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Again… Chapter 5.


Alfred's POV

I stared at the screen of my laptop with a pout. Matthew was snickering beside me, "So you mean to say, you drank on Arthur's side. Exactly on Arthur's side which makes you two do an 'Indirect Ki-' "

"Sh-Sh-sh-sh!" I glared at my brother, "That was like the third time you said the exact same sentence, man. You don't hafta rub it you know!" he continued snickering, "S-Sorry. Just trying to clear things up!" I rolled my eyes; "Three times?" he nodded, "Yes."

I shrugged and just continued playing this random game saved in my laptop. Gosh, actually, this game is pissing me off even more. Thirty-four games played and I still lost. Alright, you guys, whoever guesses this game right will receive a cookie from me.

Guessing starts now...!

Okay guys! If you think this is some kind of First person shooting game, horror game, or etc. then you're wrong! I'm playing Minesweeper. And I suck at it.

Anyways, I was actually trying to get my mind off things. Off Artie, specifically. BUT NO! Gosh, Mattie here just keeps on reminding me.

Mannn, I just realized why he kept on choking! He knew what an 'Indirect Kiss' is! Now that I think of it, I don't think I'll be able to confront Arthur anymore. Yeahp, I shall spare such embarrassment.

Mattie was right beside me on my bed and was watching me play Minesweeper but there was still this freaking annoying grin on his face so I pushed him off. "You got your own bed, man." He rolled his eyes and went to his bed. "I'm going to watch, 'sthat alright?" I nodded in response, "Yeah."

As he turned on the TV, he muttered a quick, "Indirect kiss." and started watching this random channel. I forced myself not to react and just continue playing this Minesweeper game. Gosh, I should really stop telling my brother private stories...

I think it's already ten in the evening and we have school tomorrow but why bother. I don't think I'll be able to sleep. I mean, c'monnnn! Who would be able to after all that happened a while ago! Not me! Nuh-uh! So I'm just here, enjoying a nice (annoying) game of Minesweeper when suddenly, a message box popped in the right bottom corner of my screen that said, "Unicornsandfairiesarereal is online."

There was a part of me that wanted to go send a message and say a random greeting while another part of me wanted to ignore him and again, spare such embarrassment.

When I lost my fiftieth... fifty-first? Gah, I don't even know anymore. When I lost my game, (Who cares what number of games I already had) I heard the usual Skype, "Whoop!" sound. Someone had just sent me a message. And guess who it was. It was Arthur.

I clicked on it and narrowed my eyes at the chatbox.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Hello there.

x_imTHEHerooo: hello.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Please. Let's not feel awkward.

x_imTHEHerooo: Ah man, whoever said I was?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, you greeted me with a simple, "hello." That's pretty unusual.

I rolled my eyes at the screen. Oh please, just because I said a simple, "hello." And not, "Hiya!" or "Yooo!' or something, that's already unusual? Psh, like he knows me..

Or… okay. He kinda knows me well.

x_imTHEHerooo: Well, what'd ya expect! Ya practically entered mah house!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, SORRY! I didn't know you were the one Peter befriended!

x_imTHEHerooo: Psh! And what if you did?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I would never have joined him in retrieving the jar.

I winced.

x_imTHEHerooo: Ouch, man ;_; that jus.. stung.

Unicornsandfiriesarereal: NO! That's not what I meant!

x_imTHEHerooo: Then what did you mean?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: What I meant is that I would've went even if I knew it was you but if I knew that you didn't want me there, I wouldn't have come!

x_imTHEHerooo: Whoever said I never wanted you here?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: No one but you made it seem like that!

x_imTHEHerooo: No way!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes way. "Ya practically entered mah house!"

Oh... I did make it seem that way. But er.. no, no.

x_imTHEHerooo: Ah man, nahh. Crap sorry bout that. But I never said I didn't want ya to come

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Sure.

I sighed. Gosh, this was so awkward. I hit my head as the memories of what happened a while ago flashed in my head. Then suddenly, an idea popped in my head.

x_imTHEHerooo: Your feelin as awkward as I am, ryt?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: *You're *feeling *right. Yes. Honestly, yes.

Oh crap. Embarrassing. I hate it when I get the Your and You're wrong…

x_imTHEHerooo: Dude... stop with the correctin. ANYWAYS, I have an idea!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay... And what might that be?

x_imTHEHerooo: Welllll, how about we jus forget what happened this day! Forget that you went in my house and yea! Let's just say you went in a stranger's house and got Peter's jar back... WAIT YOU DID GET HIS JAR BACK, right?

I turned my head and faced Mattie, "Dude, did Peter get his jar back?" I asked him. He shook his head slowly, "Nope." He pointed at the study table, "They left quickly, remember? I think they forgot it." I narrowed my eyes at the jar. Man, this means that they'll be back...

I turned my head back to the screen to see Artie's reply.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Shit. We were in a hurry.

x_imTHEHerooo: yea, yea, I know. Alright! So proceed with my epic plan! We forget everything that happened and continue as stargers, man. Like we haven't seen each other n stuff. We've only met thru le phone and skype. The only way you've seen me is because of my Skype pic and the only way I've seen you was from the pic ya sent.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: stargers?

x_imTHEHerooo: *strangers srry.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay, okay. I understand your plan. And please forget that I sent you a picture of myself…

x_imTHEHerooo: Alright! Waiit NO NO NO! you already did it online! No takin back!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay, okay. So when do we start?

x_imTHEHerooo: In 3…

x_imTHEHerooo: 2….

x_imTHEHerooo: 1…!

x_imTHEHerooo: GO!

x_imTHEHerooo: Hiya, Artie? How ya doin? Been long, eh?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Are you serious, Alfred? This is impossible!

x_imTHEHerooo: Er! C'monnn! Just go along with it!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay. Hmm… well, I believe we chatted the day before, lad.

I raised a brow. Crap, he's right. Change topic! Change topiiiic!

x_imTHEHerooo: yea yea, whatever, how was yer day, oldie?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Horrid.

x_imTHEHerooo: Seriously?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes.

x_imTHEHerooo: why? Details, man!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well,

x_imTHEHerooo: lol you accidentally entered your text.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I just came back home from an American idiot's house.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I did not. Shut up.

x_imTHEHerooo: Lol really? Man, whoever that American is, surely he aint an idiot! Maybe yer just all worked up mannn

He's talking about me…but I should act as if I dunno who this dude is. Dammit, Artie, you clever bastard.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Please. You're just being biased because he's 'American'.

x_imTHEHerooo: Psh, yeah. Aren't you going to ask how my day was?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I have no reason to.

x_imTHEHerooo: Arthur…

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay, okay. How was your day, Alfred?

x_imTHEHerooo: Well, an old man was in my house a while ago.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh really?

x_imTHEHerooo: Yeah.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: And then?

x_imTHEHerooo: funny, cuz he's a brit like you!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: And how is that funny?

x_imTHEHerooo: He doesn't drink coffee! He drinks tea and all! LOL it's just funny cuz you guys are so alike!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: SHUT UP! I'm going to bed.

x_imTHEHerooo: Sure, sure. Nighty night?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes. Night.

I sighed as I saw him log off. Did I go too far? Gosh… I hope not. I groaned to myself as I logged off as well. I closed the all open windows before shutting my laptop. Maybe I should sleep this off for now…

Arthur's POV

Th-that git! I massaged my temples as I slumped on my chair. I was already home and everything that happened today was far from what I expected. Dear Lord, I was hoping this day would be my day for relaxing from all the stress I've got but NO!

Peter just had to leave his bloody jar in that American idiot's house. Gosh! I didn't even know it was that idiot's house!

Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching my room. I turned to see Peter wearing his light blue pajamas. He was rubbing his eyes sleepily as he yawned. He quickly flashed a lazy smile at me, "Big brother…" he mumbled.

I stood up from my chair and approached him. I kneeled until we had the same eye level and I gently caressed his cheek. "What is it, dear?" I asked in a whisper.

He giggled, "You're like mom." He muttered under his breath. I huffed but couldn't help but smile, "Well, I can't help it. Now what's the matter, poppet?" I giggled back. Yes, it was true. I got almost all my characteristics from my mother. Actually, she's the reason I became a Journalist. Writing was her hobby and I also got her gentle side. But when I graduated, she well, had to leave. My parents filed a divorce but I didn't want to live with my father (I've always disliked my father…) so I bought my own apartment and got Peter. A few months later, we were told that she got into an accident and well, she wasn't able to survive. I held back a frown from the memory.

"Well, before I go to bed, I wanted to ask you a question." He asked with a childish pout. I raised a brow at him, "And what might that be?"

He gulped before hesitantly asking his question, "Do you… remember him?"

I narrowed my eyes and acted as if I didn't know. I shook my head, "Whatever are you talking about, Peter?"

He crossed his arms, "You know who I'm talking about, brother. I know you do." I stared at him and forced up a smile, "I do. But why in the world are you asking about it so suddenly?" he stared at me with determined eyes. "How do you feel about him…?"

I narrowed my eyes, "Seriously, Peter. What's this all of a sudden?" he suddenly sighed. "Never mind…" I heard him mutter to himself, "Sorry, I'm going to bed." He finally said and started walking away.

Out of guilt, I called out for his name. Peter turned back with one brow raised, "Yes?" he answered. I forced up a weak smile, "You don't have to worry. I've moved on." I told him and he nodded with a toothy grin, "Night, brother." Then went off.

I stared at his back until it was completely gone. I stood up and laid on my bed. I wonder what the matter is with that boy. I can't believe he still remembers that incident.

I closed my eyes as the memories started to flow back.

"I like you. A lot…"

He stared at me with one brow raised but merely laughed, "What are you talking about, Arthur?" he said. I faced him with determined eyes, "I said I like you. For a very long time now."

I was expecting an apologetic smile or a huge grin but to my dismay, he grimaced. "Disgusting." He muttered under his breath. He pinched the bridge of his nose and glared at me.

"I can't believe this is happening." He suddenly growled. My eyes widened at the sudden scene. He's never acted like this. He usually smiles… and his eyes were usually cheerful. What in the world's going on here?

"Do you know why I befriended you, Arthur?" he suddenly asked. I opened my mouth to answer but no word came out. "I befriended you because I pitied you." He started, "I pity the way you'd walk around all alone. I never did think of you as a real friend. More like a….puppy."

"A stray puppy who always come back to me because I was the only who gave attention t him." Tears started stinging in my eyes, "And I can't help but start to feel that that puppy is starting to be clingy. Gosh! I never did like puppies. And I don't like it when they get clingy. I've sacrificed a lot cuz you, you know? But to tell me you like me? That's just a different level of embarrassment. You know? They are right! You are a fag!"

I stared at him as tears started rolling down my cheeks, "You know, just leave me alone."

Then he walked away, leaving me all alone in the park.

I laughed at the memory. Now that I think of it, I really have matured. Now that I look back at it, it's really funny. Gosh, it's like he took that line off of a chick flick rejection! Or some kind of… Korean drama… is that right? I gave out a few snickers then sighed.

I was naïve and young back then. Actually, what he said was right… I believed that he was a friend because he only gave attention to me. Seriously, I was so naïve but… it actually hurt.

I shook my head and shrugged, "No point thinking about it now, right?" I ruffled my hair a bit. I'll go to bed for now. This day has been awfully exhausting.

Normal POV - Next day (Oh hey, here I am again with the confusing POV. Seriously, sorry…)

"Kirkland, come to my office now." Arthur narrowed his eyes on his mobile. It was none other than Roderich Edelstein, his boss.

The Briton's chest started pumping and his palms started to get wet. Did he do anything wrong? Did he commit an error of some kind? This scared the shit out of him because he never used to get called by the boss.

He groaned to himself as he stood up. Why must things always get bad? Was this karma? From all the bad things he's done in his life? Well, he hoped not. Maybe life just hated him. That's right!

First of all, he received a random confession text from a random stranger and thanks to his cynical personality; he just had to reply on how stupid that idea was. He thought it would end at that but he was mistaken. He seemed to enjoy chatting with the boy that he even added him in Skype! AND GOSH, IT NEVER ENDED AT THAT!

His little brother, Peter, just had to make friend with that certain stranger and he just had to leave his bloody jar!

Arthur rubbed his temples in distress. Obviously, he hasn't moved on with the recent incident that happened yesterday in Alfred's house. And now, this? What now?! Was he going to get fired?!

He shook off this feeling of nervousness and as he was finally in front of the mahogany colored door, he took in a quick breath.

He slowly clutched on the doorknob and gently twisted it. As he pushed it open, he found Roderich wearing a calm expression and the frog was there as well, wearing this annoying smirk.

The brit raised a brow, "Er... What seems to be the problem?" he smiled at the brunette but snuck a glare at the other blonde.

"Well, go take a sit, Arthur." Roderich insisted and so, Arthur followed. As he was seated, Roderich wore a small smile. "It seems this school is inviting two workers of mine to talk about Journalism. Funny that their English teacher used to be a schoolmate of mine." He chuckled then glanced at the two.

"I hope you two are getting what I'm trying to say."

Arthur's eyes widened, "We're chosen to teach students about Journalism?!"

"Not really teach... Just talk about it. It is a talk."

"B-but..." The Briton sulked and pointed at the co-worker beside him, "W-With him?!"

Roderich laughed, "Of course. You two seem to get along well, and I've read your submissions and it's quite impressive. I'm sure of my decision, Arthur. Now, " he got a random piece of paper and started writing, "Here's the school's name and it's address. The teacher will be the one to greet you in the entrance. It's going to be tomorrow, alright? Hmmm... Make sure to be there at exactly 12 noon. Don't be late, alright?"


"Oui, oui. We won't let you down. Let's go now, Arthur."


"We're going~"


The brunette stared at his door and gave out a sigh, "Those two, really."

Alfred's POV (Aaaand back here… again, sorry…)

"M'home!" I announced as I walked straight to the kitchen. That was kinda my daily basis when I went back home from school.

I saw my mom cookin' dinner so I approached her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. (Shuttup. It's normal for sons to kiss their mommies, okayyyy?) She flashed a smile and raised a brow, "Where's Mattie? Still in school?"

I nodded, "Yeahp. Maybe he's gon be home a lil bit late." I heard her giggle, "You think he'd be back by dinner?" I smiled at her, "Yeah, of course."

I started walking out of the kitchen, muttering a quick, "Imma take a shower."

As I was in my room, I laid my backpack on the bed and sighed. I feel so tired and goddammit, I'm loaded with homeworks. Urghhhh… I shook my head and gave out another sigh. Turning my head, I spotted my laptop on my study desk. A-And… It was calling out for me, mannn. It wasss!

Why? Well, honestly, I still kinda feel guilty for teasing Artie. I mean, y'knowwww… Last night… He went all, "I'm going to bed." And alright guys, did I go too far? Or was he just really sleepy?

I slapped myself.

GODDAMMIT. I should stop thinkin' too much. Mannnn, it was all fun and games! No harm done right? YEAH, RIGHT! So I shouldn't really feel bad. I mean, dayummm… but the guilt… is killing me. I don't feel guilty that much, y'know. Wait, no, I do but not at this level. Actually, bros, I wasn't able to sleep at all last night. Seriously! I got these bags under my beautiful eyes! Lol just kidding. But okay, seriously, EYEBAGS.

Okay, now I'm just ranting. Sorry, sorry. Alright, I'll just apologize when I get online.

I ruffled my hair and walked to my drawers. I pulled myself some clean house clothes before walking to the bathroom.

I stared at my screen while biting my inner cheek. I didn't feel like doing some home works so I'm here, waiting for Arthur to go online so that I can apologize. Yeahp. I was that ready to say, 'Dude, 'bout last night, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call you old… or maybe I did. Wait no- what I meant to say is that I was kidding…'

I gave myself a face-palm. That's one suckish apology. I scratched my chin before thinking of a new apology sentence…

How about: "Hey, about last night, did I upset you? Gosh, I hope not! I didn't mean it, okay? So seriously, sorry."

I tilted my head and shrugged. I guess that sounds better, huh? Alright! All I need now is for Arthur to go online so this guilt on my chest can go POOF! But… it's actually been… 20 minutes since I've been waiting. And he ain't online.

I shoved my hand inside my pocket and pulled out my phone. How about I text the apology instead? Yeah, that sounds fine. I mean, it'll get to him faster. The earlier I get to say sorry, the faster he'd forgive me! Or not…

AH SHUTTUP PESSIMISTIC THOUGHTS! Seriously! I pinched the bridge of my nose and groaned. Why am I even worrying this much? Was it cuz of his reaction? GOD, Arthur. It's going to be your fault if I go insane. No, correction, it's your fault that I'm already insane. Jeeeeze…

I stared at my phone before quickly unlocking it. Alright, I'll apologize now to get this over with. And dear LORD… I'm actually talking to myself.

Anyways, I clicked on messages and typed a quick, "Uh, about last night. Sorry for teasing you. I think I went overboard." Then SEND!

I waited for few minutes and when I never received any reply, I sighed in relief and locked my phone again. I took a glance at my laptop and my eyes widened when I heard the familiar, 'Whoop!' sound. Guess what? Arthur went online and it seems that he sent me a message.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Idiot. You're an idiot. I hope you know that.

I raised a brow… Whaaaaa? What'd I do?!

x_imTHEHerooo: What? The hell are you talking 'bout, man? D:

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I assume that's some sort of sad face? Going back to the topic, you're still an idiot.

x_imTHEHerooo: What did I doooo? I apologized, didn't I? ;o;

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: What's the semi-colon, o , semi-colon…? YES! YOU DID! Through text. Seriously, Alfred. That's as bad as confessing through text. Seriously, you just love texting, don't you?

x_imTHEHerooo: It's a cry emoticon. I call it 'cry omg'…. But. You weren't online!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, I wasn't planning to go online.

x_imTHEHerooo: But you did!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: To tell you that you're an idiot.

x_imTHEHerooo: Cuz I apologized through text?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes.

Okay, I'm confused as hell right now. Why? Well, if you read the chat. It made no sense. AT ALL. I dunno if you guys got some kinda message outta it. That's just weird.

x_imTHEHerooo: Okay. Seriously… you went online to tell me I'm an idiot (but I'm obviously not) when you saw my apology instead of… accepting it or something?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes, exactly.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh wait!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: There's more. I wanted to laugh at you! Thanks for reminding me!

Okay, at this moment, I'm not sure but I think my brain stopped functioning from trying to process what he just said. He wanted to laugh at me…? Whaaaaa? Wait, is this even Arthur I'm talking to?

x_imTHEHerooo: Are you really Arthur?

x_imTHEHerooo: I don't think you are.

x_imTHEHerooo: Who are you and what are you doing hacking his account? D: I mean seriously, man. If you were to hack someone's account, why choose the one who has Unicorns in their username?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Shut up, you bloody dolt.

x_imTHEHerooo: Oh wait, you are Arthur. Just making sure…

x_imTHEHerooo: Well, anywaysssss. Laugh at me? Dude, I'm confused as hell… I hope you know that.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Because you apologised.


x_imTHEHerooo: Explain. PLEASE. D: I Don't think I understans! SRSLY.

x_imTHEHerooo: *understand

Seriously. He's as vague as Gilbert when chatting! Oh wait, no, Gil's worse. But still, this is so freaking… I dunno. I can't think of the best adjective to describe this chat.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh well, as much as I enjoy seeing you get confused, I guess I'll explain.

x_imTHEHerooo: MEAN but Yayyy!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Last night, I never thought you'd be that affected. I said I needed to go to bed because I had work the next day. Not a big deal. But then… seriously, I never thought you'd feel guilty and apologise even if you need not too.

x_imTHEHerooo: Well, how would I not feel guilty! You just went all, 'I'm going to bed'! D: I wasn't able to sleep, y'know!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Please. You think I'm that sensitive to actually get mad at your teasing? Gosh, no. You've underestimated me, my dear boy.

x_imTHEHerooo: NAH! I just thought. Ahhh… okay okay, gotcha. Okay, now I feel embarrassed. :I

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Good. You deserve it.

x_imTHEHerooo: Shuttup, oldie.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I'm not even talking, git.

x_imTHEHerooo: Bastard.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Idiot.

x_imTHEHerooo: Eyebrows.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Wanker.

x_imTHEHerooo: Smartass.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Dumbass.


x_imTHEHerooo: okay okay. LOLOL Let's stop, man.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: lol yes but seriously, Alfred. Don't apologise for such little things.

Yeah, yeah. I won't. You just seemed like a sensitive person. That's all! And se- *LE GASP



Unicornsandfairiesarereal: What?

x_imTHEHerooo: DO MY EYES DECEIVE ME?! OH GOD/ LET'S CELEBRATE. No no. It's the end of the worlddd!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, you seem to be in a happy mood, suddenly. What the hell are you talking about?!


Unicornsandfairiesarereal: And so?

x_imTHEHerooo: I dunno! Just not you, seriously!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Shush. You use it, others do as well! Isn't it normal for me to use it as well?

I thought about it. Was it not unusual for Arthur to use 'lol'? He made sense though. A lot uses 'lol' so won't it seem normal for people like Arthur to use it? NAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Can't imagine.

x_imTHEHerooo: Nope. It looks funny when you use it :D

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: No it doesn't. Well, that's the only way I can express my laughter, right?

I laughed to myself and started typing, "Yeahp but it still looks funny. Seriously! I think even Peter would agr…." I thought for a moment before clicking on backspace. I scratched the back of my neck and took a deep breath. Riight, strangerssss… Gosh, almost forgot.

I started typing again and entered.

x_imTHEHerooo: Yeah but it'd still look funny =))))))) Well, how was your day, bro?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh! Yes, my day was…

x_imTHEHerooo: Was?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: I got chosen to be a speaker about Journalism in this certain school. I don't know which. Francis wouldn't tell me and he has the address but we'll be going there together.

x_imTHEHerooo: Oh seriously? Lol that's cool! Francis? That French dude?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes… gosh. Of all the people! My boss just had to choose Francis.

x_imTHEHerooo: Nahh, maybe he's a good guy, y'know. Don't mind him. It's only gonna be for one day so chill.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: You're right. Just for one day… but honestly, I'm awfully nervous. I don't know if I'm fit to talk in front of students. I'm not that sociable.

x_imTHEHerooo: You'll be fine! I guarantee! When they hear your sexyEnglish accent, they'd go crazy

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: What?

What have I done? Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…AH!

x_imTHEHerooo: English accents are always sexy, y'know. The girls would go… gaga?

Brain… I am ashamed of you.

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Wow. I never thought you thought that way, Alfred. But well, thanks. That somehow made me feel better.

Or not… Nice save, Brain! :D

x_imTHEHerooo: Nah prob! Need any more help? I ammm the HEEERO!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Hm… How do high school students act nowadays?

x_imTHEHerooo: Uh why?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Well, I heard that the teacher who invited us was a high school teacher. Well, that's what Francis said. Just to be ready.

x_imTHEHerooo: Uhm… I dunno. Same as when you were in high school? Not sure… Or maybe those in glee? Y'know that show? Or… High School Musical?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Okay, okay. I get your point.

x_imTHEHerooo: But don't worry. High School Musical ended fine, right?

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Yes, yes. Gosh, I get your point.

x_imTHEHerooo: Good :

"Alfred! Mattie's here. Dinner's ready!" I heard my mom's muffled voice outside the room. "Already…?" I mutter to myself before shouting back, "Alright, alright! I'll be downstairs!"

I stared at the laptop screen and shrugged.

x_imTHEHerooo: Dude, gotta go. Sorry! Let's chat tomorrow and tell me how your talk went!

Unicornsandfairiesarereal: Oh. Okay then. Have a pleasant evening, Alfred.

x_imTHEHerooo: Yeah, you too, bro

Then I logged off. Sure, I wanted to chat more but Well, I was satisfied that we were acting natural now. No awkwardness of any sort! YEAH!

I smiled to myself and ran downstairs. This week's going to be a great week!

But of course, I was getting ahead of myself…

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