Jones, for God's sake! I'm not scared of anything!

Slowly, I flipped my phone, read my new message, and my eyes widened at the message I received.

"I think it's sweet that you like this person but you're a bloody fool if you actually planned on confessing through text…"

What the… heck? Wait, did I send it to the correct person? Oh Lord…


I quickly shoved my hand into my pocket and pulled out the strip of paper where her number was written. Did I send it to the correct person? I read the numbers carefully on the paper and got my phone. I read the numbers carefully on my phone and they were exactly the same.

What the hell went wrong?

Then it struck me… Was that a 5 or a 6? I chose 6 cuz it looked like a 6 to me but, but, but… DAMMIT GILBERT AND YOUR SUCKISH HANDWRITING!

Was that supposedly 5? But those looked like overlapping numberssss…. URGHH!

My phone buzzed again and I quickly read the message.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking that, you bloody dolt!"

"I'm a 17 year old boy…"

…Well, I couldn't possibly tell my real name, right? What if this man or woman was some kind of kidnapper from… from… Russia? Well… he or she doesn't sound Russian.

I mean he or she used the word, "bloody"

Oh mannn, EPIC! He must be English then! I bet he or she's got some kind of accent. That would be awesome! He or she would sound so, coooool!


Snap out of it, Jones! This is a huge issue for you. Why? Well, you confessed to the wrong person! Isn't that embarrassing enough?

My phone buzzed again.

"This isn't Omegle, lad! Alright, I'll start first. My name's Arthur. Originally from the Great Britain but now lives in the U.S. Bloody git.23 years old…"

I'm psychic! I knew he was English, wait, he lives in the AWESOME US OF A now. Cool. Well, to be fair, I have to tell my info as well…

Oh God, he knows Omegle! He must be some kind of pervert! Ew…

"Are you one of those pervy dudes in Omegle…? Cuz if you are then… Ew. Oh… my name's Alfred."

Well, that seems decent, right? Oh well.

Now that I think of it, should I still confess to Allyson..? Or should I just chill for now and spare the embarrassment of getting rejected for tomorrow or next week?

Yeah, next week sounds good. And this Artie dude said that it would suck if I confessed through text. Psh, like he's got a girlfriend.

"BLOODY GIT! I'm not a pervert of any kind! And not all people in Omegle are perverts… just most of them! Pleasure to meet you, Alfred. I'm guessing you're American?"

I chuckled at his text. What the hell? He called me a "git". Hahahaha, sounds so weird.

"Yeahp! Fully American, man! And I'm hella proud of it!"

I thought for a bit before asking,

"And what do you mean I'm a 'bloody fool' if I confessed through texts?"


My phone buzzed again after a few minutes and I laughed once more at what I read.

"Obviously you are, basing it on your awful grammar. And well, when you confess, you should add a bit more… romance to it. You should confess to the girl face to face."

Romance, huh? This dude's amusing.

"Heh, you sounded so French, right there. Lol going all, 'ROMANCE'. Nice one, dude."



"It is not 'racist'. I just hate French people… They're bloody Frogs!"

"Big meanie. My bro's awesome in talking French! And he's Canadian!"

"Well, for all I know, French and English is Canada's National Language."

"Oh yeah, I read that fact in the Almanac or somethin'. Wassap, Artie?"

"It's *something and it's *what's up. Stop butchering my language, bloody American. And *Arthur's fine."

"Okay, okay. Grammar Nazi. What's up?"

"Grammar Nazi? That is very offensive! And I'm working right now. You just had to disturb me."

"Well I didn't know this was your number! I was going to send it to Allyson!"

"Oh, Allyson is the unlucky girl, is it? Well, you were lucky enough to send it to me. If it were others, they would laugh at you."

"UNLUCKY? Take that back, old man!"

"Never!(and I'm not that old!) Well, seriously, Alfred. I'll have to go. I'm a Journalist and I'm very busy. Goodbye."

"Awe, but I'm having fun talking to you :("

"We'll… talk again later, alright? And I'm guessing that's some kind of sad face?"

"YAY! And YES! MAN, you don't know? YOU REALLY ARE OLD!"

I stared at my phone with a goofy smile. Whoever that Arthur dude was, he was fun to talk to. Well, amusing! But right after he stopped replying, my day got boring.

It was a Saturday afternoon and what was I doing? Staring at my phone, waiting for Arthur to text me.

I groaned when I was staring for almost half an hour already and threw my damn phone away from me.

"I'm boooooooooooreddddd!" I whined to myself. I gasped when I heard someone answer.

"Then go outside and play or something, like you usually do." I turned to see Mattie on his bed, reading a book beside his bear, Kumajiro.

I gave out a nervous laugh, "Since when did you get here?" I asked. He raised a brow at me and sighed, "When you were chuckling at your phone and when you were wearing this goofy grin of your face. Who was that, anyway?" he asked back, his eyes still glued on his book.

"No one~" I cooed, hoping he'd get curious but I pouted when he responded by rolling his eyes, "Must be Allyson." He muttered to himself but I heard it. I smirked at him, "No it wasn't! HAHA, wrong guess, Mattie~"

He shrugged and smiled, "Don't tell me you have a new crush?" There, an unusual thing happened to me. I felt my face grow hot and I shook my head non-stop. My chest started to feel all tingly… My eyes widened at the sudden feeling, "WHAT THE HELL? NO WAY! IT WAS A DUDE!"

I saw Matthew grin at me, obviously amused. "Hmmm? Really, Al? You're interested in a dude now? Eh, nothing wrong with that. I have a crush on Gilbert."

I think my eyes were as big as plates now, "WHA? YOU WHAT? GIL? URGH!"

Matthew gave me a careless look, "I thought it was obvious. Isn't it?" I shook my head, "Noo! Not at all! I thought you liked Ivan's sister!" Mattie shook his head, "What the hell, no way! She's creepy!"

I froze. My baby brother… was… gay? NO! Not gay, I remember him telling me he liked this girl in 6th grade… He's bi! My brother's bi! Okay, well, nothing wrong with that… I mean, I have to respect his decision. I mean, Gil's really popular with the ladies. Nothing wrong with dudes liking him…


Yeahp! It's alright. Nothing wrong with tha-



"I was kidding!" I stared at him wide eyed. "Oh...okay." He rolled his eyes and started to ignore me. He continued reading his book and I continued moping around and stuff.

And finally, my phone buzzed. I quickly jumped on where I threw my phone and grabbed it. I flipped my phone and read the message and grumbled that it wasn't from Arthur. It was from my dad saying he and mom would be late. Darn…

I turned my head and called Mattie's attention. "Mom and dad would be home late…" I told him the news. He nodded and continued reading. Man, I should just ignore my phone. I'm starting to get all anxious on receiving texts.

I held my phone tightly and threw it towards Mattie's bed. It landed with a soft, "oomph" that made Mattie look. My bro rolled his eyes and spoke, "Stop throwing your phone around. It'll break." He lectured shortly before reading his book again.

I pouted and replied with a very manly, "Hmph!"

Then an idea popped in my head. I'll leave my phone to Matthew and play around the park just two blocks away! Yes, that's an awesome idea. I'd get away from being desperate on receiving his texts…

Wait… I'm not desperate!

I… just enjoy having new friends! That's right!

I stared at the green grass, awfully bored. I've been playing around the playground all alone and man, I feel so 'forever alone' now…

I looked at my wristwatch and found out that I've been outside for an hour now.

I stood up from my swing and sighed, before going back to my place.

When I finally arrived, I found Matthew sleeping soundly. He's wasting his weekend, gosh! First, he was reading; now he's asleep…

I found my phone still lying on his bed and I grabbed it. I took a glimpse if I had any messages and groaned when I still got none. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, laying my phone right beside me. This day is so damn boring. But let's look at the bright side, Alfred.

You made a new friend by sending your confession text to him. But I wonder, how in the world should I confess to Allyson...? Arthur said I should add a bit of… romance. Like what, bouquet of roses? A serenade? Should I kneel on one knee then confess?

And there, I snapped. I grabbed my phone and texted Arthur a short message.


1 minute passed… No reply…

2 minutes passed… Still no reply…

7 minutes passed… Still no- BUZZZZZZ!

"Oh, I'm sorry for the late reply. I took a quick shower. What do you want?"

My cheeks flushed red as I read the text. Gah, I disturbed him when he was taking a shower. Wait… what did I want? I thought for a few seconds before texting back.

"I wanted to ask you on how to confess to Allyson..."

My phone buzzed after a few seconds.

"Confess to her in real life. Not through texts. Done."

"Gah, you meanie! Like, you know, hoowwww? Should I sing for her? Give her a freaken flower? Kneel down on one knee and tell her how I feel?"

"Just… well, it's sweet on how you think like that. But Alfred, calm down. You're not bloody proposing. I'm actually laughing on how naïve you are."

"So, what I suggested would be a bit overboard? Hehhh! Laugh all you want, oldie! I bet you're wearing some kinda dress shirt and sweater vest!"

"How'd you know? Are you bloody stalking me? Don't tell me that confession was actually for me!"

Whaaaa? He really wears those kinda clothing. Oh God, this was hilarious!

"I'm Alfred Jones! I know everything! And no, why the heck would I stalk an old man? AND NOOOO! DUDE!"

"You're a very careless boy, I see. You just announce your surname like that to the whole world? Tsk. I'm not old."

"OH CRAP! TELL ME YOUR LAST NAME IN EXCHANGE, MAN! Yea you are. Lol, Hey, have ya ever confessed to anyone?"

"Okay then, to be fair, it's Kirkland. I'm not, and of course! I'm 23 year old, been there, done that."

"Hehe, Kirkland. See? You sound like an old man! Oooooh. Details, detailllsss!"

"Oh shush. And why would I tell you? You're a complete stranger!"

"No, I'm not. You know my whole name! I know yours! And, isn't it better to tell a stranger cuz well, they're strangers! They kno nuthin bout you!"

"You're use of words is starting to get worse as time passes. Well, maybe I could tell you. Where should I start?"

"Dunno. From the very start?"

"It's quite long Alfred, I wouldn't want my phone bills to increase."

"How long? Real long?"

"My whole middle school and highschool life."

"Ohhh, that is long. Do you have a laptop? Ok yes you do. You're a Journalist! You have skype? Yea, 'course you do! Let's chat there. My user's x_ImTHEHerooo. You just had to remind me of my phone bill. Cya"

Damn, Artie. Reminding me of my phone bills. I wouldn't be able to pay up if we continued! It's better to just chat online.

I got my laptop, lying on my desk and turned it on. I turned on the wifi as well and quickly got back on my bed. I laid the laptop down on my bed and waited until it was on. I quickly clicked on Skype and logged in with my awesome fast typing skillz.

And again, I waited for about 30 minutes before receiving a friend request from... "Unicornsandfairiesarereal!"

I thought it was a bunch of random letters but I guess not. I held back my laughter, not wanting to wake Mattie up. I accepted the friend request and quickly sent a message. I never bothered on changing his name on my list to "Arthur Kirkland" or something.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Artie? S'that you? Wth :))

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes, Alfred.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Oh lol. Whattup with your name? XD

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Why? Is there a problem with my username? I couldn't think of anything, alright? And don't assume all human beings have Skype. I had to download it and I made an account as quick as I could!

x_ImTHEHerooo: Ohhhh, sorry man. Well, thought you had. I mean, you're from the UK and well you're in the US now. You kno,vid cam with family members?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, I don't go online that much. I just have an account to send my writings.

x_ImTHEHerooo: ohh alrighty! Sooo, cmonnn! Storryy! Middle school. I might actually be able to, you know! Get an idea on what to do with Allysonnn! xD

x_ImTHEHerooo: Hello?

x_ImTHEHerooo: Says here you're still typing?

x_ImTHEHerooo: Hulllooooo? Heyy, replyyyyy! C'mon! s'this some kinda glitch? O.o

x_ImTHEHerooo: Okay, okay… I'll wait.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay well, I'll start now. During my middle school days, I suddenly moved here, in America. I was very disappointed because I never really had the chance to decide for myself. I never even knew I was transferring here! It was very… sad for me, to leave my friends in England. I was enrolled to a school near my house and that's where I attended my schooling. At first I felt very nervous about it, but I noticed a lot of people liked my accent. A lot were even fond of the way I looked and talked. Soon, I felt very comfortable with my new lifestyle. Until one day, one jock got very envious of me and started bullying me. He and his friends started spreading false rumors about me and… in a blink, I lost all my friends. Ever since that day, my life was lonely.

x_ImTHEHerooo: WHOAH. No wonder you replied late. You were typing a lot o,o well, anyways.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Okay, okay. I'll be patient. OH OH ! This is where your "love" will appear, right?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I hate to admit it, but you're correct.

x_ImTHEHerooo: HAH! KNEW IT! *victory dance*

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh shush, git.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Lol you called me git. Anywayyyys, go go. Continue!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Alright. If you say so.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Yeahp. xD

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: When I was all alone in a park near my school, (I always pass by there before going home) one person approached me. This person accompanied me the whole time I was there in the park. This person was very nice and always had a cheerful smile. This person had dark brunette hair and had an obvious American accent. This person was just lovely. We stayed with each other until high school and I became very fond of this person. As soon as I realized my feelings, I confessed. But, it never really ended great. This person well, left me for another and until I graduated, I was alone. And here I am now! End of story.

As I finished reading the story, I felt depressed. Man, this guy's been through a lot. Must've hurt… I could feel through the chat that he was starting to become emotional. I didn't want that.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Hah, must be because you were acting like an old man!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, that's very comforting, Alfred.

Crap, wrong move.

x_ImTHEHerooo: I was kidding! xD Uhm.. I dunno what to say. Sorry.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: It's quite fine. I don't expect you to say something about it, really.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Ah well… I'm sorry for what happened, Artie.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: It's alright…

x_ImTHEHerooo: But this girl must be blind. I swear. C'mon, I just met you earlier today and I like you! You're a great person, Artie!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Wh-What?

x_ImTHEHerooo: I mean… OH GOD. That sounded so wrong! I mean, I'm actually fond of you! You're an awesome person to talk to! Even if you are a stranger! This girl must be blind. She never saw your good spots. And if she befriended you out of pity, then she soooo does not deserve your love, man! You. DESERVE. BETTER! XD

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I'm quite speechless, Alfred. Uhm, thank you. You made me smile. And I'll have to correct you. You've mistaken, it's not a girl.

My eyes widened, "Say what now?" I blurted out a bit too loud that woke Matthew, "Shut up, Al" he groaned. I mouthed a "sorry…" when I turned to look at him.

I turned back to my screen still shocked. Well, Ohhhhh. I get it..! No wonder he kept on using, "This person".

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Uhm… Alfred? Are you still there? I'm sorry. I must've made you feel… uncomfortable.

I shook my head and slapped myself.

x_ImTHEHerooo: Oh yea, sorry. My bro woke up and yelled at me for being too noisy.

Sorry, Mattie. I had to use you.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh, Alright then. I still apologise. I must've made you feel uncomfortable…

x_ImTHEHerooo: No, no. It's alrighttt! I meannn, nawwww. Don't bother worrying! I'm bi!

Holy CRAP… Where the hell did that come from?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Is that so? Ah well. I can't help but notice your picture. That is you, right?

He's talking about my profile picture. I smiled at the memory of that picture. That was the time we went on a vacation in my grandma's house. We were telling jokes with dad and Mattie got a stolen picture of me, laughing out loud. Dammit! Unfair, he saw me already and I haven't. Oh, wait, he's new here in Skype. Can't blame him… *siiiigh* But thank God he changed the topic!

x_ImTHEHerooo: Yeahp! Go upload a picture of you, mann! You cheat :o

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: No way! I look bloody awful!

x_ImTHEHerooo: HAHAHA NO WAY! I have a feeling you'd look fine! C'monnn. You've seen the 'handsome' me! I wanna see you!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Handsome? You? Don't flatter yourself.

x_ImTHEHerooo: HEYYY MEANIE! I look handsome! Don't deny it! LOL UPLOAD. UPLOAD!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Psh, I've seen better looking men than you. Alright, alright, Be thankful this laptop has a webcam…

x_ImTHEHerooo: Grrrr… OH YAY! GO GO GO!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Alright, alright. Calm down.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay…

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I'm almost done…

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: File name:

When the file finished downloading on my laptop, I quickly opened it.

My face grew hot at the image that I saw.

There was a man that honestly looked just about my age, obviously annoyed. He had light blonde hair and his green eyes were avoiding the camera. A blush was visible on his face and he was wearing a childish pout. Then I saw his huge EYEBROWS… HUGE!

I laughed at the image but I can't bear but think it was adorable…


Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I'm sure I know my age, Alfred. And hey, it was great chatting with you, lad. But I have to go. See you next time?

x_ImTHEHerooo: Definitely.

As soon as he was offline, I shut down my laptop. I laid down on my bed with a satisfied grin. I don't think I'll ever be able to confess to Allyson.


Yeahp, it was prolly filled with nonsense, huh?

Sorry for wasting your time OTL

But heyyyy, I was able to forget all my humiliation…hehehehh….