Triple Triad King



:Lemon Warning:

Chapter 10: The Heart Rule

Xu swiped her key card, for the third time, and received the same response as before.

Access Denied!

She banged her head lightly against the steel doors, letting out a tired groan.

For all of Balamb Garden's innovations and conveniences, it had to be HER room with a faulty electronic lock. Despite that, paranoia just wouldn't allow her to leave it open. And so many things already took priority over getting the lock fixed. From assigning missions to Balamb Garden's SeeD (with Squall's input every now and then), to the very maintaining of the structure and its finances, 'a lot' might be an understatement.

Then there was the matter with Ellone and her Orphanage Gang. That was no walk in the park, but someone had to dig. And I've never seen Quisty so worked up before. Wonder what's really bothering her? Her already cluttered mind didn't allow for much speculation, that's for sure.

All she wanted was some rest.

She yawned, fanning her mouth a little. "Come on," she muttered, swiping her key card again, "pretty please?"

Access Denie-

Xu punched the lock mechanism on impulse, completely shattering it in one blow. Sparks hissed and cracked from the pummeled surface. The card reader hung loosely from a few intact wires. She brought her fist up to stare at her knuckle. Not a single scratch on her. That's just peachy. Xu turned her back to the doors and leaned against them. With sigh, she let her body slide down the steely surface until she was sitting on her ass.

The Elite Operative was feeling a little ticked. Maybe a little upset. Perturbed, perhaps.

Xu shrugged. "Meh, sleep is overrated." She rummaged inside her suit pocket for that thin case of hers. Who needs that when I've got the medicine?

A good smoke would calm her nerves in a flash. She didn't smoke any cheap stuff either, only pure Estharian Slims. Where and how she got them? Only she knew. Esthar was still completely off the radar, after all. The case opened with a Click! She loved that sound. However, what good feelings she had or was about to have were crushed when she saw nothing inside.

Panic gripped her. She turned it upside down and shook the case frantically, hoping for something; anything. "No way."

No dice.

In her frustration, Xu tossed the damn thing against the wall. It flew fast, instantly snapping in half upon impact. "Fuck!" her voice cracked. She sat there, panting while she stared at the broken case. It was her favorite one, too. Out of smokes and out of luck, she raised her knees up and buried her head.

It must be some sort of sign, something telling her that her work was not yet over. Then again, if you're the one behind the scenes, if you're the one making sure the wheels kept turning, when was it ever? It sucked being human sometimes.

Her eyes were getting heavy. She felt the weight on her shoulders bearing down just a little more. Xu was ready to give up and fall asleep right there, but the sound of someone opening the 2nd floor entrance startled her awake. She lifted her head, glanced further down the hall, and found her dearest Commander, letting in some afternoon sun as he walked in. The rays of light clung to him like an aura, or perhaps Xu was just imagining it. Either way, he was a beautiful sight for sore eyes.

Squall ran his fingers through his mane and turned his head, spotting her immediately. He felt a little a confused as to why his second-in-command was just sitting outside her room, staring at him with glimmering eyes.

Xu gave a haphazard salute and called out, "Yo."

With the turn of a knob, hot water began spilling out into the tub. Fujin stood upright to unzip her blue jacket, watching as a heavenly cloud of steam rose from within the tub. There was something strangely intimate about being the first one to use Squall's bath; the one he'd be using for the rest of his career. His body, naked in all its taut glory, would eventually grace this marble surface. In some way their bodies would touch. It was an exciting notion.

Fujin shrugged off her jacket, letting it fall beside her bare feet. Now in her tank-top, she raised her hands to cup her round, petite breasts. They fit right in the palm of her hand. She squeezed them a little, brushing her fingers over perky nipples. Her lips twisted bitterly. The thought of Quistis and her full, ample bosom came to mind. They were probably soft, pert, and perhaps bigger when naked.

Fujin gasped! Since when did she think about other women's breasts? And naked for that matter? Come to think of it, why did she suddenly feel so inadequate? She turned to look at herself in the mirror. Because she never bothered with bras before, her pink nipples, hardened from her touch, poked against the thin fabric of her tank-top. She studied herself for a moment, squeezing her soft mounds together, jiggling them just so.


Fujin thought about Squall and the moment they shared in the Basement Sub-level. It seemed so long ago, but she vividly recalled the pounding in her chest, the warmth in her cheeks, and that manly taste of him. Though she never did anything like that before, she remembered feeling this natural tingling in her mouth, urging her to be filled. She even thought about doing it again on more than one occasion, but would he want that? Did he like what she did? It was certainly an interesting experience for her.

She reached down to the hem of her tank-top, and then lifted it off her body. A shiver ran down her spine the moment she was topless, letting the garment fall on her jacket. Out of curiosity, she stared at her chest in the mirror. Her skin was so white, but different parts of her body had a light blush to them. Some were brighter than other areas, like on the firm, supple cheeks of her bottom. Touching just had a way of making her skin brighten a little. Her pink nipples, just from touch alone, looked like hard, tiny blossoms.

Did Squall find her attractive? More importantly, did she find herself attractive? And why did she care about that stuff when she never did in the past? Fujin gently touched her eye-patch, pondering these things never pondered before. Am I..? Then she remembered that man—that lion hovering over her and trapping her little blossoms between his teeth. That's when she felt like a woman. She felt beautiful. She felt desired. It was a good feeling.

Fujin tucked her lower lip, biting down when she remembered that massive cock being shoved down her throat. She'd only seen that stuff in medical books, never in person and never that big. Was that size common? Regardless, she had been a bad girl when he unleashed that on her. She needed to be disciplined for what she did, and Squall really came through for her. Hard. Then it hit her: Rinoa was also responsible for the destruction of his room in the first place. Squall even told Rinoa that they would 'talk later' about her actions. The silver-haired beauty went wide-eyed with realization. Did Squall ever discipline HER?

"Holy crackers! S-Squall, it's huuuge!" The raven-haired princess frantically waved her hands in front of her, as if it would help keep that monster at bay. "I can't take all of that! I'm sorry for being a bad girl! I'm so sorry! Eep…"

"No." Squall backed Rinoa against the wall, her eyes like saucers when he had her by the shoulders. "You need to learn your lesson." His look was intense when he started pushing her down slowly. She stammered unintelligibly, mentioning something about happy thoughts and places. Then she went silent and blushed, now face to face with that big, fat…

Fujin shuddered in delight and brought her knees together, surprised to feel her hand in between her legs. That was far too strange! What has gotten into her? She had gone from thinking about a woman's breasts, to seeing another with the only man she's ever had a thing for. She looked in the mirror again and saw how rosy she was. She wanted to feel disgusted. She really did.


After getting a grip, or at least when she felt she did, she unbuttoned her pants. All she had to do was shake her hips a little, and they fell to her feet. After kicking those aside, Fujin slid her thumbs under the sides of her panties. She hesitated a moment, but then started working them down with a little more determination. The clingy fabric stretched tight against her skin, hugging her as she wiggled her hips slightly. Soon, she was easing them over that soft, smooth curve of her rose-white butt. When her panties were lowered just enough, Fujin let go so they could join her discarded clothes.

The mirror was nearly fogged up, but she could just barely make out that little patch of silver hair in between her legs. She briefly brought her fingers over her pubic mound, tenderly grazing over that sweet spot. Fujin still couldn't believe she was doing this. It was surreal, like the image of Rinoa, whimpering and fighting a losing battle with her mouth. Still, she felt this genuine rush from it all. And being naked inside Squall's bathroom was also exhilarating on its own.

Fujin bent over to shut the water off, her hips shifting slightly as she turned the knob. By now the bathroom was filled with steam; the mirror completely fogged. She carefully put one hand on the side of the wall to lift her leg up, point her toe down, and gently lower it into the hot water. She hissed slightly, surprised by how hot it actually was. Nonetheless, one corner of Fujin's mouth lifted.

This was going to feel great.

It was a good thing there weren't students around the Circle Area. Many were either enjoying some shore leave, or kicking back in the dorms, or having a bite at the cafeteria. Ellone was currently being treated to lunch and catching up some more with her fellow orphans. There was plenty to ask and much more to tell; their Sis obliged. Fortunate for Squall, no one would be around to see him carry Xu to his room, bridal style.

"You really should be in the Infirmary," Squall began, continuing to his room like he originally intended, "They have beds there, you know."

What's our policy on fraternization, anyway? Well, I guess it wouldn't matter seeing as Quistis and I…

"You're joking, right? Those things are all hard and lumpy. I'm amazed the springs didn't dig a hole in your back. Besides, aiding a comrade in need sets a good example. Wouldn't you say? " Xu huffed against his stiff pectoral, subconsciously rubbing it with her cheek. "Oh, and the Doc isn't in. Since we'll be casting off soon, I thought a little R&R would do her some good. Take a load off and all that jazz."

"You're telling me there's no one on staff in the Infirmary?"

"Today's kind of an off day," she replied, thoughtfully tapping the corner of her mouth. "And FH has a Hospital in case we find ourselves in need of emergency care. Not to mention the Sabre Class medics that we have here on campus. Huh, I myself am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the human body, actually."

"That's not really the point here."

Xu shrugged. "I mean, if you want, I could slap on some gloves and give you a physical just to prove my-"

"W-whatever! I get it." Arguing with Xu was always a losing battle, be it right or wrong. He sighed. "That still doesn't explain why it needs to be MY room."

"Hey, I commissioned your room to get fixed. No harm in seeing if I got MY money's worth."

"Your money?"

"My money," she said with a smirk.

"…Oh." It was times like this that he remembered how much she actually did around here. He felt guilty.

Ever since defeating the Mayor, he's had a little time to reflect. Since cards and the game were easy to understand, he knew what to do and how to adapt. He was an excellent, cerebral duelist. But people, women in particular, their emotions were a bit harder to grasp. It didn't help that he was never really good at opening up about things.

How did all of this even start? It's like it just happened.

When he thought about Quistis, Selphie, Fujin, and his experiences with them, he realized each was substantially different. Quistis was beautiful. She revealed a world of pleasure he'd never known, but also brought about feelings he had trouble understanding. Selphie was cute. She got him to do things and surprised him at every turn, whether he wanted or not. Fujin was elegant. She made him take charge and responsibility, reminding him of who and what he really was: a leader.

It's like a maze I walked into. Blind. I suppose I should still talk to Quistis first. It feels like I lost her, and I don't think I want that. Maybe if I just talked more...

With that in mind, Squall cleared his throat and said, "Thank you very much. I appreciate it." It sounded forced. Xu took notice.

"Oh?" She angled her head to look up. "You sure you don't need that physical?" Her brows lifted in that peculiar manner of hers.

He muttered something she didn't quite catch.

"What's that?"

"I said I owe you an apology."

"Unless you're the one who sabotaged my locks a few months back, there's nothing to apologize for." Her brows went up again when she added, "I think."

"So it's been months? I wondered." The card reader looked in bad shape, but Xu took responsibility for it. He remembered that fighting stance she used during NORG's uprising; definitely a hand-to-hand specialist. "But I don't mean that."

They were now going down the empty hall that led to his private quarters. It was situated further away from the men's dorm, closer to the courtyard.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense here," she quipped.

He chose his next words very carefully, hoping to sound as neutral as possible. "I worry about you."

A switch went off in Xu's head, and she literally jumped out of his arms. She turned to face him, dropping into that fighting stance. "OK, who are you? What have you done with the Commander?"

Has she lost it? Or have I?

He tried to keep cool when he brought his hands up, taking a few cautious steps toward her. "Hold on, just-"

The paranoid Operative thrust her palm out in warning. Squall paused, but then kept coming. "Why would you say something like that? Huh? The Commander I know would NEVER-"


"Tell me where he is!"

"It IS me." Squall groaned. This 'opening up' thing seemed a lot easier in his head. "Look, I was just thinking that perhaps I…put a lot on your shoulders. And yet, you still go out of your way to contribute. I know this, and it's wrong of me to take advantage of you like that."

She seemed unconvinced. Squall pressed on.

"You're a professional. I get that. But you're still a human being. I can't keep pushing you like this."

His words continued to forestall any further warning strikes from her, but she remained defensive. With enough care and luck, he had gotten close enough to bring his hands gently over her fists, not gripping in the least. Xu tilted her head in surprise. Their eyes met. His were intense, but she knew right away that it was him.

"I need you…" Squall began softly, "…at your best."

Xu's fists slowly uncurled in Squall's grasp, not intending for her fingers to slip between his. It occurred to her how close together they were. "I'm such an idiot." She didn't like the breathlessness of her voice. Squall's gaze dropped, his lashes lowered. Xu suspected he was staring at her lips. She licked them. He squeezed her hands a little. She didn't mind that. Oh god, what am I getting myself into?

"No," he whispered, "and I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Xu said quietly. After a pause, she cleared her throat and spoke with more confidence, "Yeah, I mean, it's no biggie. Geez, I just made an ass of myself. Totally understandable if you cut my wages. Really. Aye, Commander?"

"Call me Squall, Xu."

A choke of surprised laughter escaped her. She'd been calling him by rank ever since he became Commander, after all. "You're not helping your case here, buddy."

"It's me," Squall said simply.

"Squall," it rolled off the tongue nicely when she said it. "Look, I wouldn't mind talking more once I'm better rested. Maybe we can have a drink. Who knows? So shall we, I don't know, mosey?" She shrugged.

Squall was still holding her hands when he took the hint. He quickly let go and looked off to the side, avoiding her amused stare. "Yeah, whatever." A breeze passed between them, ruffling his hair somewhat.

Xu didn't think twice when she reached up to tuck some of his hair behind his ear. She's always wanted to do that.

He looked at her in surprise, but didn't flinch or stop her for that matter.

"Well? Aren't you going to sweep me off my feet, Squall?"

No way was she going to walk now.

It had to be a sin to feel this good.

Fujin exhaled deeply, lying spread eagle. Her head was tilted back, resting on the edge of the tub. Her arms were also along on the edge, elbows hanging off to the side slightly. The hot water sunk deep into her pores. Her muscles relaxed. She felt any and all stiffness in her body melt away. Taking another deep breath, she let her eye close and just basked in the warmth, letting her mind go blank.

No war. No worries. No Rinoa. No Squall… Fujin opened her eye and stared up at the ceiling. Perhaps it wasn't all perfect, but even if he wasn't there physically, she still had her wonderful imagination. Fujin nearly purred. Her hands submerged in the hot water, seeking out her virgin-tight sex. When she felt that smooth flesh, she ran both hands down the sides of her folds, slightly spreading them. She unraveled like a little flower, revealing the small nub of her clit. The silver-haired beauty used her middle finger to massage around that nub, never actually touching it. She bit down on her lip, pressing down a little harder whenever she completed a circle.

Without trying or wanting to, Fujin's thoughts wandered to Rinoa with Squall again. The hard pounding in her chest could only be described as a mixture of alarm, excitement, pain, and pleasure. She was feeling a bit lightheaded. More and more she felt disgusted by the fact that she was getting off to Rinoa being 'disciplined' by Squall. It was something that was more profound the more fiercely she tried to deny and push away. It was overwhelming. She used her other finger to gently probe inside her little pussy. The slow, deep movements of her fingers became a bit faster when she imagined the princess, begging for mercy in that whining tone of hers.

"Pathetic…" Fujin uttered between gasps.

Then she heard Squall's front door unlock with a Beep!

Access Granted!

"Ah…" Fujin bucked her hips into her fingers, unable to stop herself. She felt something welling up inside like a coiled spring. It panicked her that whatever it was, she couldn't stop it from coming. She couldn't even get her fingers to stop. Then she realized how worried she was about someone finding her like THIS. Her heart felt like it could burst at any second.

"Good thing your old key still works," Xu remarked as they walked in, impressed. The doors closed behind them. "Oh my. Looks like something out of a catalog, huh." She went up to a wall and gave it a sniff, sighing contentedly. "Ah, that's quality. I should royally wreck my room and give 'em another call."

The room was painted a light cream color, giving it a warm, inviting atmosphere. Over by the window, on the left side, was a desk. It was wider and much nicer than his old one. This was his workplace area. There was also a closed door beside the desk, further to the left. This was likely the bathroom. On the right side of the room was his (double) bed. His gunblade case had also been cleaned, polished, and set by the foot of the bed where it was out of the way. There were also drawers for his clothes, a nightstand, and a mini-fridge, too. This was his home-space.

Relief came over him when he saw the case. He went over and crouched before it, opening it to check its contents. Everything looked in order. Even his first 7 cards were still untouched and tucked away. "It looks good, but nothing to destroy your room over. I say wait on that."

"Meh, I'm a little tired to be openly vandalizing anyway. I might just get my locks fixed, if anything." Xu sauntered to his rather comfy looking bed.

"We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, by the way." Squall was putting his cards away in his gunblade case; the hidden compartment was handy. "Can it be done before then?"

"That's plenty of time." Xu yawned and kicked off her heels. A wicked grin formed on her lips when she tossed herself on his bed, feeling her lithe body sink into that cloud-like surface. "Oh fuck me!"

Cards fumbled out of Squall's hands.

"Is this one of those beds that actually conforms to your body? Haha, oh wow!" She rolled on her back, stretching her limbs out while going 'mmmm'. "So, where to?"

"Balamb…" He was looking at her, wondering if he had just imagined that. It was probably best to continue putting away his cards.

"Balamb's nice this time of year. You know, I got my first tattoo down there. Good times. Maybe we all just a need a little break…" Xu's voice trailed off as she buried her head in his pillows.

Squall froze when he came upon the blank card. He picked it up between his middle and index finger, studying it with critical eye. There was nothing inherently special about it. The only thing that bewildered him was why he couldn't get rid of it. During the train ride to Timber, Squall and his team experienced the Dream World for the first time. The blank card was on his person when he woke up, and it's been around since.

"I'm juss gonna close my eyes fer a bit, mm'kay, Squall?" the Elite Operative slurred.

There was a thud in his chest. It felt like he was being sucked into the card as it grew bigger and bigger. Another thud, stronger this time. Squall could almost see a picture take form inside that blank space, but there was something else instead.

"What are you trying to do? Change the world?" a female's voice called out.

The Commander shook his head to snap himself out of it. He then stuffed the card in his case before closing it shut, taking deep breaths to compose himself. The voice sounded familiar, but trying to remember was making his head hurt. Best to drop it, he decided.

"Ok," Squall said, getting up, "Xu, I'm going to—oh."

She was lying on her stomach, arms folded beneath her pillow. She must've been more tired than she let on.

Squall didn't have the heart to disturb her, in any case. Since his bed had no covers, he decided to do the next best thing and take off his jacket. It wasn't much, but he blanketed her with it as best he could. She stirred a little, letting out a sleepy moan. "Mm, you're a sweetheart…"

He looked at her and gently squeezed her shoulder. "Rest."

Now for that shower.

There was steam. Everywhere. Squall stepped inside, closing the door behind him. A number of things went through his mind as he scanned the bathroom, seeing discarded clothes all around the floor. The blue jacket caught his eye because of the distinct pauldron on the shoulder. Only one person wore such thing. Squall turned his attention to the tub. The white shower curtains were pulled across all the way, so he couldn't see beyond it. What he could see, however, was a slender silhouette on the other side. The figure was feminine. He knew that from the way she wrapped her arm around the small, albeit enticing swell of her chest. The hips also gave her away, curving much wider than her thin waist.

"Fujin?" Squall asked quietly, mindful of Xu just outside.

The short-haired figure jumped slightly. Splash! Squall noticed she had one hand in between her legs; she was likely covering herself down there, too. She was silent. Squall almost felt bad for walking in on her like this, but this was his bathroom and-


"Yeah…" he replied, not knowing what else to say. And he was staring far too much at her body. His eyes were especially drawn to her hips. He never realized how full they were despite her slender build. It was a shame her jacket covered so much.

"AM I… being a bad girl?"

Squall coughed nervously, unsure how to respond. But now she was facing him. He saw her drop her hands to her sides from beyond the shower curtain; unabashed. This wasn't what he expected from her.

"Am I?" she pressed.

OK, recap. Here he was, in his steamy bathroom. Xu was outside, falling asleep in his bed. Fujin had somehow gotten into his room and was now in his bathtub. Naked. Squall felt blood rushing down there. He was dumbfounded. She was pulling aside the curtains to…oh god.

Fujin was there, in plain sight, her petite breasts laid bare. Drops of water clung to her chest and nipples like dew. Her silver hair was wet and slicked back, clinging together in strands. Water rolled down her tight stomach, past her navel and down to her pubic mound.

Squall gulped. He had never seen her vagina before, and it made his heart race to see that tiny, silvery growth just above it.

"Commander..." Fujin said huskily, stepping out of the tub in a trance. Water descended from her feet, down to the floor. She approached the wide-eyed lion, then without another moment's hesitation, raised herself up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his.

Squall wasn't prepared for it, but he knew what to do on instinct. He felt her working his lips apart with hers, softly breathing into his mouth. He sighed. Then she started sucking on his lower lip, all while pulling up at the hem of his shirt. Now she was being bad. With enough willpower and energy, Squall put his hands on her wet shoulders and pushed her away, just enough to break the kiss with a wet Smeck! They were both panting, looking at each other with rosy expressions. Squall thought Fujin was lovely like that, eye-patch and all.

"Wait," he said, catching his breath while holding her at arm's length, "I don't think I should-"

"Discipline me?" Her hands were near his groin, fingers toying with his multiple belts.

"I just wanted...a shower..."

"Mm?" She unbuckled one of his belts and pulled it out. Now a second belt was being worked away.

"I mean, look, Xu's outside but she'll fall asleep soon. You can wait here until then, but I need to shower."

"Mhm." With his belts undone, she unbuttoned his leather pants and pulled his zipper down. She carefully got down on her knees, bringing his pants down with her.

Squall tried to keep calm. "Fujin, I appreciate…uh…" She grabbed the front of his bulge, her hand going over that meaty shaft so she could fondle him. His dick hardened under her touch, and he felt her moving it around. He completely forgot what he was saying.

"Shower, then?" Fujin was looking at his bulge with a childlike curiosity, wondering if he had gotten bigger since last time. What a strange thought. She brought her face to his bulge and opened her mouth wide, bringing her lips over the middle of his engorged shaft. She could feel it twitching through the thin fabric, and it fascinated her that she could make him like this.

Squall looked down, watching Fujin's lips tug at his shaft through his underwear. "Shower…"

"Mhm." she nodded, tracing the outline of his bulge with her tongue.

Squall's clothes mingled with hers on the floor. He stood under the shower head, warm water spraying at his naked back while he rinsed the soap off his body. Fujin was on the opposite side of the tub, her eye fixated on the swollen cock, swinging somewhat between his legs. She didn't notice how he stared at her in return; he was looking south of her as well. Fujin's small bush was lovely to see, and that surprised him. Her silver hair was natural, and it had the slightest curl. Squall dared to go a little lower, and he could just see the cleft between her legs where her pussy began. She was really something. She had nice, long legs, tight abs surrounding the belly button, and round breasts with pink nipples, erect with anticipation. Then her face: soft with a serious expression. Even with her eye-patch she was beautiful. His shaft, already at full mast, twitched with excitement.

Fujin felt her mouth water.

"Hey," Squall broke the silence.


"I've been kind of hogging this… Do you want to, you know, share?"

That was a surprising proposal. She had agreed to just stay inside and let him wash up, even though she nearly started something beforehand. Still, it would be nice to feel the water against her skin again. "If you insist."

So she stepped forward. Squall did the same, and they both turned sideways to give each other room while they traded spaces. Her back was facing him when they passed each other, making his dick brush against her tight butt. Her ivory skin was so warm. He felt it twitch against her cheek for just that moment, and Fujin shivered once they separated.

Now Squall stood on the opposite end of the shower. He watched Fujin standing under the water, allowing it to pour over her face, chest, and body. She ran her fingers through her hair, slicking it back again as the water matted it against her scalp. Whenever she leaned on one foot to the other, her bottom flexed.

Fujin turned to face him and tilted her head back slightly, letting the water cascade through her hair and down to her back. She wiped the water from her eye to look at him, her mouth agape when she saw how...angry his manhood looked.

Squall reached over and handed her the shampoo, if only to get her to stop looking at him like that; it made him feel a little embarrassed. She glanced at the offered bottle, hesitantly accepting. She turned it upside down, putting a glob of the shampoo in her palm before she handed it back to him. He set it aside. She rubbed her hands together, working up a few suds and then lathering it into her hair. She turned around again, facing the jets of water while she nervously washed her hair. She seemed a bit clumsy the way she did it, and Squall saw her knees shaking a bit. Was she ok?

"Here, let me." Squall stepped closer, genuinely wanting to help her.

Fujin tensed up. She turned her head to give him a sideways glance, and then silently dropped her hands. Squall took the hint and let his fingers sink into her hair. She gasped quietly. His fingers moved up higher along her head, thoroughly massaging the suds into her scalp. Fujin nearly melted under his touch. He moved lower, kneading circles with his thumbs while he drew his fingers back and forth. She was starting to relax under his ministrations, and enjoyed feeling his fingers combing through her silver hair. He moved a bit lower, working more of the shampoo into the short length of hair. That's when she leaned back, putting her hand on his thigh.

"Lower…" Fujin said in that husky tone of hers.

Squall complied. He ran his fingers over the nape of her neck, thumbs pressing in between her shoulders. She seemed to like that, because she was now putting her other hand on his other thigh, leaning back just a little more. Squall stared down and saw his tip just inches away from her heart-shaped butt. He was down to her shoulders now, massaging a little harder when he felt her ass shifting against his cock. He tried to focus. Squall gripped her shoulders firmly, his fingers pressing into her flesh. Fujin breathed in sharply.

"Squall…" She tightened her supple cheeks around his dick, wiggling her hips while she cradled it in between.

Squall couldn't take it anymore at this point. He pushed her forward so she was bending in front of him. Fujin submitted, leaning further and putting her hands to the wall. The water was dousing her lower back and spraying against Squall's chest and stomach. He pushed against her ass, sliding his dick through her smooth cheeks, back and forth. She let out another sharp breath. He noticed she never moaned, only panted and breathed loudly through her narrowly open lips.

"COMMANDER..." She felt him pumping away in between her ass, the water from the shower splashing between them. Fujin bent lower and spread her legs a little more.

Now that she was more under his control, Squall stopped and pulled back for a moment. He pointed his tip at her virgin-tight pussy, and then boldly pushed forward. Her slick folds felt like velvet. Fujin tensed.

Is this her first time?

She didn't object to his advance, so he took it as a sign to continue. He let go of her shoulders to grab the sides of her hips. While holding onto her curves, he pushed further, the head of his cock forcing against her. Fujin hissed quietly, unsure how to process the feeling. Squall's mind was spinning. He pushed some more, his tip practically jamming against her. Suddenly, the resistance slowly gave away. He felt his cock sink into her, bit by bit.

Fujin never would thought Squall would be her first; it was unreal.

She moved one hand from the wall and covered her mouth, completely shocked by the pain that was setting in. She wanted to endure, but it was so hard! With every push he sank deeper, stretching her more to accommodate him. But in moments, she was now steadily relaxing around him. As he forced his tip all the way in, she squeezed around him slightly, coaxing him further. Now she began to take on his massive shaft.

She did not cry out. Fujin took deep breaths, calming her racing heart as she felt him go deeper still, inch by inch.

Squall couldn't believe how soft it felt inside Fujin. He wondered if they should really be doing this with Xu just outside... He went deeper. It was a little easier since he was halfway in. After slowly forcing himself inside, Fujin now completely engulfed him. His pubic mound was pressed hard against her butt. Fujin growled, wiggling her hips against him, challenging him almost.

Now he was done taking it easy on her.

Squall drew back until he was out halfway, her pussy gripping him like a vice, then pounded fiercely against her, jerking her body up. She clenched her teeth and growled again. Her head turned to the side and Squall could see her eye-patch. She was literally baring her teeth at him. He pulled back again and rammed into her ass, his dick jamming deep inside her.

"HARDER," she snarled.

He grabbed her hips tighter, his thumbs kneading into the sides of her flesh. He was given an open invitation to not hold back. It was wild. The lion grit his teeth with every punishing stroke, water splashing as he pumped in and out. He felt her trying to clamp down on him whenever he pulled back, it felt like she was milking him. Fujin couldn't tell if she felt tears in her eye or if it was just the water, but she was clearly in equal amounts of pain and pleasure. Was this sex?

It was incredible.

Squall jabbed her from behind with deep, frantic thrusts. Her white butt, reddened from his bucking hips, jiggled with each thrust. He felt his balls tighten and an energy twisting inside him. He was nearing eruption. He bucked harder against her, filling her little pussy to the brim. Fujin never knew such bliss. Such discipline. She felt herself convulsing around him, her knees shaking uncontrollably and her heart pounding in her ears. Squall heard her moan for the first time and that set him off like fireworks. He pulled out and unleashed a thick burst of cum all over her ass. Fujin felt something much hotter than the shower stream spilling out on her. She realized what it was, and reached back to stroke his shaft, milking him of every drop. He tilted his head back as she lovingly pumped him, sighing as she coaxed one last rope of cum, coating her wrist nicely.

She squeezed him hard, down from his base and up to the tip, forcing out the last pearly drops. Squall leaned forward and put his hand on the wall to stable himself, his head hung low as they both panted. Neither spoke for a while. There was only the sounds of the shower, spraying over their spent bodies. Then he heard something he thought he'd never hear.

Fujin giggled.

To be continued.

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