Sam's POV

The house was amazing, something I knew I would never get to give Emily. I knew Bella wasn't into money, but she always seemed to fall for men who had it. Not that she didn't have money of her own, hell most it she sent to us. Saying, she has always taken care of family, and that we are family. She was a member of pack, thanks to the counsel.

I wish I could say I was surprised, that there was another type of vampire. I wasn't though, not even witches surprised me. We had shaman's, and since we turn into huge oversized wolves, it wasn't hard to believe over things exist. The pack wasn't even surprised, that Bella had found herself mixed with more supernatural beings. She was a magnet for the supernatural, hell for all we know she was supernatural. Even that wouldn't surprise some of us, though I'm sure it would surprise Jacob.

We hadn't told Bella yet, but the original pack had broken away from Jacob. He was no longer our Alpha, the counsel had found a way for us to break into two different packs. I was once again Alpha, while Jacob took care of the newer pack. If anyone new were to phase, they would be given the choice of which pack they wanted to belong too. We were going to tell Bella, all about it after dinner.

Emily was excited to tell Bella, she was going to be a godmother. Apparently they had talked about it years ago, on the rare girl's day. When Emily told me why she wanted Bella to be the godmother, I had quickly agreed with her. Not that I was going to disagree, I had already thought it was a great idea. She told me Bella, always saw past surface. She knew Emily had scars, but saw past them, to see the beauty inside. She saw past Leah's anger, and helped her heal. Speaking of Emily, she looked exasperated with me. "What's wrong?"

"I've been calling your name, for 5 minutes. Where did your mind wonder too?" She says leaving the bathroom doorway, and settling herself in lap on the chair by the closet. We were lucky that she didn't have any morning sickness, so all we did have to worry about were her cravings. We are really happy for this vacation, and being able to help Bella in this new adventure. As well as getting rid of the Cullen's once and for all, well at least the one's who can't leave Bella alone.

"Just your reason for wanting to ask Bella, and how it good it feels to be out of La Push for awhile. She's done a lot for us, and we haven't done nearly enough for her." I believed everything I was saying, full heartedly. Bella would argue that of course, and it would be something we would always agree to disagree on. She had done more for the pack, than some of our own family has in our whole lives. Paul wouldn't be with achel, if it wasn't for Bella helping Paul with his anger.

Emily and I shared a kiss, and quickly finished getting changed for dinner. I knew the boys were happy to get out the shirts we had to wear on the trip here, because I was just as happy about it. With how overheated we are, extra clothes make us feel uncomfortable. I knew it was probably rude, but I'm sure Bella has probably explained. Or at least I hope, that girl likes to throw people for a loop sometimes. I wouldn't put it past her, to not tell her husband and brother-in-law that we walked around shirtless. We walked out to the dining room, and Bella is sat talking to Billy, Charlie and Sue. Billy and Charlie has their Vitamin R's, while Sue was sipping on some red wine.

Bella was quick to hand me a beer, while giving Emily a glass of water with a wink and smile. I was confused about that, until I realized she knew Emily was pregnant. Emily was shocked as well, and quietly asked Bella how she knew. "Besides the fact that your glowing, Sam can't keep his hands off your belly. It's the gentle caress, like he can't believe there's a person growing inside of you. Sorry, if I ruined the surprise though."

"Please, we told them you would figure it out the second you saw them. You have always been super perceptive, it's why we could never hide anything from you." Leah said from behind us, with a small smile on her face. I knew from being in head, that she was happy for us. She was just worried, that she would never get that. We knew from Bella and Sue's research, that she would be able to have children. But she refused to try, until she found her mate. It's been years, and she has yet to meet him.

I gave her shoulder a light squeeze as she walked by, in silent support that she will find him one day. Hopefully it would be soon, because she deserved to be as happy as Emily and I are. The three of us sat down, and waited for the rest of the pack to join us. We didn't have to wait long, soon enough the room was full of wolves. Luckily enough Bella had a big enough table, to fit all of us. Just as Bella finished handing out drinks, Bonnie just walked out of the kitchen holding a big bowl filled with salad.

She stopped in her tracks, with her mouth hanging open in surprise. Bella was lightly chuckling in her seat, which told me she hadn't informed her friends and family about how the packed dressed. Paul puffed out his chest, he wouldn't do anything he has Rachel at home. Though she would be here for the wedding, and she was also just as much as a prankster as Bella. The kitchen door swings open, and out comes Damon and Stefan. Damon just rolls his eyes, but has a smirk on his face. Maybe Bella did inform someone, because Damon didn't look the least bit surprised. His brother on the other hand, looked put out.

I remember Bella telling us, that he was dating the young witch. It was a fairly knew development, was she testing their relationship? That didn't sound like something she would do, no if she thought you wouldn't work out she told you to your face, no little games like this needed. No she was having fun, with making Stefan's manhood. At Bonnie's look at getting caught ogling us by her boyfriend, Bella speaks up with humor in her voice. "Don't worry Bonnie, all us women have had that same reaction. Even Leah, as she's a wolf herself. Stefan stop sputtering, so we can have dinner."

"How is it Damon, isn't the least bit surprised by the shirtless men in the house?" Stefan finally finds his voice, after he has placed the mashed potatoes and gravy on the table. He was just sitting in his seat, next to the young witch gliding his hand across her shoulder. He was staking claim on his girlfriend, and every single one of us knew it. Everyone at the table laughed, and he blushed from embarrassment.

We've never seen a vampire blush, so it was a new sight for us. The girls used to blush, but they were so used to our behavior that they got over all that. Including Bella, she used to be the worst at blushing, but being around Paul that ended quickly. "Oh little brother, no need to be embarrassed. We all stake claim in our own ways, when we think what's ours might be taken. Bella mentioned the pack's clothing situation to me, when she first told me about them. I was expecting it, I guess we forget to tell everyone else."

"Bells is used to seeing us half clothed, so it's nothing new to her. Are temperature is constantly at 108 degrees, so if we wear shirts we feels very uncomfortable." Jared explained to Bonnie and Stefan, about how we were dressed. Bonnie didn't seem to have gotten her voice to work yet, which amused us all. While Stefan said that had explained, why we felt warmer to him when he shook our hands. Food began to past around, and there definitely looked to be enough to fill everyone at the table. At least Bella prepared them, for the pack's appetite. Or maybe we should be grateful, they believed her and made a lot. Because Stefan looked astonished, by how much we were piling onto our plates. After Bonnie and Stefan got they're bearings, we all started to enjoy dinner.

The pack told different stories about Bella, and Charlie had told some embarrassing stories about her as a child. She didn't blush once, though she did complain like all children do. After dinner, Sue made sure the pack knew it was our job to clean up. Once Bella promised dessert afterwards, we were quick to clean up. Bella informed us, that dessert was being served in the living room. So we could get comfortable, and relax for the rest of the evening.

Bonnie's POV

I knew she did it on purpose, not telling me and Stefan that the pack walked around half naked. I'm sure Stefan was glad, they only walked around shirtless, instead of without pants. He had no reason to be jealous, of me ogling the wolves naked chests. I was perfect happy with him, but that didn't mean I couldn't admire. Besides, most of them were in relationships or married. They few that weren't, had a responsibility to their tribe back in Washington. There was so much, that we needed to talk about. I had learned things, when I had visited the ancestors. They were finally willing to talk, and I was more than ready to listen to what they had to say.

I learned of Bella's bloodline, and that Anna and Pearl could help with the Elena situation. We had forgotten to ask, if they knew about who Katherine was running from. Whoever was after Katherine, is must likely behind who is after Elena. We all wanted this over with, and the sooner we learned who was after her, we could be finished with it. We could live our lives, and deal with one problem at a time. "Bonnie, your minds wandered off. Ever since we finished dinner, what did you learn from the Ancestors?"

"Ancestors?" Billy was the one to ask, wanting to learn everything he could about our world. We had all told Bella, we would be 100% honest with her family. She trusted them, and we trusted her. She had mentioned that Billy, would be the one with the most questions. He was Chief of the La Push Tribe, and the one who kept all the information about the supernatural in La Push and Forks.

He would pass it all onto the next Chief, and from what we all understood. Would not be his son Jacob, it would go to the next in line. Now that his daughter Rachel was back, the counsel was thinking of having their first woman Chief. Bella was all supportive of the idea, and was happy to help Rachel in anyway that she could. Rachel was apparently Paul's imprint, or soulmate in other words. "Witches that have passed, and I can communicate with them. When they allow it anyways, sometimes they like to hold back information. There are some witches on the other side, that don't want them to talk."

"Bonnie's magic is tied with nature, so when a witch like hers dies. They are tied to where they died, and we have ruins here from witch trials. They watch over what happens, and helps to contain balance where it should be. From what we've gathered so far, the Cullen's are even more unnatural than we are. We were created by magic, but from what we've gathered Cold Ones were created by Black Magic." Stefan explained a little, of what we've learned so far.

The pack and adults were so engrossed in what we're saying, that we told them everything we knew about original vampires. Damon explained that on the right diet, and a lot practice you can turn into a familiar. His choice of familiar was a crow, while Stefan hadn't learned that practice yet. He was working on it, but since he was just starting to have a normal diet it would take time. We explained if they fed on animals, they can survive but are weaker than if on human blood. Bella was quick to remind them, that all vampires she was involved with drank from blood bags. "That's good, it means no humans have to die."

"Now dad, they can drink from human's without killing them. Before you start Billy, biting them won't change them either." Bella told them, and they looked confused. So Damon explained vampire transition, and than compulsion. After all that was over with, they told us the legends of their tribe. It was all very fascinating, and I would have to look into Shaman's. Maybe even ask the Ancestor's, if they knew what kind of magic it was. Everyone was getting along, despite the differences in the group. We all had one thing in common though, and that was Bella.

After the information overload, we took a break in conversation to eat dessert. The chocolate cake was so delicious, I'm pretty sure I had moaned fairly loudly. The wolves in the house, had began snickering until they started getting hit over the head. The scolded look on they're faces, were pretty hilarious. Once everyone had finished dessert, Bella asked her question again. "What did the Ancestor's have to say?"

"According to them, you come from the Romani bloodline." I just blurt it out, no reason to beat around the bush about it. A few people looked confused by what I meant, while Bella didn't seem the least bit surprised. She did lean in closer to Damon though, while her step-mother Sue took hold of her hand. The adults didn't need an explanation, and neither did Damon or Stefan. I would let it sink in, before explaining what that means.

She was probably thinking about, which one of her parents came from Romani bloodline. I knew it wasn't her father, which only left her mother. I believe it was the wolf named Quil, that asked the first question. Bella always told me, he was the slow one in the group. He was very much the goofy one, but was completely loyal when it came down to it. "A what?"

"It means Gypsy, in layman terms." Bella was the one to answer his question, though he looked a little lost. His friend Embry explained it to him, or well at least what he knows about it. Which is very little, considering not many things were known about them. I wonder if Bella's mother knew, what she had done by not telling Bella of her ancestry. Did she herself even know?

"So your saying the folklore, about Gypsies having magic is real?" This time it's Paul that asks the question, with surprise in his voice. It really shouldn't surprise any one of us, seeing as we are all created by magic. Sam punched his arm, for asking such a stupid question. He seemed to have the same thought, as just about everyone else in the room.

Sue still had Bella's hand in hers, while her other hand was gripped in Charlie's. He seemed to be lost in thought, like he was trying to solve a puzzle. Stefan had patted Bella's leg, in a comforting manner. Damon kissed the top of Bella's head, before speaking up. "Is it all that surprising, I mean werewolves and vampires are suppose to be folklore too. Hell, so are witches and shapeshifter's. All of those are real obviously, so why not Gypsies?"

"I don't think Renee even knew, she was from a magical bloodline." Bella stated with a bit of humor in her voice, like the thought of her mother being magical was funny. Now that I think about it, it kind of was. I told her the Ancestor's believed, the magic had skipped a generation. How they believe it was the Romani magic, that kept her mind silent to Edward. It would explain why she could talk to the Ancestor's, and how it was so easy for her to find out information on objects or people. "She liked to move, and some gypsies are known to move around after awhile. Sound familiar at all?"

"Definitely sounds like your mother, she's never been good at staying in one place for long." Was Charlie's response, along with a shake of his head. Every little thing about her, was going to start to make sense to them. Well almost everything, I'm not sure anyone could explain why she treated Bella the way she did.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Sue scoffed with a touch of bitterness, she did seem to like Renee at all. Not that I blame her, I wish I could place a curse on her. But I'm a good witch, and Bella would never agree to it. Sue and a few other might though, maybe we could work something out. Stefan lightly pinched my hand, like he knew what I was thinking about.

He was silently telling me to stop it, and it wasn't worth it. I scrunched up my face, in displeasure from being caught. But I let it go, knowing he was right, at least for now. It was Leah who had answered, her mother's question. "It might have something to do, with you not liking her. Ever since Bella told us how Renee was growing up, you've hated her mom."

"Do you blame me?" Was Sue's next question, and ever single one of us shook our heads no. We all hated her, and nothing was going to change that. We tried more now, to give Bella experiences that she should have had as a child. Right now, we needed to focus on Bella. On how we could help her, learn more about her bloodline. Than I remembered, about what the Ancestors said about Anna and Pearl. Just as I was getting ready to speak up again, the doorbell rang surprising us all. Whoever it is, was causing some of the wolves to growl.

Damon's POV

There are two cold one's at my front door, and I don't know either of they're scents. I know Bella said she had two friends who are cold ones, but I knew she never told them where she was living now. S I wasn't sure if these were friendlies, or two vamps working for Icky Vicky. Bella was already halfway to the door, by the time I had reached her. Not willing to let her answer the door by herself, in case these two vamps tried to take her. I obviously had no reason to worry, as I watched Bella jump into their arms. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well the Major called, asking for help protecting his little human sister. Once we found out, we were suppose to protect you from Chucky and Minnie Castevet. We jumped at the chance to help out, even more so when we found out you're married now. How scandalous of you, getting married in Vegas." I will give the man this, he knew his pop culture. Referencing Rosemary's Baby, and the red-headed doll killer.

"Really Pete, I always pictured Alice as more Veruca Salt than Minnie. Charlotte and Peter, I would like you to meet my husband Damon Salvatore. Babe, this is Charlotte and Peter Whitlock. Not only are they Jasper's brother and sister, they are the ones who helped me out in Italy. Come on in you guys, there are plenty of people for you to meet." From the stories she's told all of us about Bella, and from what I've seen. Bella's pretty spot on, about Alice Cullen being the little girl Willy Wonka. The Pack was dying from laughter, while Stefan was filling in the parents about what was said.

Bella introduced everyone, quickly explained how she meet Peter and Charlotte. Than explained to the newcomers, what we were just discussing before their arrival. She asked him, if he knew anything we didn't. I would have been just as confused as everyone else, if she hadn't told me Peter just knew shit sometimes. "I know Alice and Edward have gone bat shit crazy, and that someone named Anna and her mother have information on Katherine"

"Well shit, after all we've done. We forgot Pearl might know, who Katherine is so afraid of. Oh this is perfect, because they will tell Bella absolutely anything. We should invite them to dinner tomorrow night, so we don't have to explain everything again." Stefan just starts rambling, while we all watched him begin to pace the living room. Bonnie finally stops her boyfriend, and informs him they were already invited. Bella was making a ton of food, and they always came to family dinner anyways. She also agreed with talking with them, since the Ancestor's mentioned it too.

Which is all true, Bella was making a shit ton of lasagna tomorrow. We could feed everyone in Mystic Falls, if we weren't feeding the pack. Finding out Bella has magic running through, doesn't surprise me in the least. We would do our research like we always do. Find out everything we possibly can on the Romani, and maybe find some of her family. Maybe Renee said something in the past, that could help us. "Did Renee ever talk about her parents?"

"Possibly, but I doubt it. She never talked about them, the only thing I know about them was that they disowned her." My darling wife said, after thinking about it for a moment. Everyone who really knew her, were doing the same thing. Sue used to be friends with her, and Billy had spent a lot of time with her when she was married to Charlie. My hope was, that she had said something to Charlie before or during their marriage. I will try and get Liz to do a search, and also introduce her to Charlie.

They could help each other out, with all things vampire. Bella thinks I should tell Liz the truth, that it would help Caroline's relationship with her mother. I mean I did owe Caroline, so maybe telling Liz the truth would help everyone out. Having Charlie there, might help her understand from a parent's point of view. Billy and Sue both agreed, that Renee never talked about her parents with them. Charlie finally spoke up, and it was another dead end. "I never meet her family, when I meet her she just moved to Seattle for college. I was in the Police Academy at the time, and when I had asked about her family. All she would say, is that they had a falling out."

"If she didn't believe in the Romani way, maybe she went against the family values. From what I remember from my history lessons, that was a sure way to get kicked out." Bonnie offered up, while still helping Stefan relax. We had so much going on, and things just keep getting piled on top of it all. Thankfully, we were starting to fix some of it. Hopefully, we will have Chucky and Veruca dealt with before the wedding. We will know more about who is after Elena, and be done with that mess once and for all.

Peter and Charlotte had been quite for must of the discussion, up until this point. Charlotte apparently knew a little bit of Romani history, and gave us what information she had. "Well, she married someone who wasn't from the Romani line. That would have been a problem for them, so if she wasn't disowned before she was once she married Charlie."

"Well there isn't anything we can do about it now, let's not worry about it until tomorrow. We have plenty of other things to worry about, like why Billy and Sam keep fidgeting like they have something to say." Bella always the observant one, seeing how they were acting. I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with Renee, and finding about Bella being a gypsy. No this effected the pack, because they all got nervous very quickly. It made me a little nervous, was this going to piss off my wife.

If it was, well they were all going to pay. She's been in a damn good mood, and I didn't want it ruined. Charlie just smiled indulgently, and I took that as everything was fine. They wouldn't ruin her good mood, they just might be making it better. Billy was the first to speak up, after he took a big gulp of his beer. "Now first and foremost, we weren't trying to hide anything from you. We just didn't want to say anything, until we knew it would work. The counsel and I have been looking into a way, of separating the old pack from the newer pack."

"My wolf hasn't liked being ruled over by Jake, and I had spoken to Billy about it. My wolf was used to being Alpha, and had no respect for Jake. Jake and I got into a fight about all of us coming here, and I finally just had enough. I was able to break away from the pack, and become my own Alpha again. Everyone from the original pack decided to follow me, while everyone who's been under Jake since he became Alpha stayed with him." Sam explained as best as he could, when he saw the look of dismay on Bella's face. She never wanted to come between the pack, and she probably felt like she was the catalyst for all this.

What Sam was trying to tell her, was even though it was them visiting that caused him and Jacob to fight. Sam's wolf was fighting to get lose, from the orders of a selfish Alpha. The counsel saw a wolf that was ready to kill it's Alpha, because said Alpha was letting the power get to his head. "Before you start blaming yourself, the counsel decided it was better to have two different packs. It was getting too big, and with so many wolves one Alpha wasn't enough. Sam was a great Alpha, and we knew everything would work out for the best. After all of Jacob's misdeeds, he will no longer be the next Chief. Rachel has asked the tribe, to let her be the Chief. She will be the first female, and we are all very proud of her."

"Oh god, Sam why didn't you say anything. You had to know I would have supported you, and been there to help in some way. I'm glad Rachel is stepping up, I knew she always felt hurt for not being able to be Chief. Rebecca was always ready to leave La Push, but Rachel always planned on coming back. She will do good for the tribe, and I also think it's good to have a none shape shifter as Chief. That's why she couldn't be here, until later on?" Bella says emotionally, though she was happy for them. She was sad it had come to this, that Jacob couldn't be a man.

"That's right B, she's busy with some counsel stuff. She wanted to be here with us, but she promises to be here next week. She's super excited, that you asked her to be a bridesmaid." Her friend Paul told her, he was proud of his imprint. I personally couldn't wait to meet her, she had known Bella her whole life. They had stayed close throughout the years, even after she moved away with Renee. The stayed friends, after Rachel left for college.

"If it helps, everything works out perfectly for the tribe. I mean I don't know much, but I do know that. Your all here to help Bella, and this helps with that. The Cullen's won't know what hit them, once they realize that they fucked up." Peter offers up, and it helps a little. Bella asks for a minute, and gets up to go into the kitchen. I knew this was starting to get to her, she was ready for Alice and Edward to leave her alone. They had tried cornering her every chance they got.

She had mentioned to me, about times she's ready to ask me to just change her. That at least than, she would be able to take care of them. She didn't want them here anymore, and to be perfectly honest neither did any of us. Bella was happier, when they weren't around. Alice was trying to tell her how to dress, while Edward kept trying to tell her I was using her. Finally she came back in, and she had snacks for the wolves with her. I stood up and wrapped her in hug, hoping it helped her feel better. Sue was the one to ask, what was on everyone's mind though. "Are you alright darling?"

"Yeah it's just a lot, and I would be doing better if the Cullen's would just leave me the fuck alone. I'm tired of all the messages Edward sends me, and Alice trying to shove her visions down my throat." She tells everyone, and that was another thing that had been pissing me off. I had asked her to let me get her a new phone, but she doesn't want a new number. She refuses to change her life, because of them.

I can understand that, and it isn't like she answers them. They've tried calling from unknown numbers, but thanks to Jasper we know when they try that. It was just getting frustrating, and I was tired of hearing Edwards voicemails. He's tries to demanding Bella talk to him, and I was really close to just beating the shit out of him. I knew the pack wanted a piece of him too, and Charlie wanted a piece of the parents Carlisle and Esme. But no more than Billy wanted too, because he felt like he was responsible. "We will take care of them, once and for all if we have too."

"I like the sound of that!" I agree with Billy, we will get it rid of them. I would be all to happy to get rid of them permanently, but we have to be sure we do this right. We didn't want an army of cold one royalty on our asses, for killing their science experiments of vegetarians. I think instead of weakening them physically, it eats away at their brains. Charlie was quick to be in agreement, with me and Billy.

That got Bella giggling, and not in a hysterical way so I was all for it. I knew I would make a fool of myself to see her happy, but that wasn't needed. No all she needed was to see, all the males that cared about her to agree. Sue followed suit, and began giggling as well. Emily, Kim and Leah all had huge smiles on their face; and I figured it was some kind of inside joke. Bella must have seen my confusion, because she explained it to all of us. "Dad's been waiting to hear Billy say that, ever since he found out the legends were real."

"We've all been waiting for that, you know how we feel about how they treated you." Paul spoke up with a low growl, and I knew he was remembering what she was like. I know what she told me, and I know if I ask them they would share. I was worried if I truly knew how she was, that I would go on a killing spree. I mean she's been mistreated most of her life, and now that's she fully happy with her life. They are back, and think they can continue to treat her horribly.

"I know. It's kind of hard to forget, when it almost killed me. You and I used to fight about it, shit all those screaming matches. The first time I came home without a voice, dad thought I had gone mute again." This was the first time I had heard about this, and from the looks of things Bonnie and Stefan hadn't either. There was so much, we still had to learn. We couldn't expect to know everything, the pack would obviously know more since they were there for most of it.

Charlie grunted at the memory, apparently her zombie stage still haunted him. It sounded so much like, someone going through drug withdrawals. I guess in away she was, that's why their scent no longer bothers her. She had been around them constantly, that she had got addicted to the scent. Once it was gone, she turned into a junky withdrawing from her favorite drug. Paul continued on with the conversation, telling us all how she fought back from it. "You grew a backbone because of it, and it helped in the long run. Look at where you are, and all that you've accomplished. Though I do miss, the reckless motorcycle Bella."

"You rode motorcycles? What else did you do?" Stefan asked shocked, but I found it extremely hot. I would have to get us some motorcycles one day, and take a day trip somewhere close by. Just the thought of seeing Bella in an all leather outfit, was making it difficult to concentrate on the conversation around me.

I could hear the group laughing around me, as the pack told different stories of reckless Bella. How she slapped Paul, the first time they meet in person. Which was how, she learned they shifted into wolves. How she used to be the clumsiest person they had ever meet, until they taught her self defense. How Leah used to be a major bitch, until Bella decided to walk right up to her and hug her one day. That was the day, they learned about how the Cullen's had really treated her. How to this day, Bella goes cliff diving off the highest cliff in La Push.

Charlie grumbled at that last one, not liking the thought of Bella possibly killing herself. I didn't have the same qualms, I thought it was hot she was so adventurous. Hell I couldn't wait to do some of these things with her, and I had so many plans to try things she hasn't even done yet. If she can free fall off a cliff, she would probably like paragliding. She would get to feel how it felt to fly, like when I transform into my crow. "Damn Char, I told you she would have gone bungee jumping. But no, you were worried I would run off our first human friend."

"Sorry to disappoint Peter, but I've already been bungee jumping. It's a lot of fun, and I would love to do it again. I think Char was more worried, over you possibly snapping the cord with your weight." She was quick to pick fun, at Peter's expense. Charlotte giggled, before nodding her head in agreement with Bella's assessment. That had all the wolves howling, I even chuckled at that. The girls started yawning, and it was time for bed.

The pack promised to show us their phase tomorrow night, with the rest of our family after dinner. Mason was probably the most excited to see it, especially since he can only phase during a full moon. We really needed to find him a girlfriend, he's been looking a little gloomy lately. Bonnie had a quick conversation with Charlotte and Peter, before they left to find the house they rented in the next town over. They agreed to be, some kind of guinea pigs for her. I wonder what she wanted to do, I would ask Bella if she knew.

I helped Stefan bring all the dirty dishes into the kitchen, he rinsed while I placed them in the dishwasher. I started it up, and soon I was up in my room with Bella getting ready for bed. She was already in a black and dark blue sleep set, it barely covered her ass. She had her short black satin robe, hanging open loosely off her shoulders. She looked very sexy, and this image on top of the ones I was thinking of earlier.

I was more than ready to show her, just how much I was turned on. I didn't care if the wolves heard us, and I cared even less if they tried teasing us in the morning. I was going to worship my wife, like she always deserves to be worshiped. She is an angel, and if I ever forget that. I will stake myself in the heart, after begging for forgiveness.

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